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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1153: An Immortal Ascension Realm Expert’s Might! Bahasa Indonesia

The effect brought upon by the inclusion of beasts in this battle was apparent and no one could doubt it.

The patriarchs of the alliance, while having faith in Lin Mu, were unsure about his choice to add allies at the last moment. Especially from an unexplored place like the Kong Plane. Even after all these years, the Kong plane was yet to be fully explored.

There were far too many secrets hidden in it and over time it had grown several beings inside it that were strong. There were also dangerous areas within it that could threaten even Dao Treading realm cultivators, thus one needed to be very careful.

Perhaps only Lin Mu, who had control over it and could exit it anytime, was safe to explore it.


Xiaobao lifted one of his giant legs and stomped hard.


The earth cracked apart as a large fissure appeared. Normally, water should have disappeared into it, but instead of that, more water shot out of it!

“RETREAT! RETREAT!” The northern tribes frantically gave out orders, but their Qi refining realm cultivators and core condensation realm cultivators were still getting drowned.

By now, nearly thirty percent of the army had been whittled down.

“ENOUGH!” A thunderous voice was heard echoing across the field.

It was louder than the beasts and shook the skies. The clouds turned fragmented from it and fierce winds blew.

“This…” Lin Mu felt the shaking of space. “No… not just that… the spirit Qi… it’s turning…”


Suddenly, the clouds seemed to have turned white, as if they were made out of pure snow. The fragmented clouds gathered together and turned into a massive palm that covered a span of nearly four hundred meters!

“FROST DEITY PALM!” The thunderous voice chanted.


The palm made out of snowy clouds descended like the fiercest of blizzards. The chill coming from it froze all the water all at once, and even Xiaobao couldn’t restrain it anymore.

Ku Mi who had been struggling this entire time, looked up and smiled.

“AHAHAHA! WELCOME MASTER!” she greeted. “Now you all southerners will know our true might!”

And just as she said that, the palm struck the earth!


It was as if an earthquake had occurred along with a blizzard simultaneously. Snow covered everything in a kilometer’s radius and was nearly a hundred meters thick!

All the beasts that were caught underneath it could not be felt anymore along with several members of the Northern Tribes that were unfortunately caught within it. But that was not all, as the impart of the attack created a shock wave that reached the hill where the alliance was hiding.

“Everyone, reinforce the barrier!” Patriarch You Yi ordered.

Lin Mu joined in as well and poured his spirit Qi into the barrier.


Despite all that, the barrier shook as cracks appeared on it. Runes flickered nonstop, and it seemed like the barrier wouldst’ be able to withstand it any longer. The formations masters that were directly controlling it all bled from their noses and ears as a great strain pushed them.

Still, after a few seconds, they managed to hold back, and the impact didn’t reach them.



The sounds of loud panting and multiple gasps were heard as the alliance members felt the strain.

“What was that?” Someone asked.

“That was… An Immortal Ascension realm expert.” Patriarch You Yi spoke, his eyes serious.

“They’re already here!?” Elder Liqiang questioned anxiously.

“No… the expert is not here… he is still over fifty kilometers away.” Lin Mu spoke, having sensed an old man that had appeared far away.

He had appeared from a different direction than the army of the Northern tribes, which was strange.

“What!? He’s not even here and could still create such damage?” The people of the alliance were stunned.

“Such is the power of an Immortal Ascension realm expert. And if not for the fact that he probably didn’t want to affect his own people, the attack would have been far stronger than this.” Patriarch Shandian said this time.

“You mean to say… he held back?” Hua San asked.

The five Hua disciples were also present here with their master patriarch Hua and had been working to maintain the formations.

“Indeed.” Patriarch Hua nodded his head.

“Sssss! How can we go against that?” Hua Er said, finding it to be terrifying.

Looking at the battlefield that was now half snow, it was a stunning scene.

The snow had raised the height of the battlefield by over a hundred meters. The smaller hills nearby were directly buried and the forest was also gone.

And if not for the barrier protecting the hill that the alliance was in, they would have been buried in the snow as well.

Lin Mu’s brows furrowed as he scanned the battlefield.

While he knew that the immortal ascension realm cultivators would eventually join the battle, after seeing their effect, he was truly shocked.

‘Senior Xukong did tell me about how powerful they could be, but this… almost all the Dao shell realm beasts are dead already.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Other than Xiaobao who was really resilient and tough, all the other Dao shell realm beasts had either died or were frozen solid. They might be able to escape, but would be greatly weakened from the chill that penetrated them.

Lin Mu could sense the chill and knew that if not for him consuming the flesh of the Glacial Shell Snail queen, even he would have had a hard time with the cold.

Lin Mu’s mind ran quickly as multiple thoughts appeared about what to do next.

Back at the side of the northern tribes, Ku Mi was controlling the snow and ice and saved some of their people.

“Thank you, elder Ku Mi!” they all said in gratitude.

“Mm…” Ku Mi simply hummed in response before looking towards the hill where the alliance was hiding.

“You all have hidden very well, but no more!” She said before flying up.


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