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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1224: Birth Of The Chasm Beasts And Cracks Bahasa Indonesia

The Chasm Beast was in a sorry state after being pressed upon by Lin Mu. It couldn’t even let out a cry and faint black gas could be seen coming out of its cracked back.

Even then Lin Mu controlled his weight so that he didn’t just flatten the beast and kill it. Thankfully even if he couldn’t fly, he could still use spirit Qi to lessen his weight. It didn’t count as going against the restrictions of the world and was still possible for him.

Otherwise, he’d be leaving craters everywhere he walked.

When the Chasm Beast was suppressed, Lin Mu used his spirit sense to scan it. At first, he could tell the outer structure and body of the beast, but when it entered deeper Lin Mu discovered that the Chasm Beast had no organs!

It was simply a solid body that seemingly worked somehow.

‘Hmm… Its insides are made of out the same dark fog that’s in the Broken Chasm, but its outer features are like that of a normal beast. Is this a change that is only triggered under certain conditions?’ Lin Mu already made up several hypotheses about the Chasm Beasts.

He then glanced at the Chasm Beasts that were already dead and saw that they were dissipating into a dusty black fog. It looked like something that would come out of the exhaust of a badly maintained truck that had no catalytic converter.

The dead bodies of the Chasm Beasts first shrunk while the outer parts were intact and when they reached the halfway point, they disappeared as well.

“Oh?” It was now that Lin Mu noticed something peculiar.

Instead of just fading into the air, the dusty black fog actually gathered up and flew in the direction of the Broken Chasm.

“Interesting…” Lin Mu muttered.


Shattering the body of the Chasm Beast under him, Lin Mu killed it and also stored the broken chest plate in his ring to check on later. Then he followed after the Dusty black fog that rose from the dead body. Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo also followed after him, feeling a little concerned.

In less than five minutes they reached the edge of the Broken Chasm. Lin Mu’s eyes had not looked away from the dusty Black fog at all and soon saw it pour into the Broken Chasm. It merged into the rest of the dark black fog and was like a river returning to the sea.


But just as Lin Mu was observing the fog, a change happened.

The fog started to churn as if a storm was seething within it.

“This is bad! We need to leave now!” Elder Niji said hurriedly. “More Chasm Beasts are about to be born!”

Head Warrior Kulo tightened his grip on the two spears and was ready to act at the first sign of danger.

Lin Mu on the other hand closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again. Spatial perception activated and he peered into the dark depths of the fog. It was then that he discovered something there.

‘Just as I thought, there is more to the birth of Chasm Beasts.’ Lin Mu thought.

He could see multiple small spatial cracks opening up in the dark fog. They were somewhat similar to the cracks that would appear when a heavenly tribulation descended but was a lot smaller.

Another similarity they held was the fact that these cracks were leaking out a certain kind of unknown energy. The energy mixed with the Dark fog and soon a spherical mass would be condensed around the wisps of this unknown energy.

The spherical masses were of different sizes too, with some being only a meter wide and some being over four meters wide. The spherical masses then started to change shape and condensed.

In less than five seconds they had already taken the shape of a Chasm Beasts.

The whole process from the forming of spherical mass to and formation of the Chasm Beasts took less than ten seconds, showing Lin Mu just how fast it was.

“This is very strange…” Lin Mu wondered where the unknown energy was coming from.

Since there were spatial cracks, there was bound to be something behind it.

‘It’s certainly not the void behind those cracks… I don’t sense them. A minor plane maybe?’ Lin Mu guessed.


But just as Lin Mu was pondering on the spatial cracks, the newly born Chasm Beasts within the fog moved.


A loud roar could be heard coming from the fog. It was the combination of all the Chasm Beasts within it and they were roaring in a unison.

“Alright, let’s leave!” Lin Mu said, having seen enough.

Elder Niji and Head Warrior Kulo started to run without a word and Lin Mu followed after them. At the same time, he glanced back from time to time, watching out for any surprises.

Soon the three of them started to leap directly, covering large tracts of land at once. This also allowed Lin Mu to observe the situation behind in a bit more easily.


It was then that he saw multiple Chasm Beasts leaping out of the Broken Chasm. Some were the same dog sized ones as before, but bigger ones were here now too.

“Curses! That’s a bad one.” Elder Niji noted the largest beast. “It can even kill someone on the level of Head Warrior Kulo.” He informed.

“Oh?” Lin Mu had not expected the Chasm beast which was about the size of a bull to be that strong.

In Xiaofan world any beast in the Dao Shell realm was significantly larger. This was another qualitative difference he learned now.

Thankfully that was the largest Chasm Beast among them all and Lin Mu still had the confidence to go against them. The only reason he was not killing them was there was no reason to right now.

After all, more such beasts might be born anytime, and some of them might be a lot stronger than these ones. Lin Mu didn’t want to encounter one that could even go against immortals at his current level.


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