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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1107: Gu Yao’s Location Bahasa Indonesia

Learning that Jiao Fang had fused with the remnants of Yulong, Lin Mu was not ready to fully trust the man.

He had already heard from Xukong that people such as this could change personalities in the blink of an eye and others wouldn’t even know. There was no saying whether this might happen with Jiao Fang, but Lin Mu wouldn’t bet on that.

’The oath would not work on him either, would it, senior?’ Lin Mu asked.

”No… the oath affects the true soul. Thus it would only affects Jiao Fang. Thus if Yulong ever takes control, the oath would not come in effect. So unless we make Yulong take the oath, it wouldn’t work.” Xukong replied.

”And for Yulong to take the oath, he would have to be in control… right? No use in that either.” Lin Mu muttered in his mind.

With the options being either to kill Jiao Fang entirely or to keep him on a short leash for now, Lin Mu decided to do the latter. While there were risks to trusting Jiao Fang, his earlier actions were still inclined towards Lin Mu and showed that he was trying to be an ally.

”Alright… you won’t have my trust now, though. You will have to earn that.” Lin Mu said to Jiao Fang who took a breath of relief.

”That is fine. And I think I can do that.” Jiao Fang replied.

”And how will you be doing that?” Lin Mu asked.

”By providing you with information.” Jiao Fang replied. “About the Gu Legion and Gu Yao.” He added.

”Alright, go on speak.” Lin Mu ordered.

”I think I should first tell you how I got into the Gu Legion first, it is related to all.” Jiao Fang said, to which Lin Mu nodded.

Lin Mu was interested about that and wondered how that had happened. After all, Jiao Fang had killed Wu Xun and several of the Gu Legion members. If anything, Gu Yao should have tried to kill him or at least get him under the Human Controlling Blood curse.

But from what he could see, nothing of that sort had happened, which made Lin Mu rather intrigued about it all.

”I wanted to pull the attention of Gu Legion and Gu Yao, thus I took the most obvious approach and killed their members that were important. I also did it by changing my appearance enough to look similar to Yulong.

There were some pills in his inheritance that I found that could achieve this. Though their effects are only temporary.

Killing the Gu Legion members and allies certainly got me in their eyes, and they started a hunt for me. After I reckoned it all the right time, I went to a place where they had their people stationed and voluntarily walked in.

I let them take me to a Gu Legion base. There they were going to interrogate me, but I made use of Yulong’s memories. Showing myself as the True Yulong who had come into the Great Zhou Empire a long time ago as a spy, I managed to get an audience with Gu Yao.

The man was not trusting of me, of course and inquired about Yulong from the Northern Tribes.

The Northern Tribes had prepared for this a long time ago, but had not expected for Yulong to actually succeed in his insane plan. It was the way he was truly going to switch his identity and fool even the world.

They didn’t want the repeat of the old times when the World’s Ordained defeated them.

With a deep spy like Yulong among the higher ups of the Great Zhou continent, they Northern Tribes would always be a few steps ahead.

Of course, they also had ways to prevent themselves from being fooled. They set up methods to verify Yulong’s identity. But with his memories, it was a piece of cake for me to pass their check.

With that done, Gu Yao had no choice but to accept me and take me in as an ally. And since Yulong’s clan was actually very influential in the northern Tribes, being one of the ruling clans, he couldn’t forcefully put me under his control.

If he did that he would only be breaking his relation with the Northern Tribes and risk losing their support.

And once he had me in his circle, the rest of the plan went swimmingly.” Jiao Fang explained in detail.

Hearing all this, Lin Mu was rather surprised, and a little impressed at the same time. Though he didn’t show anything on his face, and kept a plain expression.

’At least I can tell that he isn’t lying…’ Lin Mu had gotten good enough to judge whether people were lying or not.

It was determined by a combination of things, including his spirit sense, to check the fine changes in their spirit Qi fluctuation and aura. These changes were so minor, that a cultivator might not even realized themselves.

One could fake their facial expression with great detail, but they couldn’t do the same with their aura and spatial fluctuations.

”I see… that was a risky venture, for sure.” Lin Mu replied after a few seconds.

”Indeed… though it was worth it. I got something that you will greatly like.” Jiao Fang said with a smile.

”And what might be that?” Lin Mu asked in anticipation.

”Gu Yao’s hideout. The true headquarters of the Gu Legion… I know where it is.” Jiao Fang reveled.

Hearing this, Lin Mu’s eyes went wide, and he was unable to maintain a plain expression. After all, this was information he had been looking for a long time and the entire alliance was spending a lot of manpower and resources in getting it.

They had been using merchant and goods routes to trace out the location. But despite all that, they were still unable to get it.

”Where is the hideout?” Lin Mu impatiently asked.

”It is far to the east… in the ocean. It’s a secret plane located within the borders of the Echo Conch Kingdom!” Jiao Fang revealed.


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