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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1058: Against The Patriarch Bahasa Indonesia

This was the vault of the West Ocean sect. It was the most secure place in the sect, at least openly. Not many knew about the mines below the sea. No one would think that any person would dare to even think of infiltrating this place.

And yet, against all conventions, the guards saw someone actually there, right in the middle of them all. It frankly made them feel as if they were dreaming or maybe seeing an illusion.

But the spirit Qi fluctuations coming from the man confirmed it all. It was a real person.


Lin Mu could care less about them, though. He simply waved his hand and summoned several spirit tools that killed all the guards in a matter of seconds.


With another wave of the hand, all the spirit weapons returned, with the corpses still attached to them. Lin Mu stored them back in the ring and took a glance inside, finding that these corpses didn’t actually melt like before.

”Hmm… so not all of them that took the pills of grace will melt. The cultivators that were mining down there melted though…” Lin Mu noted.

He was sure that these cultivators had taken the pills of grace since they too had that same aura caused due to the muddy spirit Qi.

’Perhaps there is another addition to those pills?’ Lin Mu wondered.

So far, the ones who had melted were all in sensitive positions that could be taken advantage of if they were captured. It made sense that the Gu Legion would make it so that they could not be taken as prisoners of war.

In the case of these guards though, there was no such issue. Even if they were guarding the vault of the West ocean sect, they were still mere guards. Additionally, they had been guarding since before the Gu Legion rose, so there was no issue for them to use that.

”At least little Shrubby can have an extra meal.” Lin Mu reckoned and continued towards the vault.


A barrier appeared in front of him, blocking his path. The vault’s formation array was independent from the sect’s main array so that it couldn’t be breached even when the sect fell.

But for Lin Mu, that didn’t really matter.

Coating his hands in spirit Qi, Lin Mu stabbed them directly into the array.


A metallic clang was heard as the golden skin of Lin Mu’s body struck the barrier.


The barrier did its best to stop it, but Lin Mu didn’t stop. Exerting more force, he ripped into the layer and directly tore the runes apart.


Unable to handle the sudden instability caused due to the breaking of runes, the layer of the barrier exploded. To any other cultivator, this would greatly injure them, but Lin Mu came out of it unscathed and did the same to the other barriers that stopped him as well.

In less than a minute, he had broken apart ten such barriers and was in front of the vault door. The door itself was a simple wooden door that opened without an issue. It didn’t have any restrictions or formations on it and neither was it made from any rare tough materials.

After all, the formation arrays that Lin Mu had broken earlier were already enough to make it one of the toughest vaults here.


The door of the vault opened and the contents of it were visible to Lin Mu. The vault was basically another large hall that was filled with tens of thousands of items. There were shelves upon shelves of items, as well as boxes and chests kept.

Then there were piles of spirit stones just lying around on the ground in the open. Several spirit weapons were also present here, with the majority being mid to high grade spirit weapons. There were no peak grade spirit weapons here, though.

Lin Mu quickly went through the vault and cleared it out.

While he was doing this though, the people of the West Ocean sect were searching for the intruder.

”WHERE IS HE!?” The patriarch of the West ocean sect questioned.

He looked around but couldn’t see anyone suspicious. He wondered if the intruder was hidden.


That was, until he heard an explosion coming from the great hall.

His expression fell and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Flames burned on three floors of the great hall and the figure of a certain person rose though them.

”YOU!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE!?” The Patriarch yelled, flames of rage burning in his eyes just like the great hall.

Lin Mu looked at the man rushing towards him with a still face and calmly spoke, “crippled your sect.”

Hearing the words of Lin Mu, the patriarch of the West ocean sect couldn’t hold back.


His spirit sense had already checked the great hall, and he knew that the vault was absolutely destroyed and along with it, two more floors were destroyed. These floors contained various Qi skills, and cultivation manuals, along with other documents and books as well.

With how intently the flames were raging, he knew that all of them were reduced to ashes already, not knowing that Lin Mu had taken them all away.

This was understandable too, since even the higher capacity spatial storage tools would not be able to keep all the contents in them. To the patriarch, it was clear that this person had come here to destroy their sect.

Feeling furious, the patriarch directly withdrew a whip from his spatial storage treasure. The whip was long and emanated strong spirit Qi fluctuations, clearing on the level of a peak grade spirit weapon!

”Shark Punishing Whip, GO!” The patriarch controlled the whip and lashed out at Lin Wu.

The whip expanded in the air, elongating as if it had no limit, and struck towards Lin Mu.


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