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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1291: Informing Elder Niji And Others Bahasa Indonesia

“So what you are saying is, there is some being that is behind the creation of the Chasm Beasts?” Head Warrior Kulo asked.

“Yes.” Lin Mu nodded his head for the eighth time.


“All this is…” Head Warrior Kulo sighed.

“Too much, I know.” Lin Mu nodded again.

“This is still good for us. At least we now know the mystery behind the Chasm Beasts.” Elder Niji spoke up.

“Perhaps, but it gave us another mystery. Who is that woman or whatever being that is and why is she on that asteroid?” Head Warrior Kulo replied.

The three of them had been talking for a while and Lin Mu had called them to Elder Niji’s residence to talk about the Chasm Beasts.

He explained everything he had seen, right from the broken statue all the way to the clan worship temple and the illusory woman that came from the indigo light ball.

Lin Mu had hoped that Elder Niji might have some insights, but there was no use. They too, were as lost as Lin Mu was.

“Guess you are going to talk to Huyun Chuan about this now?” Elder Niji asked after a while.

“Yes, he’s the only one left we can talk to. Though I would not want to tell him everything directly.” Lin Mu answered.

“That might be for the best. That thing you saw on the asteroid is too dangerous.” Even Elder Niji found it best to restrict this information.

“I’ll see if we can get anything from him. Besides, I need to ask him about his ‘rescuers’ too. It’s been a while and there are no signs of them.” Lin Mu replied.

“Yeah, we’ve kept a watch as you asked, and there are also patrols searching for them. If anyone appears, we’ll know.” Elder Niji stated.

With this done, Lin Mu headed out of the tribe and went to see Huyun Chuan.

The man was doing relatively well for a prisoner and mostly spent his time in his cell sleeping. He was given stone flesh mushrooms as food every so often and didn’t seem to be complaining anymore.


Lin Mu appeared outside the prison and waved his hand, opening a gate for himself.

“Huh?” Huyun Chuan who was lying on the ground, looked up to see Lin Mu.

“Guess you have some furniture here too now.” Lin Mu saw the stone bed and stool that were in the cell.

“The tribesmen brought me these in exchange for telling them some stories.” Huyun Chuan answered.

“I see…” Lin Mu didn’t really mind this.

Huyun Chuan had no chance of injuring them and was the same a commoner now. Even a child from the tribe would be able to pummel him to death. Plus the strength of the tribe had greatly increased in this time with Nascent soul realm becoming the average cultivation base for everyone.

“So what are you here for today?” Huyun Chuan questioned.

“I got a few things to talk to you about.” Lin Mu said before sitting down in front of him.

He then took out a jade slip and passed it to the man.

“Take a look and tell me if you find it familiar or know anything.” Lin Mu instructed.

“Okay…” Huyun Chuan held the jade slip and went through its contents.

In it he saw several images, some of which made him a little scared.

“What the hell was that!?” Huyun Chuan asked.

“That is what I wanted to ask. Find anything familiar?” Lin Mu replied.

“No! There’s nothing normal in that.” Huyun Chuan said, finding it absurd. “Where did you even see all this? And that… woman.”

“I encountered here… somewhere here in the Land of exile.” Lin Mu stated plainly.

“That thing is here?” Huyun Chuan felt a chill going down his spine.

“How strong do you think she was?” Lin Mu asked next.

“She’s easily at the peak of the Immortal realm. After all, she commanded a great control over energies. She was directly using the power of the Dao to do all that. I’ve only seen generals and old ministers of the Kingdoms use that.

All of them are at the very least sixth tribulation immortals.” Huyun Chuan replied, confirming Lin Mu’s suspicions.

‘So it really is as I thought… I’ll need to be a lot more careful,’ Lin Mu noted.

“Is there anything you find familiar your something you can tell me about from that?” Lin Mu asked again.

“Hmm… other than that temple, I don’t know much.” Huyun Chuan replied.

“Oh? You know about that temple?” Lin Mu said with intrigue.

“Well, I don’t know what that woman was or to whom the temple was made for, but I do recognize that style of temple.” Huyun Chuan replied.

“Yeah, it’s a clan worship temple for ancestors, right?” Lin Mu asked.

“Not just that, it’s actually in a style that is specific to the old kingdoms. It’s not popular anymore and they don’t make them like that anymore.” Huyun Chuan answered. “Whatever you saw was really old, like at the very least a million years old.” He added.

“I see…” Lin Mu furrowed his brows.

“The architectural style has changed now. I don’t know much about it myself, but I can tell it’s old since there are some ruins of a similar style in the Purple Sparrow Kingdom too.” Huyun Chuan explained.

“Then is there anyone who might know more about this?” Lin Mu asked with a little hope.

“The best place to find such information would be the kingdom’s old libraries. If you can manage to get into the royal library, you will find detailed information about old clans, their administration methods, as well as history.

Architecture should be included in that somewhere.” Huyun Chuan said after thinking for a bit.

“Alright.” This gave Lin Mu some more hope.

While he didn’t necessarily need to find more about the woman, Lin Mu still wanted to know just how strong she was and what methods she was using.

After all, the key to getting strong was to obtain more knowledge and expanding the scope of understanding.


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