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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1239: Research And Epiphany Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu was unaware about the great power that was now searching for the Yin-Yang Twin serpents as well as Xukong. To him, the two baby snakes were certainly interesting and strong, but not to the level where he would think that it would have alerted a great sect.

Currently he was lounging in his residence, reading through a pile of documents.


“Doesn’t seem like this will work for the Haima Tribe either.” Lin Mu shook his head.

He had been going through all the cultivation manuals as well as Qi skills he had to figure out something that might work for the Haima Tribe. Their progress with the breathing technique had been good, and some of the higher ranked members of the tribe had already become used to it.

In fact, some of them like Elder Niji and Head Warier Kulo could already sense the flow of the Spirit Qi within them as well as control it to a certain extent. But this control was only in terms of accelerating it and slowing it down.

But even then, it was enough to increase their strength by a new level.

Simply by accelerating the flow of spirit Qi, they could exert greater power in their attacks momentarily. And on the other side, by slowing down the flow of spirit Qi they could reduce their energy consumption there by raising their stamina while also reducing their ‘presence’.

The ability to reduce one’s presence was considered highly by the Elder as well as Head Warrior Kulo. Since the Scouts often went out to scour the areas and check for the presence of the Chasm Beasts, they sometimes ended up clashing with them too.

By reducing their presence, they would be able to escape successfully, thereby allowing them to have a greater survival rate.

But even though they had learned these two applications, Lin Mu knew this wasn’t even scratching the surface.

‘They have so much potential and yet they cannot mobilize it… they even have the resources but they cannot utilize it efficiently…’ Lin Mu thought deeply.

“Seems like the Lost Immortal’s memoirs might be the only method of figuring out a solution for the Haima tribe.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t looked through the memoirs already; he had actually read it for over a month now. But the issue with the Lost Immortal’s memoirs was that he couldn’t just flip to the end like a book and find what he needed.

The Lost Immortal’s memoirs had a restriction on it, which only allowed Lin Mu to go forward in a specific manner. New information would only appear after he had finished reading the current set of information.

The new information that appeared was entirely out of Lin Mu’s control and could be random.

‘If it was in a chronological order, it would have been somewhat helpful. At least I’d be able to estimate just how long I would have to read until I reached a possible point of interest. But the events in the memoirs are set in a strange order.’ Lin Mu thought.

The Lost Immortal had recorded the memoir in a way that provided information to Lin Mu, limited to his level of understanding and cultivation. It didn’t just tell him about the great cultivation realms or techniques like that.

In fact, it barely scratched on actual cultivation techniques of Qi skills. Instead, it mostly showed the experiences of the Lost immortal and his thinking. What Lin Mu was doing was the same as searching the vast dark ocean for a singular type of a fish.

It was very difficult, and he had no way to accurately track his goal.


Deciding to take a break for today, Lin Mu stood up from the bed.

His eyes trailed over to the pillow kept on a small stone table. There, two baby snakes were sleeping soundly. Their breaths were rhythmic and were in an order. While one twin inhaled, the other twin exhaled.

This cycle repeated continuously and Lin Mu only noticed it recently.

“It’s been a month since they’ve been asleep… when will they wake up?” Lin Mu wondered.

The Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang had fallen asleep after killing and consuming the remains of the Chasm Beasts. Lin Mu knew that snake beasts would rest and digests their meal for days at an end, but for baby snakes he still found it to be a little too long.

‘If Senior Xukong was awake, perhaps he might have been able to give me some insights…’ Lin Mu wished.

He gazed at the twin snakes for a few minutes, seemingly lost in thought.

But at a certain instantly he suddenly shook out of his thoughts.

“WAIT! That might just work!” Lin Mu had a moment of epiphany.

About half an hour later, Lin Mu now stood in the training square of the Haima Tribe. In front of him were several Haima tribe members, including Elder Niji as well as Head Warrior Kulo.

“What did you call us for here, Noble Lin Mu?” Elder Niji asked curiously.

He was going about his duties when he was suddenly called by Lin Mu and told to gather the strongest warriors of the tribe at the training square.

And now that he had done that, he saw Lin Mu staring at the warriors intently.

“Today I have called you here because I want to teach you something new.” Lin Mu replied.

“Oh? What might that be?” Elder Niji was surprised and a little excited at the same time.

The same interest could be seen in the eyes of the rest too. Evidently, they had been learning Dao Script from the elder. And it wasn’t just them, either. In fact, a lot of tribe members had shown great interest in learning it after seeing Lin Mu.

They wanted to learn from him and understand what he talked about.

“I am going to teach you an experimental technique I have come up with. If it works, all of you might be able to finally cultivate!” Lin Mu revealed.


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