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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1270: Unease And Fear Bahasa Indonesia

The Haima tribe had a violent aura looming over it.

Every person within it could feel it and the closer they were to the source, the worse they felt. On some level, the aura felt more dangerous than the Chasm Beasts. The warriors of the tribes who had battled them often could easily compare this.

‘What is happening?’ the warriors didn’t know that the source of the aura was none other than Lin Mu whom they were running to check on.

Only Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo knew of the reality as they were witnessing it with their own two eyes.

“Noble Lin—” And just as Elder Niji was about to speak up, the violent aura faded away in an instant.

It was as if it never existed. But the cold sweat covering their backs and foreheads showed that they all had really felt it. It was not an illusion, nor was it a hallucination. The Haima tribe members all took a breath of relief.

Those that were weaker directly collapsed, while those that were stronger held on. But even then, they all felt quite tired. It was as if they had worked for a day non-stop and were exhausted from that.

But that was simply not true. The exhaustion was the effect of the violent aura that had suppressed them. Even if it was just for a few seconds, it was still impactful.

“Noble Lin Mu, what…” Elder Niji wanted to speak but was gestured by Lin Mu to stop.

“Leave me be for a while… do not let anyone get close to this place.” Lin Mu stated firmly.

“I… I understand.” Elder Niji replied hesitantly.

He turned around and gestured for Kulo to follow him with his eyes.

They left the residence and walked some distance away where they saw the warriors of the tribe waiting.

“What happened, Elder?” They questioned in confusion and fear.

“Everything is fine. You all need to concern yourselves.” Elder Niji answered. “Noble Lin Mu wants to stay in seclusion for the time being, so ensure nobody goes to disturb him.” He commanded.

“Y-yes!” the warriors hurriedly replied while Elder Niji walked away.

Head Warrior Kulo followed behind Elder Niji, and did not speak until they reached the elder’s residence.

“Elder Niji, that was not normal.” Head Warrior Kulo spoke.

“I know… but we shouldn’t interfere in his matters.” Elder Niji replied.

“But you’ve seen that aura… it was of pure violence. It was as if I was facing a Great Chasm Beast, one that could compare to an Immortal.” Head Warrior Kulo said, a hint of fear on his face.

“That is true. But we know that Noble Lin Mu can be trusted. He’s already helped us all this time, and there is no reason for him to cause us harm.” Elder Niji spoke.

“But that demeanor, I don’t know if Noble Lin Mu is fine.” Head Warrior Kulo said with concern.

“You saw his face then, too. It was that of anger. Tell me, when would some have that level of anger on their face?” Elder Niji asked.

Head Warrior Kulo thought to himself for a minute before speaking.

“When something or someone precious to them is harmed?” Head Warrior Kulo guessed.

“Mmhmm… that was anger that was directed towards someone. While we do not know who that is, we can say for sure it is not any of us.” Elder Niji replied.

“But how can you be so sure, elder?” Kulo asked.

“Do you think any of us would be alive right now if that anger was really directed towards us?” Elder Niji asked in repose.

“That… is true…” Kulo couldn’t deny it.

He had seen Lin Mu’s strength more than once and knew just how strong the young man was. If he really wanted to, he could probably flatten the entire tribe on his own.

“Besides, you heard what he said before that, right?” Elder Niji questioned.

“Y-yes… something about finding someone?” Head Warrior Kulo answered.

“Exactly. That might be the reason why he was so angry.” Elder Niji reckoned.

“But there isn’t anyone here. How could someone have enraged Noble Lin Mu like that?” Head Warrior Kulo wondered.

“There are many methods of sending a message among the immortals. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone used that to taunt noble Lin Mu or do something to him unknown to us.” Elder Niji guessed.

“Mmm… we can only wait then.” Head Warrior Kulo replied.

“Yes, wait and watch. While also following the objectives given by Noble Lin Mu.” Elder Niji stated. “He’s already taught us how to get stronger, so we should do that. The stronger we are, the better our chances of survival when we leave this forsaken land.” He added.

“That is indeed true.” Head Warrior Kulo agreed. “I shall return to prepare for later then.”

“Go ahead. I’ll deal with some matters here on my own.” Elder Niji said before returning to his study above.

Faint light spilled from the hole in the ceiling, illuminating the stairs and the floors.

Unknown to Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo, Lin Mu was still standing in his residence. His expression had turned blank now, but the uneasy feeling around him had not gone away yet.

The twin snakes were especially concerned and couldn’t take it anymore.


They leaped from their pillow and wrapped around Lin Mu’s neck before rubbing against him.

Lin Mu gazed at them, and his expression eased up.

“That’s right… I can’t get carried away like this.” Lin Mu spoke. “I need to focus… just what could be the source of this intense and burning desire?” he wondered.

The itchy and anxious feeling still filled his body and irritated his skin. If it weren’t for Lin Mu’s high tolerance to pain and discomfort, he might have just scraped away his skin.

Closing his eyes, Lin Mu first chanted the Severing Heart Sutra, cutting away the intense desire. Then he chanted the Calming Heart sutra, nullifying any remnant effects of the dream.

Only then did he take a breath of relief.


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