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The sound of grunts and small explosion were heard non stop around the mountain of the Haima Tribe. Tens of thousands of Haima tribe members were spread around, covering a large span of area.

They had spread so much that the furthest Haima Tribe member was within a hundred meters of the Broken Chasm. Something like this would normally be avoided as much as possible, but now there was a member practicing his moves.

The tribe members all raised one of their legs and kicked down, cracking the ground, creating craters or even making fissures.

What happened to the ground depended on the skill and strength of each member. All of them followed the same method, or rather the Qi skill that Lin Mu had modified; the Bronze Might Kicking Technique.

About a month ago, Lin Mu had finished the final version and taught it to the entire tribe. And now today, almost everyone had mastered the basics while a handful few had already reached the highest level with it.

Lin Mu had divided the Modified Bronze Might Kicking Technique into three levels. The first was called One Lobe Circle. In this the Haima member would only gather momentum in one lobe of their Dantian. It was the easiest but also the weakest.

The second level was the Two Lobe circle, in which they would gather momentum in two of their lobes. Keeping the order, the third level was called Three Lobe Circle and used all three lobes of their Dantian.

With each lobe being added, the power of the skill would multiply. One the Two Noble Circle, the power would be twice as the first lobe, while on the Three Lobe Circle the power would be Three times as much as the Second Lobe.

Thus the difference between One Lobe Circle and Three Lobe Circle was of about six times!


Within the many explosions and ground cracking kicks, one stood out explicitly.

“Oh?” Lin Mu who was standing upon the mountain and observing everyone caught it. “Another one reached the Three Lobe Circle.” He noted.

In the distance, Lin Mu could see a Haima warrior with dense spirit Qi waves circling around him.

“Ah, one of the scouts. No wonder.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

The scouts were the strongest warriors of the tribe and were right below Head Warrior Kulo. After learning to cultivate, their cultivation base was the highest in the tribes and nearly half of them had already reached the Dao Shell realm.

This scout was one of them and had just comprehended the final level of the Bronze Might Kicking Technique.

“To the Second Group!” Lin Mu called out, his voice traveling directly to the ears of the scout.

The man looked up and cupped his hands in salute before walking to the side of the mountain. Here all those that had reached the Three Lobe Circle were sparring. This included Head Warrior Kulo.

“Aolo!” The sparring warriors saw a new person joining them.

“You’re here too. Good!” Head Warrior Kulo praised.

“Shall I spar with someone?” Aolo asked.

“Of course, I’ll do it myself. Let me witness your improvements.” Head Warrior Kulo said as he walked to the other side.

“I hope I do not disappoint you.” Aolo replied.

Kulo looked at his junior warrior and entered a battle stance. Almost immediately his aura changed to that of strength. He was like a valiant general ready to fight till the end of his life.

Not just that, but the spirit Qi waves coming from his body were also great. They were already at the peak of the Dao shell realm.

‘If it weren’t for the fact that he needs to comprehend the Dao traces to give birth to a Dao embryo, he might have already reached the Dao Treading realm.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

In this past one month, he had seen the Haima people progress at a breakneck speed. It easily exceeded his own cultivation speed and was simply incomparable to most humans. The more the Haima cultivated, the more their potential was unearthed.

Instead of slowing down after some growth, it only kept on increasing. Lin Mu was quite sure it would plateau at a certain point, but that had not happened yet.

“For a tribe this talented and strong to be exiled… something really great must have happened.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He knew that the Haima Tribe had the ability to cultivate in the past and was stipulated in their tribe history as well. But after being exiled they had lost all their inheritance of cultivation.

To Lin Mu, it didn’t seem like such a strong tribe would have been exiled easily.

“Considering their current growth and past height, they definitely had immortals among them. It’s a bit fishy…” Lin Mu guessed.

Whatever it may be, Lin Mu and the tribe would simply have to wait until it is revealed. Even if their history was wiped out in the kingdoms, there was bound to be some records left over.



Lin Mu was brought out of his thoughts, by a sudden grunt of pain. He looked over and saw that one of the sparring warriors had been knocked away by his partner. It was nothing unusual and had already happened several times before.

But what happened next made Lin Mu raise his brows.

“I won’t lose just like that!” The warrior who had been sent flying backwards said mid-air.

If he kept his current trajectory, he would fall on his head. But instead of that, the man propped himself on his hands and stood on it. Then while doing a handstand, he actually executed the Bronze Might Kicking Technique!

Lin Mu’s brows rose even more when he saw the way the warrior was using it.

Two opposite legs of the warrior glowed in a bronze light before he kicked out. But instead of hitting something, it only made him spin like a top and sent him flying forwards at a great speed.


Using his hands as the pivot, the warrior kept on spinning and was like a fast top. His legs continued to glow in a bronze light and flickered. Lin Mu found it to be a bit strange, so focused on it closely, figuring out why.

‘He’s alternating using different legs, to keep on kicking. That way he’s maintaining the momentum…’ Lin Mu analyzed.

The spinning warrior’s partner was caught off guard and the distance between them was narrowed down within two seconds. The spinning motion actually allowed the warrior to move faster than their sprinting speed.

It was rather surprising since their normal sprinting speed was already quite fast.


Finally, the spinning warrior struck his opponent, hitting him several times in a second before sending him back flying.


With that, the spinning warrior finally came to a stop and let his body down.

“Damn! Are you okay?” The formerly spinning warrior asked, realizing he might have gone a little far.

“I’m okay… just sore now.” His opponent replied from the distance while laying on the ground.

The other warriors went to pick the man up, and saw bruises on his body.

“I think I have some cracked ribs…” the injured warrior said, feeling pain in his chest.


Lin Mu landed next to them and spoke, “let me take a look.”

His spirit sense extended and checked the internal injuries.

“Mmmhmm, cracked ribs indeed.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I got lost in the fight.” The spinning warrior said.

“It’s okay. I don’t blame you.” The injured warrior said with a smile. “But what was that attack? How did you do that?” he questioned.

“Yeah, that was really different!” the others chimed in as well.

“Looks like you learned something even I didn’t think of.” Lin Mu praised.

“It just came to my mind. I realized when we kick out, our bodies are also forced in that direction. Which made me think, if I use opposite legs, I might be able to increase the momentum even more.” The warrior said.

“You’ve gotten smarter, Shilo.” Head Warrior Kulo said, feeling happy.

“Haha,” Shilo laughed, feeling happy at the acknowledgment.

“You should teach that to others. I reckon it will allow you all to have another great skill.” Lin Mu suggested.

“I shall, Noble Lin Mu.” Shilo replied.

“I’ll heal him in the mean time.” Lin Mu said before placing a hand on the injured warriors chest.


He then took a deep breath, and executed the Healing skill he had obtained from Huyun Chuan. It had taken Lin Mu some time to learn it and while he wasn’t even at the first stage of the healing technique, it was still enough to heal injuries like this.

Lin Mu’s hand glowed in a gentle green light as wisps of healing energy entered the chest of the injured warrior. The waves of energy were like the gentle touch of a mother and caressed the cracked ribs.

They started to heal at a visible pace and five minutes later, all damage was eliminated. Even the bruises on his skin had faded away, leaving behind the normal tone.

“There you go.” Lin Mu lifted his hand.

“Thank you, Noble Lin Mu.” The warrior said with gratitude.

“You can return to practice now.” Lin Mu said before returning to his watch post.

He had learned quite a bit from the Haima Tribe’s practice, and this new method was only making him more excited.

“Who knows what more they will comprehend…” Lin Mu muttered with a slight smile on his face.


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