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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1313: Opportunity For the Juniors Bahasa Indonesia

“I once read that fortune hides slivers of misfortune within and does not come easy. Seems like that was true.” Elder Niji spoke while gazing at a screen made by a monitoring formation.

“That is defiantly true… I’ve experienced it more than once…” Lin Mu agreed.

In the hall, Elder Niji and several higher-ups of the Haima Tribe were situated. Joining them were the two humans, Kunzi and Little Gian.

All of them had gained from the phenomenon and grown stronger. While they wanted to express joy and thank Lin Mu for it, now was not the time for it.

“As you all can see, we got a group of human exiles heading our way. And their goal is quite obvious.” Lin Mu spoke.

“What are the chances of them turning away after finding out that there is nothing of interest here?” Little Gian asked.

“If all that I’ve seen holds true, there is no way they would accept that. They would rather uproot the mountain and find nothing more than to believe our words.” Lin Mu answered.

“Figures…” Kunzi shook his head.

Other than Lin Mu, he would be the person with the most experience in the cultivation world, having lived over 1500 years. And being a ‘thief’ who had sought out such fortune encounters often, it was even more obvious to him.

‘Even I wouldn’t stop without confirming it with my own two eyes. There is no way they would either.’ Kunzi thought.

“Thankfully, this time we are in luck.” Lin Mu spoke, turning his head to face the Haima people.

Elder Niji smiled, knowing what Lin Mu meant.

“I think this will be a good opportunity to let the young ones experience a battle.” Elder Niji spoke.

“Yes. While the warriors are used to fighting, the others are not. The rest of the tribe will get to learn what a real fight is.” Head Warrior Kulo was in approval.

It was a matter that had been clawing at his mind for a while. He knew that while they were going to leave the Land of Exile eventually, the danger outside might be no less than here.

In some forms, they might even be worse.

While the warriors could hold the fort in the Land of Exile, it would not be the same once they left this place. Every member of the Haima Tribe would have to hold out on their own even if there would be others supporting them.

Plus, humans were vastly different from the Chasm beasts. Their fighting methods were different as well, and so was their intelligence.

The earlier the members learned how to fight them, the better it was. And now, the perfect opportunity had arrived right at their doorstep.

“Mmhmm, I suggest letting the members at the Dao Shell realm begin the offense. Then the Nascent soul realm children will join.” Lin Mu instructed.

“What about the Dao Treading realm, members? All of us?” One of the warriors questioned.

“You all will be watching. Only join in when you feel the weaker members can’t hold on. Elder Niji and I’ll be doing the same. We’ll act once the Immortal cultivator among them attacks.” Lin Mu answered.

“We want this to be a rotating battle, right?” Elder Niji asked.

“Yes, the more people that get to experience a fight, the better. Once they feel tired or get injured, tell them to retreat. We have over sixty thousand Dao Shell realm members, so all of them need to get at least some practice.” Lin Mu replied.

“Sixty thousand versus about two hundred… this is too skewed.” Little Gian counted the exiles on the monitor.

It was indeed quite absurd to let such a large number of members fight at once.

With their numbers, there was basically no danger. Even with the Immortal realm expert present, Lin Mu and Elder Niji could assure there would be no complications.

“What about the people of the Huyun Clan?” Kunzi expressed his doubts.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows upon hearing this. Even he was a little lost about what to do about them.

“So far, there are no signs of them. But considering the five colored mist covered the entire sky, they should have definitely seen it… if they are alive.” Lin Mu replied.

“Then why have they not appeared yet? There is also the large banner above. It’s literally telling them to come.” Kunzi asked next.

“The only reason I can think is that they are too far. And will take longer to come. Plus, if they are on the other side of the Chasm, they will need time to cross as well. There will also be the Chasm Beasts they would have to deal with.” Lin Mu replied.

“Hmm… that does make sense.” Kunzi agreed.

“At the very least, we have to make sure this group of human exiles is taken care of before they arrive. While we are confident of taking care of them, once the Immortals of the Huyun Clan join in, things might get more complicated.” Lin Mu stated.

“Of course.” Kunzi had no doubts.

They continued their discussion for a few more minutes before the plan was finalized. The higher-ups of the tribe all left to give out orders to the members of the clan while Lin Mu made some last-minute tweaks to the Earth Fixing array as well as the other supportive and defensive arrays that he had added to them.

With his improved cultivation base, he realized he could make some quick adjustments that will only make them stronger. Not to mention, he also wanted to test out his own power too.

‘Should I go to my maximum strength right away? Or should I slowly increase it?’ Lin Mu couldn’t decide.

With his body and Qi cultivation combined, Lin Mu could easily compare to an Immortal at the first tribulation stage. But he didn’t know the upper limit of this.

“Guess I’ll decide on the flow of the battle. If things go south, I’ll have to be prepared to intervene.” He muttered to himself.


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