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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1151: A Rain Of Beast Qi Bahasa Indonesia

What Lin Mu had thrown out looked like a ball. But it was no normal ball, its surface was flowing and twisting as if it were liquid. Its color was also changing from white, to blue, to green, to many more.

The Dao Treading realm elders who had sensed the ball appearing couldn’t even touch it and when the ball of energy reached high up above the army of the northern tribes, it exploded!


“EVERYONE DEFEND!” The commanders of the northern tribes ordered.

They had no idea what the ball was and it may as well be another Qi skill meant to kill them. The ball burst apart into numerous drops of energy that fell all over the army like rain. They tried to block it with their spirit tools and skills, but it was all useless.

“What?!” The Dao Treading realm elders were surprised when even their skills couldn’t block it.

They all became extremely tense as the drops of energy entered their bodies quickly. The Dao Treading realm and Dao Shell realm experts were the first to act and checked their bodies for the strange energy, wanting to expel if before it became problematic.

“Wait… its… its not harming us?” Elder Gunkao realized. “It’s just some kind of Qi?”


But instead of having an effect on them, the energy seemed to have a different effect on the beasts that were surrounding them. A frantic and excited look of hunger appeared in the eyes of the beasts.

Their auras fluctuated madly as if they didn’t care for their lives anymore.


The first beast to attack was a large wolf beast that was at the Dao Treading realm. It was similar to the Bronze Tribe Wolf that Lin Mu had hunted first in the Kong Plane, but was slightly smaller than that.

This was a wolf called as the Barren Tail wolf. Its tail had no fur and was thin like that of a rat. It was known for its ferocious nature and would attack anything that it desired. It was even brave against other beings, stronger than itself.

The Barren Tail Wolf was also different in the fact that it didn’t really live in a pack. It mostly wandered alone and at most would have another wolf with it that might be it mate. But this one was alone.

Perhaps that might be the reason why it was so eager to attack.

The Barren Tail Wolf’s claws descended like a hurricane, ripping apart all that stood in its way. Its jaws opened wide and swallowed men whole, not even caring to chew them.


After eating a couple of tribesmen, it seemed to have become even more aggressive and attacked non stop.

The soldiers of the northern tribes tried to resist, but they were far too weak to go against the beast.

“ATTACK! ALL DAO SHELL ELDERS ARE TO RESIST!” Elder Gunkao himself gave the order.



It was at this time that the other Dao Shell realm beasts also jumped into the fray. And with these leading beasts attacking, the rest joined as well. Now it was truly a beast tide, a really dangerous beast tide.

The members of the alliance who were watching all this happen were left stunned.

“W-what was that?” Elder Liqiang couldn’t help but ask.

“You asked us to make large teleportation gates for beasts?” Jing Luo questioned.

“Indeed.” Lin Mu nodded his head. “They will be our allies for now.”

“How did you get them to cooperate?” Patriarch You Yi asked.

“Just like how you would train a pet, entice them with a treat.” Lin Mu replied.

“Treat?” Patriarch Mingliang was then reminded of the ball of energy that Lin Mu had thrown earlier.

“Was it what you threw earlier?” Patriarch You Yi guessed.

“Yes, that was Beast Qi. Something that is irresistible to beasts.” Lin Mu answered.

“Beast Qi… this is the first time I’ve ever heard of something like this.” You Yi said, wondering about it.

“There are truly many things we don’t know of…” Elder Liqiang muttered.

“How long will this effect last?” Jing Luo asked the more important question.

“Oh, its permanent.” Lin Mu answered.

“Permanent!? Even strong alchemical pills might not have such an effect.” Patriarch Mingliang who was an expert in this said.

“Well, permanent as in the sense that the people of the northern tribes will be greatly tempting to the beasts. And they will do everything in their power to eat them. They will only stop when they have consumed them all.” Lin Mu explained a bit more.

Hearing this they were stunned. As it truly was a dangerous effect. If such beast Qi was spread in a city, it would be sure to pull in a beast tide after a while.

“Can you do it again?” Patriarch Shandian asked curiously.

He could see the potential of this. After all, getting beasts to fight in their stead was a great tactic that saved their own strength and prevented their lives from being lost as well.

“I technically can… but refining that amount of Beast Qi will take me over a week.” Lin Mu answered truthfully.

Lin Mu had actually spent only two days in making that ball of beast Qi, but it had taken his entire store of spirit Qi from his Dantian to refine and condense an amount large enough to cover an entire army.

But this was with him replenishing his spirit Qi with other materials. If it was done normally, it would take him multiple days to cultivate and replenish the spirit Qi lost by his body.

“A Week is still too powerful…” Patriarch Shandian couldn’t help but say.


And just as he said this, a loud sound was heard coming from the battlefield.

“Huh? A TSUNAMI?” The people were stunned.

A large wave nearly fifty meters tall had arrived out of no where in the middle of the battlefield.

“RUN!!!” The soldiers tried to run but were helpless against the tsunami.

“Xiaobao’s here!”


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