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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1279: Another Small Breakthough And The Target Of Search Bahasa Indonesia

This expedition was also a way for Lin Mu to hone his skills more and get used to his new strength. While he had tested and trained while he was in his residence at the Haima tribe, it wasn’t the same as testing it out against actual enemies.

The twin snakes continued to kill more and more Chasm Beasts and Lin Mu did the same. But unlike their tactic of directly piercing through the Chasm beasts, Lin Mu used a variety of methods.

At first, he focused on his sword and utilizing the Sword intent to amplify his slashes. But after killing a handful of Dao Treading realm Chasm beasts, he felt like he had hit a plateau.

He would need to fight stronger opponents to get anything more from it.

Thus to not hang back, Lin Mu switched to his own fists. A golden color filled his fists as they started to strive against the various Chasm Beasts. His power was already at a level enough to kill a single Chasm Beast with a punch.

It was only the Chasm Beasts at the Dao Treading realm that needed a few punches to kill.

“Hmm… the efficiency is a little low compared to using Sword Intent. At least it doesn’t use as much of my energy and stamina.” Lin Mu continually analyzed his fighting style.

He needed to know how each method fared, so that he knew which one to use in future fights. If he knew the optimum method to use, he would have a greater chance of survival. And that was of the peak importance.

Lin Mu and the twin snakes’ killing spree continued for about an hour before they were finally out of targets to kill.


Lin Mu let out a breath and paused. His robes were a bit disheveled, but there were no injuries on his body. The twin snakes also returned to his arms, feeling exhausted as well. After all, even if they had large stores of spirit Qi, they weren’t used to prolonged fights like this.

Especially one in which they needed to go against multiple stronger opponents.

“You two can eat to your heart’s content now.” Lin Wu said as he looked at what was basically a blanket of corpses.

The Chasm Beast corpses were dissipating into their dusty black fog form and the air was tainted with it. If anyone were to look at these scene. They would find it rather sinister. Even mortals would think that it was a scene from their nightmares.


Xiao Yin opened her mouth wide and breathed in all the dark fog. This time, though, she couldn’t suck all of it at once. She inhaled a part of it, before converting half of it to Yang spirit Qi and gave it to her brother.

Then while her brother digested that, she went back to sucking in more of the dark fog. This repeated four times before all the Dark fog had been consumed by Xiao Yin.

‘So their limit is about ten Dao Treading realm equivalent Chasm beasts in one serving.’ Lin Mu estimated.

From what he had observed, Xiao Yin only consumed a quarter of the Chasm beast’s dark fog at once. That consisted of about ten Dao Treading realm beasts and several more Dao Shell realm beasts that Lin Mu couldn’t be bothered to count.

Regardless, though, it was a massive number.

‘I think I’ve killed more Dao Treading realm beings today than I did in the entire Xiaofan world.’ Lin Mu reckoned.

Of course the Chasm Beasts couldn’t really compare to a true Dao Treading realm beast or cultivator, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have a lot of power. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that Lin Mu had a high resistance to the toxins of the Chasm beasts due to his physique, it would be very dangerous.

Lin Mu guessed it might be a combination of his body cultivation combined with the True gold body forging arts that made him almost immune to the toxins of the Chasm Beasts.

‘Perhaps the only way I would get poisoned would be if I directly ingest the toxins. But even then, my stomach might restrain that too.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

This made him realized that ever since he had truly started cultivating, he hadn’t actually been poisoned. This was despite the fact that he had gone against several experts or beasts that did use poison.

Lin Mu might have even been secretly poisoned from food, and simply didn’t register it.

“Now that I think of it… can I even get poisoned by eating things? I’ve eaten literal rocks and soil and that didn’t do anything to me. The only other way would be to injure my flesh directly, but doing that is also difficult due to my defenses.” Lin Mu muttered and clarified his mind.

Unknowingly, he had developed and ability and stayed completely unaware about it. Or perhaps that more accurate answer would be that Lin Mu had always had a certain level of resistance.

But the more he cultivated, the more this resistance increased and kept up with the tougher and tougher situations that he came across. Thus, even if he had been poisoned, he was simply too durable for that.


Lin Mu’s attention was pulled by the twin snakes once more as they called out to him.

“Done eating?” Lin Mu rubbed their little heads.

His spirit sense extended and probed the bodies of the twins. Upon reaching their dantian, Lin Mu was shocked.

“Shell Genesis stage of the Dao Shell realm already?!” Lin Mu saw that their Dao Shells were now half solid.

But then, when he thought over it again, it made sense. ‘They did collectively eat about a hundred Dao Treading realm beings.’

With that amount of ‘nourishment’ even Lin Mu might have had a breakthrough. Alas, the Chasm Beasts were unfit for his consumption.

With this situation sorted out, Lin Mu turned to investigate the main reason he had come here for.

“So, what were they searching for?”


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