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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1320: Scaring Taegu Bahasa Indonesia


‘What in the world are those snakes!?’ Taegu fell to his butt.

He had seen many spirit beasts as well as Immortal beasts, but this was his first time seeing beasts so small consuming what was basically two hundred times their body mass within a minute.

It was simply terrifying.

But what was even more terrifying was that these beasts were seemingly chilling within Lin Mu’s sleeves.


“Was that good?” Lin Mu questioned the twins. “Do you need to exchange Qi again?”


To this, the two snakes actually nodded their heads.

‘They’re getting smarter… that’s good…’ Lin Mu was satisfied.


Soon after Xiao Yin lifted her head before spitting out a white cloud while Xiao Yang spat out a black cloud.

Immortal Taegu who saw the two clouds was confused. He couldn’t sense them clearly and other than that it was Qi, he couldn’t identify them.


Once the two clouds were spat out, the appropriate snake sucked into their mouths.

“Good.” Lin Mu petted the heads of the twins.

By now he had somewhat understood how Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang functioned. Each of them belonged to one of the Dualities of Yin and Yang and would expel the duality that was not of their bodies.

This expelled duality could be used by their sibling counter part instead.

In a way, it was like recycling the energy. Any food them consumed; for example the humans this time, would have various types of energies within them. But all energies could ultimately be divided into the Yang or Yin aspect.

Thus the twins could fully convert them to these energies.

To most cultivators, this would be simply absurd. Such high efficiency should be close to impossible for them. And yet, it was being done by two infant snakes.

The same was for Immortal Taegu. “Who… W-what are they?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“They’re my tamed beasts.” Lin Mu simply answered while continuing to stroke their heads.

The twins enjoyed it while gently flicking their tongues.

The two scenes of them eating a mass of corpses and enjoying pets were simply unthinkable. They were two extremes and were not normal to Taegu.

‘If he can tame such dangerous beasts, he is not simple…’ Immortal Taegu was now sure.

What baffled him even more was the fact that he couldn’t tell what the cultivation base of these snakes was. Other than a powerful aura, he couldn’t sense their spirit Qi fluctuations.

“Go on, rest for now.” Lin Mu put the twins back into his sleeves.

He then looked up at Immortal Taegu. “Come with me, I have more questions for you. As long as you don’t struggle, I’ll let you keep your cultivation base.” Lin Mu stated plainly.

Taegu shivered slightly, but nodded his head.

“I-I’ll follow.” Immortal Taegu accepted.

The Haima Tribe people had already started taking the convicts to the tribe by now. To the prisoners, it was an embarrassing and depression situation at the same time. They had been prisoners before and were caught again now.

“Even in the Land of Exile we are prisoners once more…” Someone muttered.

The weak hearted ones among them already had tears in their eyes too.

Immortal Taegu was the only one who was not in chains, but he still felt like there were chains on his body. His steps felt heavy and his back was covered in sweat. The short journey to the new prison was rather long to him.


Eventually, all the prisoner were sent in through the Transportation gates and appeared in the same place where Huyun Chuan was located.

‘So this is their base inside the mountain.’ Immortal Taegu looked at the many buildings.

All of them were built from stone and were relatively new.

“So these are the new convicts… Seems like the training went well.” Immortal Taegu heard another human.

“Huh? There are more humans?” He was surprised and snapped to look at them.

He saw none other than Kunzi and Little Gian appearing.

The two of them had become trusted in the Tribe and thus were moved into the main area. Their residences were next to where Lin Mu lived in the tribe now.

Huyun Chuan was once again left alone in the prison, but now he’ll have more ‘neighbors’.

“Yes, it went well.” Lin Mu replied. “They served their purpose well.”


Immortal Taegu swelled his saliva. ‘I knew it! They really were using us as training dummies!’

“Hmm… and this is the Immortal among them?” Kunzi asked while observing Taegu.

“Yes.” Lin Mu replied before realizing that Kunzi had a look of familiarity on his face.

“Do you know him?” Lin Mu asked.

“I think I’ve heard of him.” Kunzi replied. “I saw a few posters a while back. I think about five years or so ago.” He thought before speaking.

“Oh? Is this guy well known?” Lin Mu wondered.

Immortal Taegu started sweating even more after hearing this.

“If I recall correctly, he was charged with several crimes. But the posters I saw were for him, raiding a caravan that was transporting the good for the kingdom as well as just banditry in general.” Kunzi stated.

“Is that right?” Lin Mu questioned Taegu.

“Y-yes…” Taegu confirmed.

“But that is not all is there? Even if you did all that, it isn’t enough to warrant an exile here. You would just be sent to the local prisons there.” Kunzi said, making Taegu nervous again.

“Oh? So there is more?” Lin Mu looked at Taegu with a raised brow.

“I don’t know Senior Lin Mu, but he might have been in for murder or more…” Kunzi said.

“Is that accurate?” Lin Mu’s eyes narrowed while the pressure on Taegu rose.

“N-no! They… they caught me because I use an unauthorized cultivation technique to become an immortal!” Taegu quickly spoke.

“An unauthorized technique? You mean an Unorthodox path technique?” Lin Mu questioned further.

“Nothing like that.” Taegu quickly shook his head.

“He means those techniques that are outlawed in specific kingdoms. Not all kingdoms will prohibit the same techniques.” Kunzi explained.


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