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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1214: Why To Help? Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu wouldn’t say that he was an expert at the anatomy of many races, but he had seen enough of them over the years that he could somewhat comprehend a new one and not be in the blind.

In the case of the Haima tribe, their other than their body’s meridians and Dantian being more focused on the legs, the rest was the same as that of a human. But that didn’t mean that the same cultivation techniques could be used by them.

If they tried to use them forcefully, they would quite possibly end up injuring themselves, or if they were lucky they simply wouldn’t be able to use the technique in the first place.

Lin Mu explained all this to Elder Niji, letting him understand the intricacies of the Haima tribe people.


“Seems like we are still at a loss…” Elder Niji spoke and shook his head.

“I don’t think so. I have a large repertoire of cultivation techniques as well as skills that you might be able to use. As long as I have some time to scan more of your people and analyze what works the best, I might find something that works for your tribe.” Lin Mu replied.

Hearing this, Elder Niji was a bit surprise.

“Why… Why would you help us to that extent?” Elder Niji questioned.

To him, their tribe was an exiled tribe that was being punished. They had lived in this desolate land for millenniums and were used to being miserable at times. Even the other people that they encountered in this time, whether they be humans or other races, were violent against them.

This was the first time they had seen a human noble and brought them to their tribe. And it surprisingly turned out to be good for them. But it could also be said that they had felt no malice from Lin Mu.

This was new for them and they were very sensitive to things like this. They might not have spirit sense, but their instincts were quite honed living in a harsh place like this. After all, they fought with Chasm beasts as well as violent criminals who were banished here as well from time to time.

Of course the criminals didn’t really survive the Land Of Exile since they had no knowledge of it. The Haima tribe knew of the only possible place of safety in the entire place and also had a source of sustenance and water.

Combining all of these, they survived for many generations.

These many generations all suffered the same, trying to better their lives, but there was nothing here to guide them. And it wasn’t like they could learn from the other criminals that were thrown here either.

The criminals were thrown into the land of exile with basically just the clothes on their back and had no supplies with them either. Which meant no books or documents to learn from and neither any cultivation techniques.

The Haima tribe had thus been living in ignorance for the most part, with only a little knowledge of their ancestors still remaining among them.

“You helped me first, gave me food, and told me about this place. This is the least I can do. Besides, it is my own desire for knowledge that makes me want to do this too. The more I learn about other creatures and races, the better I think I’ll be able to improve.” Lin Mu calmly said.

“I… I see…” Elder Niji was lost for words. “Human nobles are really cut from a different cloth, it seems… our ancestors were right.”

“That might not be correct.” Lin Mu corrected. “What I speak is the Dao script and it is something that can be learned by anyone. They can be good or bad, so you shouldn’t hold on to that understanding or you and your people might fall in trouble.” He stated.

“Ah! I shall keep that in mind.” Elder Niji noted it in his heart.

Hearing Lin Mu’s warning only made him that much respectful to him.

“Now then…” Lin Mu turned around, “can you tell me why we can’t go past the Rust Hail Mountains?” he questioned.

Lin Mu definitely didn’t want to be trapped in this place and wanted to find ways to leave it. The mountains seemed the most direct option, even if there was a little danger there.

‘Is it immortal realm creatures that are the threat there?’ Lin Mu wondered if it might be that.

If that really was the issue, then he might really have to wait to increase his own cultivation base first.

“The Rust Hail Mountains are very tall and a path that can be traversed isn’t present. One can directly climb them, of course, but they would be killed by the Rust Hail.” Elder Niji replied.

“Rust Hail? Hail made of rust?” Lin Mu asked for clarification.

“It is basically large chunks of rocks that fall from the skies. They fall at a great speed and will kill most beings that try to cross it. Immortals might be able to bear the impact of it, but they won’t be able to withstand the air there.

We don’t exactly know what is in the air there, but breathing becomes hard when it hails. The visibility also becomes very less and one will lose their path. And when that happens, one wrong step would mean falling from the Rust Hail Mountains.” Elder Niji explained.

“Hmm… if the hail is that strong, then how are the mountains still intact?” Lin Mu questioned. “The hills and rocks around here are tough, but certainly not that tough.” He added.

“We don’t know. But the Rust Hail Mountains are a lot tougher than the hills and rocks here. On some level they match the rust hail that falls from the sky.” Elder Niji said. “My grandfather used to say that the Rust Hail Mountains are actually condensed over a long time from the hail that falls from the sky. Though I don’t know if it’s just an assumption or the truth.”


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