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By now even Immortal Taegu could tell that something was wrong. While he could not understand the language of the four legged people, he certainly could recognize when something similar was being said.

‘This is not right…’ Immortal Taegu thought.


Then in front of him, more Transportation gates opened up with more four legged Haima Tribe people arriving.

As soon as they appeared, they broke into a fight going against the human exiles. This was when they finally felt the huge difference. Even if there were more Dao Treading realm cultivators among the human exiles, the four legged people were still overpowering them.

It was simply incomprehensible to them.

They didn’t even realized it when nearly ten percent of them had been wiped out.

“How are they not getting injured?” Some of the human exiles who were at the back hadn’t realized that their opponents weren’t the same.

“Haima Tribe: Fourth Group Assemble!” As soon as a part of them were barely injured, they retreated.

Within a matter of seconds, a new group of the four legged people were ready to fight.

“Yeah… this ain’t right…” Immortal Taegu was sure.

The more he watched the more he confirmed his doubts.

Fifth Group…

Sixth Group…

Seventh Group…

Eighth Group…

Ninth Group…

Tenth Group…

“Fucking hell… ain’t no way there are so many of them…” It was safe to say Immortal Taegu had lost his cool by now.

He had literally seen what was basically over two thousand of the four legged people appear. But that was not the worst part of it at all.

The worst part was the fact that the human exiles under him were getting more and more injured with each new wave. While the four legged freaks retreated even on the slightest of the injuries.

Immortal Taegu even wondered if he should join the fight, but his instincts told him otherwise. While he might look like a brute, Immortal Taegu didn’t have the intelligence of a brute.

After all, he had managed to become an immortal and doing that clearly needed quite a lot of intelligence. Of course there were always cases of dumb people becoming strong and cultivating to a higher cultivation base, this was often limited to the Nobles and aristocrats.

They were propped up by a steady supply of pills and resources, which would even turn a pig into an immortal at that point.

On the other hand, commoners and peasants who had become cultivators and immortals often had better life experiences. They needed to levy their intelligence to gain all the resources to cultivate after all.

But on top of this, one thing that was needed to survive in the Jiang Hu was good instincts. Instincts could decide whether one would live or die and also if they would be fortunate or unfortunate.

And right now, Immortal Taegu’s instincts, which were honed over hundreds of years of battles and fights, were alarming him. He felt like he would be making a grave mistake if he jumped into the fray himself.

‘Let’s watch a little while more…’ Immortal Taegu decided.

While he was hesitant to leave right away, he also felt a little curious about what these four legged people were.

“Haima Tribe! Sixteenth group Assemble!” the voice was heard again, and the Transportation gates opened up, taking away the old and bringing in the new warriors.

Immortal Taegu looked over at the exiles under him and seemed to have realized something.

“Hang on… While they are all injured… none of them are actually dead?” Immortal Taegu muttered in surprise.

“Helps us!”

“Immortal Taegu! Please help us, we can’t hold on anymore!” The Convicts called for him.

But Taegu skilfully ignored them, instead observing the Four legged people instead. He was trying to figure out their reasoning behind doing all this.

And by the time it was the twentieth wave of warriors, Taegu was sure of it.

“Heavens… they aren’t just defending their territory… they are using us as training dummies!” Immortal Taegu realized.

His battle skills clearly told him that the four legged people weren’t as experienced in battle. While they had a Dao Shell realm cultivation base, they didn’t have smooth movements in the battle.

It was like a tiger cub fighting. While it had inborn strength, it was not adapted to it and could only fight to a limited extent.

But this thought came with another alarming revelation.

‘A training like this can only be conducted under specific condition. They are far too coordinated to have not been taught this. Plus, there is that one person giving out orders.’ The cogs in Taegu’s mind started to turn.

He then sensed the cultivation base of the man giving out orders and learned he was actually at the Dao Treading realm. While it wasn’t that huge of a difference since they had several Dao Treading realm experts in their team, it was still concerning.

‘So far, only Dao Shell realm warriors have appeared, but are there more?’ Taegu looked at the mountain in the distance.


As if his thoughts were taken by the heavens as truth, the Transportation gates opened once more. But this time they brought forth an entirely different level of cultivators.

“Dao Treading realm… Two hundred Dao Treading realm warriors?” Immortal Taegu swallowed his saliva in shock.

It wasn’t just because of their numbers and cultivation base, but rather because he could tell on sight these warriors were cut from a different cloth. They weren’t inexperienced like the others. They were true warriors.

“ATTACK!” This time, a fierce command was given.


The warriors stomped their feet on the hard ground, caving it in, before being shot forth like a bullet.

But just before they reached the humans, they seemingly flipped mid-air, landing on their hands.

“What in the world?” The convicts were confused by this.


Then in the next moment, the flipped warriors spun like tops, their legs glowing in a bronze light.



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