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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1187: Toppling Battle Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu and Xukong conversed for a few more minutes until he felt like his body was a bit more stable and the hunger wasn’t as strong. Even after eating so many pills full of vitality, Lin Mu’s body wasn’t satisfied and he would have to eat lots of meat to help replenish it all later.

Until that was done, he was going to be feeling perpetually hungry.


Lin Mu let out a breath and opened his eyes, prompting Duan Ke to look at him in concern.

“Are you okay now?” She questioned.

“Mm… I’m stable.” Lin Mu nodded his head.


Then in the next second a wave of spirit Qi spread from him, as his spirit sense extended rapidly. It scanned all over the area, observing all that was happening and that which had already happened.


Seeing the current situation, Lin Mu took a breath of relief.

“So the battle has reached a tipping point for us.” Lin Mu muttered.

“Yes, grandfather and the rest of the sects are holding up against the northern tribes right now.” Duan Ke replied.

Lin Mu had been worried for a bit and wondered if the battle had changed too much in his absence. And while it had, it was in their favor, which was good.


Lin Mu stood up and gazed up at the hole in the roof. The cloudless sky could be seen clearly behind it.

“Let’s join back. It’s best to act now that we are holding the lead.” Lin Mu stated.

“Yes!” Duan Ke agreed and flew behind Lin Mu.


Lin Mu sped up and appeared high up in the sky, Duan Ke at his side.

Looking at him now, it didn’t seem like he was in a serious condition at all. Which in a way, was true. After all, using the burning Heart Sutra had only used up the stored vitality of his body. His actual spirit Qi stores were still plentiful.

Not to mention, his body cultivation made it so that he would stay powerful regardless of it all. Even with no Qi, he would be able to hold back against several enemies.

That was the greatest benefit of body cultivation, as crippling them was extremely difficult and one couldn’t just dissipate their cultivation base by destroying their meridians and Dantian.

Lin Mu looked around and picked the opponent to fight. The most dangerous were none other than the three Immortal Ascension realm experts, but they were currently occupied letting the rest of the alliance to fight the Dao Treading realm and other experts on their own.


Then there was the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode in the sky that kept on raining down thousands of attacks per minute. Its attacks were greatly targeted as well and didn’t affect the allies, providing the perfect support to them.

In the time that Lin Mu was away from the battlefield, the army of the northern tribes had actually been whittled down to less than half!

“Let’s take out the weaker ones first before getting rid of the stronger ones.” Lin Mu said as a few targets appeared in his eyes.


Then in the next moment Lin Mu disappeared into thin air, while Duan Ke went on to join Jing Luo in the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode. Once she joined him there, the attacks became even more intense.

After all, the Myriad Armament Canyon Abode was meant to be controlled by several formation masters to be used at a its full potential. Granted, with a talented formation master like Jing Luo at the helm, the retirement of manpower wasn’t as needed.

But Duan Ke’s support still made it more efficient for him. She took over the targeting part of the attack, while Jing Luo controlled the abode to actually attack. Their pace of attacking doubled and the Northern Tribes started to suffer even more.




While the battle was fought on the ground, the battle of the experts was in the sky.

“You southerners will pay for everything! EVERYTHING!” Master Bell Mountain said as he witnessed the death of his people.

The appearance of the top three sects and their ancestors, along with Jing Wei and the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode, had already toppled the battle in their favor.

“Humph! The northern Tribes have failed tens of times in the past and will fail once more. This time you made the grave sin of bringing forth an Invader that even the world does not accept.

Do you really think you would be able to live in peace even if you won?” Jing Wei scoffed.

Hearing Jing Wei state the truth only made Master Bell Mountain more furious, and he intensified his attacks. The Ancestral Bell rang nonstop, creating more and more attacks while the old man controlled it.

The attacks were very strong, rocking the sky and if it were not for the Profoundity Carving Shield blocking any stray attacks from reaching the battlefield, the allies would have probably died several times over.

Still, Jing Wei swung his sword non stop, preventing Master Bell Mountain from coming closer.

The immortal sword in his hand was simply too strong, and its abilities were also unique. It could extend and retreat at will, even being able to curve and bend without a change in its power.


But as the battle continued, a large explosion was heard on the ground.

“What?!” Even the immortal ascension realm experts felt the energy fluctuations and had to look for what had happened.



The cries of the Northern Tribes experts were heard as they died one after the other. Flames and turbulent winds littered the ground as a large crater was created.

Within the crater stood Lin Mu, holding the dead bodies of three Dao Treading realm experts in his hand. Or more like whatever was left of the bodies.

“Three down, nineteen to go.” Lin Mu said as his gaze locked onto another Dao Treading realm expert in the distance, making the expert shiver.


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