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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1076: Collapsing A Mountain Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu’s hand shone in a gold light while dense energy condensed within it. Vital essence and spirit Qi swirled and merged together turning into a pink ribbon filled with great power.

Once it reached its peak, Lin Mu punched straight down from the top of the mountain!

”Boulder Collapsing First: Third Form- Devastator!”

Lin Mu had used a greater amount of spirit Qi and vital essence than normal. This was a way for him to test his new limits, as well as see how far the effect would be. After having cultivated the True Gold Body Forging Arts to the peak, Lin Mu had not gotten injured after using Boulder Collapsing Fist.

He was finally in a state where his body could handle it without much problem. But this was when he was using it on the normal level. Lin Mu could adjust the power input of the technique and it would increase the output when it was activated.

It was the backlash from that which caused damage, and right now he could handle that. But Lin Mu wondered just what was the new upper limit for it.

What was the power limit that he could use without getting injured?

A pink ribbon streaked through the air, letting off energy waves that were like the tides during a storm.

The ribbon spun in the air and easily drilled into the mountain peak.


For the first couple of second, only a rumbling sound could be heard. The Pink ribbon was like a flaming hot poker piercing through a slab of butter, having no restrictions.

But then five seconds later, a massive change happened.


The pink ribbon of energy went as far as it could be before finally exploding!

The explosions rocked the mountain, and cracks spread across it. The upper layer of the mountain directly cracked and fell apart while the internal parts started to shift. The energy wave continued to spread, and the mountain started to crumble.


Finally, the structural integrity of the mountain fell, and it collapsed like a pile of cards.

Lin Mu observed his handiwork and nodded in approval.

”Twenty percent is actually fine…” Lin Mu was surprised.

He looked at his fist and saw no signs of damage. One must know that using twenty percent of his vital essence and spirit Qi was no small amount. It was entirely different from the past twenty percent.

Compared to the past when Lin Mu first used the Third form of the Boulder collapsing first against Gu Yao, the amount of spirit Qi and vital energy he had used now was perhaps enough to execute the same skill over a hundred times.

The Boulder collapsing fist was a skill that scaled with Lin Mu’s cultivation level because its concept was plain and simple. While it was crude, it was the perfect skill for Lin Mu, who had a tough physique and a large storage of spirit Qi and vital essence.

Though this only made Lin Mu wonder about the full extent of the boulder Collapsing Fist.

’The manual was missing most of its pages, but it did say that boulder collapsing fist was merely the first level of the technique, the lowest one. If it can reach this level of power, then what are the other levels like?’ Lin Wu wondered.

He somewhat knew how the next levels of the skill went as it said to increase the number of energy spirals, but Lin Mu didn’t know how to even attempt that. Even maintaining a single spiral was difficult.

The three forms he had made were an extrapolation of the skill and weren’t the true method of using it anyway. Still, it did give Lin Mu further insights into it, and Xukong had told Lin Mu that as long as he continued practicing, cultivating and comprehending, he might actually be able to figure out the next level on his own.

’Though there is also a chance I might find it in a higher world.’ Lin Mu thought.

If he really did find it in the higher world, it might make the work really easy for him. Additionally, it wasn’t like it would bring him any trouble either. From the introduction of the technique, it didn’t have any warning that it must not be practiced by anyone else.

Most sects or experts that made techniques would usually put some warning there if it was only meant for specific people.

Lin Mu could possibly get some people to look for it in a higher world too. He had read in the memoirs of the Lost Immortal that there were many places in the higher worlds that held and sold Qi skills and cultivation techniques.

They even helped people find the ideal technique for them for the right place. Lin Mu reckoned that since they could do that, they may even be able to find the rest of the Boulder collapsing fist.

And just while Lin Mu was thinking all this, he felt a stream of dense spirit Qi coming from below.

”Let’s get to work…” Lin Mu descended and cleared out all the debris in his way.

In a minute, the true treasure hidden underneath the mountain was revealed, the spirit stone mine!

Lin Mu’s attack had shattered the spirit stone veins and made it easier for Lin Mu to store it directly in the ring.

”This is significantly faster than breaking it, like I was doing it before.” Lin Mu took note.

Lin Mu ended up getting several tons of spirit stones, and also some other rare materials that were found in the spirit stone mines.

Lin Mu flew up into the sky and held a chunk of spirit stone in his hand. While flying, he absorbed the spirit Qi from the chunk in his hand, restoring all that he had used. His stomach was also restoring the vital essence he had used up and released the massive amounts of vital essence that was stored in it.

By the time Lin Mu reached the next spirit stone mine, he was in peak condition again!


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