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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1087: Pleasant News Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu and Little Shrubby traveled for a while and using his spirit sense Lin Mu got all the information he got, which made him feel surprised and content.

”The Gu Legion actually retreated?” Lin Mu was surprised.

From all the information he had picked up, apparently the Long Cloud alliance was on the forward and the Zither Wind Alliance had been dealt a great blow. Not only that, but the top three sects were no longer being ignorant either.

They too, had declared that the actions of the Zither Wind alliance were far from righteous and needed to be stopped. The fall of the West Ocean sect was viewed as an event of warning.

To the three sects, the one who had done this was possibly an expert who had taken things into his own hands after having witnessed the atrocities.

In addition to this, Lin Mu also learned that the fall of the Ripple Mist sect was not discovered yet. Though it would soon be known as the Top three sects were going to send their representatives to the Zither Wind alliance and all of its sects soon.

Several sanctions were also going to be put down against them.

”Huh… The Gu Legion ended up messing up on their own with their restriction of information. No wonder the rest of the world doest know that the Ripple Mist sect is gone too, despite the fact it has been over two weeks now.” Lin Mu chuckled.

But while this came as a slight relief to Lin Mu, he was not going to stop his work. He no longer wanted to take any chances and was not going to leave it to fate. He would fully do what he had set out to.

Lin Mu looked at the jade slip for a few seconds before putting it away.


He didn’t know if he could face his friends right now. What he had done was not entirely correct, but he knew it was necessary.

’I’ll finish my mission and then face them… if I talk to them right now, I will only waver,’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Lin Mu and Little Shrubby continued to fly and soon reached a certain mountain about three hundred kilometers from the Zither Wind Sect.

”Here we are…” Lin Mu muttered as he gazed into the distance.

The Zither Wind sect was not visible from here, but Lin Mu could sense the faint spirit Qi fluctuations coming from a large formation array.

The mountain that Lin Mu was currently standing above was actually an old outpost that the Hei Corps used to stay in. It had been abandoned for a long time, but Lin Mu still knew about it since Wu Hei had given him a list of them in the past.

And now it was finally coming in handy.


Lin Mu’s spirit sense spread all over the mountain and revealed all that was hidden in it. The entrance of the outpost was long since blocked and could not be accessed normally. It was located midway to the top of the mountain and was now covered with a meter thick layer of soil.

Lin Mu could see signs of a mudslide as there were fallen trees and rocks half buried in the ground. It was certain that this land slide had occurred a long time ago as the soil that had shifted was already covered with plants and trees.

”There should be a rocky cliff here…” Lin Mu flew to the side of the mountain.

”There it is.” Lin Mu spotted the cliff that he was looking for.

It was high up on the mountain and from it several tree roots hung, making it hard to spot. Walking up to it, Lin Mu waved his hand and sent the short sword flying.


A large entrance was carved out on the cliff, revealing the outpost that was hidden inside.

This was the backside of the outpost, and since the old entrance was no longer accessible, Lin Mu decided to make a new one. Additionally, it faced the direction where the Zither Wind sect was and would allow him to spot anything that happened there.

The roots of the trees hanging from the cliff hit the entrance that had been made and still looked natural.

”Come on Little Shrubby, we got a lot to do.” Lin Mu said as he flew in.

Little Shrubby shrunk in size and returned to his kitten form as his entire body couldn’t fit through the entrance, even if it was large.

Lin Mu glanced at the dusty interiors of the outpost and saw the haphazardly scattered furniture and other objects. Many of which were rather damaged.

Furrowing his brows, Lin Mu clapped his hands.



His clap generated a strong wind, that swept away all the dust and broken objects directly out of the entrance.

”There, that’s a lot better.” Lin Mu said before he took out all the things he had gotten.

It took him a year to sort through all the spoils before he reckoned he knew what to do now.

Lin Mu threw out a few formation flags and set up an isolating formation array, preventing any spirit Qi waves from spreading out of this mountain.

’Jing Luo’s notes are really coming in handy.’ Lin Mu thought as he finished setting up the formation array.

”What do we do now?” Little Shrubby asked.

He had already returned to his full size, as there was plenty of space inside.

”Now we cultivate.” Lin Mu said. “Preferably till we have another breakthrough…” he added.

”YES! We’ll be the strongest ever!” Little Shrubby said excitedly.

He too liked getting stronger, and it was an instinctive feeling he got. The desire to get stronger was directly born from his bloodline and the stronger he got, the better he felt.

”Indeed…” Lin Mu nodded his head and took out massive amounts of spirit stones and filled the entire outpost with them.

In just a few minutes, the outpost was filled with dense spirit Qi that had turned into mist.


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