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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1221: Rest And Comprehension Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu felt a little comfortable after having eaten all the Wood elemental spirit apples.

This was simply the natural characteristic of the wood element. The wood element was analogous with life and vitality. Without it, life could barely exist and the world would lose their vitality.

Plants were the basic beings that were born from the wood element and belonged to it. There were other beings that were similarly born from the wood element too, or aligned with it.

Overall, the wood element gave one a feeling of freshness and comfort. It was also the most gentle element among them all.

The fire was fierce; the earth was firm; the metal was sharp; the water was ever-changing; the wind was formless, and the lightning was explosive. Such was the aspect of the elements and each hid more among the top.

Lin Mu’s comprehension of the wood element grew as he pondered on this and even his compression of the other elements increased very slightly. Reaching the Dao Treading realm allowed one to open up to the Dao and gain comprehension from it.

Even if one only practiced one of the Dao’s other Daos could still be sensed from them. After all, all Dao’s were born from one and lead to a single path in the end. They were inextricably linked and the closer they were in relation, the easier it would be to understand them.

For example, in Lin Mu’s case, his comprehension of other elements increased because they were part of the basics of the world. Each element promoted and suppressed the other elements, forming a cycle.

From this, one could continue on to feel the other elements as well.

Though comprehending other elements like this was not a simple thing. Many cultivators could peer into this, but actually getting any significant gain was difficult. For Lin Mu, this was only possible since he had cultivated the Five Treasured Organs and had used the five elements.

In the many elements, he didn’t feel the Lightning and Wind element as prominently as he did the five mortal elements. Which was normal since the five treasure organs correlated with the five mortal elements.

Lin Mu didn’t know if there was some other way to integrate the Lightning and Wind Elements into his body as well.

‘Perhaps it is the next step in body cultivation… The Lightning and Wind elements are part of the four heavenly elements and are above the five mortal elements. According to that, the Five mortal elements coincide with the ‘mortal realm’ then the four Heavenly elements should do so with the ‘Immortal realm’.’ Lin Mu continued to ponder more and more.

He entered a state of trance and stayed like this for a while. By the time he woke up, he realized it had been three days already.

“I should return to my body, Elder Niji might be concerned.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Closing his eyes in the Sleepscape, Lin Mu opened them in the real world.


Talking in a deep breath, Lin Mu felt a lot better than before. The three days of rest had improved his mentality as well as dissipated the stress that had been lingering deep in his mind.

He had after all, been in one tense situation after the other when he was in the Xiaofan world. The duty as the World’s ordained weighed on him and the shadow of the Invader loomed constantly.

While leaving the Xiaofan world like that was a little regretful to Lin Mu, it also allowed him to become a little carefree.

“Let’s take a look outside…” Lin Mu opened the door and saw that there was a Haima tribe member standing there.

He didn’t recognize him, thinking that the man might have been asked to stand guard.

“^(&(*&(” The Haima tribe member was a bit startled and spoke something in his language.

Seeing that it was Lin Mu, he shook his head and thought for a couple of seconds.

“N-noble… Elder Niji… Call…” The man spoke with some difficulty and gestured to the building where Elder Niji lived.

“Ah, I understand.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

He had already guessed something like this might happen and went along with the Haima Tribe member.

‘If I’m going to stay here a while, I should learn their language… maybe Elder Niji might be able to teach me.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

It shouldn’t be that difficult for Lin Mu to learn the language, as he had already learned Dao Script. Xukong had told him that once one knew Dao Script, they could learn pretty much any other language easily with some time.

At least this applied to the languages that could be spoken with the normal speech organs. Learning other unique languages such as Beast Tongue and others had extra requirements and might be difficult for normal humans.

By the time he added this task to his list, Lin Mu was already at Elder Niji’s residence.


The stone door opened with a loud creak like always, and Lin Mu entered it.

He was the only one who was allowed free entry into the elder’s residence and the other tribe members could only wait patiently outside unless invited.

Lin Mu’s spirit sense quickly found Elder Niji in a room upstairs.

“Now that I think of it, I’ve never actually seen the other parts of this house.” Lin Mu recalled.

Talking the stairs to the right, Lin Mu went upstairs and walked down the short corridor, reaching the room in which Elder Niji was located.


This stone door creaked as well, pulling Elder Niji’s attention.

“You called for me?” Lin Mu spoke.

“Ah! Noble Lin Mu you are awake. I reckoned you were tired and needed some good rest, so I didn’t disturb you before.” Elder Niji replied.

“Yes, I was a bit tired. Now I’m better.” Lin Mu stated.

“That does seem to be the case. Your complexion looks a lot better.” Elder Niji nodded.

“So what is it that you called me here for? Was it something specific?” Lin Mu questioned.

“The Chasm Beasts have appeared.”


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