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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1203: A Strange Sky Bahasa Indonesia

Finding the rocky wall was a good development for Lin Mu.

He had already walked in perpendicular direction to the wall before he had come all this way. He had even done it for several days to see if there was anything there, but there simply was nothing.

Or even if there was, it was so far that Lin Mu may as well pick a random direction to walk in. Which was exactly what he had ended up doing and how he had found this wall.

“I should go to the top of the wall to see what’s around here.” Lin Mu decided.

One thing that Lin Mu could confirm was the fact that he wall was natural. In fact, it couldn’t even be said surely if it was a ‘wall’ or just a tall mountain of some kind.

Regardless, as long as Lin Mu reached the top, he reckoned he would have a better view of the area and maybe even find some people. Or just some life.





Climbing the wall was simple for Lin Mu. He simply used his hands and legs and directly dug them into the solid rocks. His body was a lot more tougher than the rocks the walls were made out of and he started to climb.

What he didn’t guess was the time it would take him to reach the top.

“GODDAMMIT! This is taller than the tallest mountain in the Xiaofan world, for sure.” Lin Mu cursed in frustration.

This time around, Lin Mu had kept counting to see just how much time had passed. And he had given up after over a week had passed.


“Ugh… I’ll rest for a bit and start again…” Lin Mu said to himself.

He had started to talk to himself a lot more after these days and had unknowingly gotten used to it. This way he didn’t feel as lonely as before either.

As for resting, Lin Mu was currently laying on a narrow ledge that protruded from the unending rocky wall. These were natural ledges that were just broken parts of the rocks that comprised of the wall.

“Back to it then!” Having rested for a couple of hours, Lin Mu started climbing once more.

But this time around, he discovered a new thing.

“Huh? Is this… fog?” Lin Mu could feel fine particles floating in the air.

Below this point, all Lin Mu had felt was darkness, but there was no such fog. The air was rather clear down there. But from the confirmation of his spirit sense, Lin Mu was sure there was fog around him now.

‘Am I at a very high altitude?’ Lin Mu thought that perhaps he had climbed to a height where clouds would cling to mountains.

“No, wait… this is not water vapor… this is something else.” Lin Mu said after analyzing the fog a bit more.

He couldn’t tell what kind of particles they were, but he could cross out dust, smoke and water from the list. Whatever it was it some something entirely new.

But discovering the fog also made him realize something else.

“Maybe this fog is the reason why there is darkness everywhere? Maybe there is sunlight above this.” Lin Mu reckoned.

With this new found motivation, Lin Mu sped up and after climbing for around two hundred meters more, he finally felt the fog disappearing.

“LIGHT! THERE IS ACTUALLY LIGHT!” Lin Mu shouted out loud.

Swiveling his head around, Lin Mu saw a vast sky above him. Granted, the sky was cloudy and overcast with the light itself being a strange reddish shade. At the same time, he saw the end of the rocky wall which was barely a hundred meters away.

But when he turned to look at the back, Lin Mu saw a stunning scene.

“Whoa!” In front of Lin Mu was a vast sea of darkness.

It was sprawling endlessly and extended in three directions. Other than the wall that he was clinging to, all other places were filled with the darkness, or rather a dark fog. It prevented one from seeing the bottom and obviously no light passed through it, either.

‘I should get to the top first.’ Lin Mu sped up and soon reached the top.

“HAAA!” Lin Mu let out a breath of relief and laid on the flat surface on top.

Above him was a vast sky filled with endless clouds. It was colored in a strange dusky shade of red and no sun could be seen, evidently being hidden by the clouds.

“No wonder it was so dark down there, the sky itself is dim and the amount of light that reaches the layer of dark fog is a fraction of that. Not to mention the dark fog is over two hundred meters thick and prevents any light from passing whatsoever at that point.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

It was a strange relief to him to figure out the mystery of his ‘entrapment’.

“I shouldn’t lag on, lets see what more is around here.” Lin Mu stood up and looked around.

The area around him was basically two different topographies. On one side was a massive depression filled with dark fog, which was where Lin Mu had come out from. Then, on the other side, there was a vast barren land.

The ground was a mix of red and grey soils with plenty of rocks and stones in it as well. Then there were Mountains that could be seen far away, possibly several hundred kilometer away!

Though there were also some hills nearby that were significantly shorter than the mountains.

“Damn… did I just walk out of a valley?” Lin Mu finally figured out.

It was shocking to him that he had just climbed out of the depths of a valley that was deeper than the tallest mountains of the Xiaofan world.

Just from this alone, Lin Mu realized that he was in a massively different world from what he was used to.

“This is just the start… let’s see what more I can find.”


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