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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1159: Small Victories Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu appeared behind Elder Niu, surprising him.

“Wha—” And before Elder Niu could react, he was struck by Lin Mu’s fist.


Surprisingly the sound of metal hitting metal was heard and Lin Mu’s golden fist hummed. Elder Niu was sent several tens of meters back, but still managed to hold up.

“No Qi in that attack?” Elder Niu was even more surprised.

His hand tapped on his back where he had been hit and stroked something there.


Several small fragments of a metal plate seemingly fell down from within his fur robes. Lin Mu who saw it finally understood why the man had actually managed to bear his attack like this.

‘Most other Dao Treading realm experts should have had their bones broken from that. That was definitely some armor.’ Lin Mu thought.

His spirit sense swiped over the fragments of the armor, sensing the traces of a formation on it, confirming that he had indeed been protected by it.

“To withstand my attack, that armor must have been strong.” Lin Mu said, before lunging at the man again.


“Won’t let you do that again!” Elder Niu said as he defended with his mace.


Metal hit metal once more, but this time the impact was far from the same.


“IMPOSSIBLE!” Elder Niu watched as a crack spread from the top of the mace.

Lin Mu didn’t just stop at that attack either, he flipped and spun on his right leg, using his left leg to kick Elder Niu on his flank.


Once more, it seemed like Lin Mu had hit metal again. A few fragments of a metal armor fell from Elder Niu’s robes once more, making him nervous.

“Let’s see how long your armor can last.” Lin Mu continued to attack non stop, using blink to change his position in between, making it hard for Elder Niu to predict.

His attacks continued for two minutes, putting Elder Niu on the passive and preventing him from doing anything. The man could only focus on defending himself and couldn’t even use any other Qi skills than defending himself.

‘Dammit! What the hell is this man? Is he really the leader of them all?’ Elder Niu thought to himself.

Lin Mu was confusing to him since his power of his attacks was at the Dao Treading realm, but no spirit Qi fluctuations could be perceived from his body. Elder Niu even tried to probe Lin Mu, but couldn’t even reach his body since it moved so fast.

The best he could do was to try and track the course of his attacks, but even that was only useful for blocking.


After five minutes passed, the last segment of Elder Niu’s armor was broken.

“My Hundred Facets Armor!” Elder Niu felt his heart ache.

The Hundred Facets Armor was a peak grade armor that was one of the original treasures of the Northern tribes. It was something that was given to only a select person and the elders of the councils might be one of the few that were able to use it.

Elder Niu had been given it a long time ago and was suited to using it since he was specialized in fighting directly.

But it seems like he had met the antithesis of his specialty with Lin Mu.

Finally he couldn’t hold on anymore and Lin Mu’s fist struck his chest!


“ARGH!” Elder Niu directly spat out a mouthful of blood.

His sternum and ribs were shattered as Lin Mu’s fist dug into his flesh.

“Die.” Lin Mu spread apart his fingers and directly stabbed into Elder Niu’s chest using them.

Elder Niu couldn’t do anything to stop Lin Mu and resisting was useless against his strength. In less than a second, Lin Mu’s hand had burrowed into the man’s chest and was now wrapped around his heart.



Elder Niu could barely let out an unwilling cry before his heart was crushed into paste.


Elder Niu’s body fell to the ground lifelessly before Lin Mu stomped on his abdomen, eradicating his Nascent soul as well, truly killing the man.

“One down, several more to go…” Lin Mu said as he turned his attention to the others.

While it was a bit surprising to him that Elder Niu could hold on for this long under his blows, he also understood that the man was just a little lucky with the armor he had. Even Jing Luo’s Peak Grade armor made with the Troll’s remains was unable to bear Lin Mu’s force, after all.

Other fights were ongoing as Lin Mu finished his.

The Elders of the northern tribes were clashing with the alliances’s Dao Treading realm elders and were almost equally matched.


At that moment, a loud roar was heard and intense heat was felt.

Lin Mu’s eyes snapped towards that direction and he saw Little Shrubby.

“What beast is this!?”

“How is it this fast?”

Little Shrubby was fighting with one Dao Treading realm elder and four Dao Shell realm cultivators of the Northern Tribes at once. And that too, with ease. With his speed, the northern tribe’s cultivators could only hope to defend.


But their opportunities for defending weren’t useful any longer as Little Shrubby charged up his attacks. His long claws glowed brightly, almost turning white in color as a scorching heat spread in the air.


The snow around them directly melted and the snowflake falling from the sky stopped instantly.

“RUN!” The Dao Treading realm elder of the Northern tribes warned his companions upon sensing the power of the attack.

Unfortunately though, he was too slow and Little Shrubby’s claws struck.


The super heated claws swung and tore through the air and ripped apart the defenses of the elders like they were paper.



They could only cry in pain as Little Shrubby’s flames ate up their flesh and bones.

“No…” The Dao Treading realm elder watched in horror as his companions turned to ash in just a few seconds.


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