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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1074: Venting Their Anger Bahasa Indonesia

The disciples watched the scene with rapt attention as they saw a Nascent soul being drawn out.

”A Nascent soul can be pulled out like this?” They couldn’t believe their eyes.

They didn’t even know something like this was possible at all, and this was their first time witnessing something like this.

”No, wait! LOOK!” A disciple that was standing closer suddenly pointed.

”THE NASCENT SOUL! Why does it look like that?” The disciple who had tried to attack the elder said.

He was the closest to Lin Mu and the dead elder, merely two meters away, and saw everything clearly.

”The Nascent souls of the elders are all tainted. All those that used the pills made from the sacrifice of your fellow disciples will all have such nascent souls. This is the evidence of their crimes!” Lin Mu explained.

The disciples heard Lin Mu’s words, and they felt them burning into their memory. They came closer and felt a very repulsive feeling coming from the Nascent soul that was trying to wiggle its way out of Lin Mu’s grasp.

But that was all for naught, and it was a fruitless effort. Lin Mu’s grip wasn’t something just anyone could escape from. Even Dao Shell realm cultivators would have a great time, not to mention mere Nascent souls that had already lost most of their capabilities.

”Look! Watch it closely and remember it all.” Lin Mu spoke, showing them the Nascent soul.

He pinched it in his fingers like a chick and showed it around.

The disciples couldn’t help but gulp seeing this. They knew that even if this was just a Nascent soul, it could still kill them at their cultivation realm!

Only in the grasp of Lin Mu was the Nascent soul helpless, like a baby chick.

The disciples felt appalled at it all, and a feeling of betrayal filled them. The sect they had devoted their life to had done this to them. They had never expected that the glory they had felt upon joining one of the top ten sects would come crashing one day like this.

While all the disciples were coming to terms with it, a few of them felt rage.

”DIE!” A female disciple rushed out and stabbed a knife thorough the other elder’s heart.

He was still suspended by the low grade spirit swords and couldn’t move, thus letting the disciples have a free shot at him.

”KILL THEM ALL!” someone shouted as tens of disciples rushed towards the two remaining elders.

The junior elder watched with despair but couldn’t move at all. He was too stunned to even speak and only let out a sound when seven blades were already stuck in his chest.

Lin Mu watched everything from the side and let the disciples vent their anger.

He had felt the same rage, or perhaps even greater than that, thus he knew very well how frustrating it was to be unable to deal with it.

Under the nonstop attacks of the disciples, even the Nascent souls of the elders were destroyed, and they were unable to do anything. And by the time the disciples were done with them, merely a pile of flesh was left behind, unable to be identified as a human corpse.


Having vented their rage, the disciples collapsed to the ground. Some shivered, some laughed, some cried, and some simply stared on blankly.

Lin Mu watched them with a calm face and crushed the Nascent soul that was still in his grasp.

”They deserve to know the truth, no matter how hurtful it might be…” Lin Mu muttered to himself.


Taking a deep breath, Lin Mu decided to give the disciples a little help. His lips moved like the rustling of leaves and a harmonic chant came from them. The chant spread in the area and entered the ears of all, sending them into a calming trance.

The Calming Heart Sutra started its work and Lin Mu stopped chanting after a minute, finding it enough.

Knowing that the disciples might take a while to come out of the trance, Lin Mu decided to continue his work. With his cultivation base increase, the effect of the sutras had also increased.

Additionally, this was Lin Mu’s first time using the Calming heart sutra on others, and even that on weaker cultivators, the strongest of which were barely in the core condensation realm.

This gave a deep and profound effect, making it a bit hard to estimate how long it would take for them to wake up.

Lin Mu dived into the ground and directly went to the Spirit stone mines hidden underneath the peaks. The Ripple mist sect used to have five spirit stone mines, but Gu Yao’s orders for increased mining had basically depleted four of the mines, leaving only one.

Thankfully, that one was still peak grade spirit stone mines and was good enough for Lin Mu’s use.

It didn’t take long for Lin Mu to finish stripping it clean and storing it all in the ring. Leaving the mine, he came to stand in the sky above the Ripple Mist sect.

”There is still the sacred land of the Ripple Mist sect, isn’t there?” Lin Mu remembered.

He closed his eyes as spatial perception activated. Opening his eyes, he looked around and saw faint traces of spatial distortions. He knew the old gate was unless to enter the sacred ground as it merely functioned as an exit unless it was the right time for its opening.

But when Lin Mu saw the right location, his brows furrowed.

”That… does not seem right.” Lin Mu said.

He could barely make out the section of space that had an entry point to the Sacred land.

”It should be manageable at your level. You are far more capable than before, try opening a rift again and focus on joining the edges of the rift to the sect directly. You can use the arrays of the old gate and make them act as a temporary anchor.” Xukong advised.


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