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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1050: Ferocious And Cruel Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu’s ferocity was not something the elders had expected to see today. So far, they had seen him being amicable and even a bit dominating, but today’s display was entirely different.

To them, it was as if this was an entirely different person.

‘No… perhaps this is him. Or at least… the one that is truly determined.’ Daoist Hua couldn’t help but think.

~thud~ thud~

The head and body of the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member fell on the ground, separated by Lin Mu squeezing his neck till there was nothing left. Blood and flesh was left on Lin Mu’s hand, but the Armor of the Mortal Strengthening Scripture made it so that it never stained his robes or his skin.

But just as the body fell to the ground, Lin Mu stomped on its chest.


The chest instantly caved in and the Nascent soul that was about to wiggle out was exterminated along with it.

“N-no… No! Stay back! STAY BACK!!” The final remaining Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member was now filled with absolute terror.

Gone was his arrogance and feelings of power after reaching the Dao Treading realm. Right now he felt like a small rabbit encountering a massive wolf. The wolf stared into his eyes, striking fear right into his soul.

He could even feel something in his ears.

‘What is that…?’ The man felt voices in his ear.

The voices were faint, but cold. An eerie aura surrounded him and made him shudder.


He was taken out of his stupor by the wind that was hitting his face. His eyes snapped wide open as he spotted a golden first heading his way.

“W-wai—” Before he could fully dodge though, his arm was hit.


The bones in his arm were instantly shattered and a sickening sound was heard. The man wanted to cry out, but the air was knocked out of his lungs in that moment.


Another golden fist hit is abdomen, crushing his organs and shattering the ribs in the process. Blood and minced organs burst out of his mouth and nose while a soul shaking pain filled his brain.

It overwhelmed him enough that he couldn’t even register the pain. His brain couldn’t process all the input at once and got overloaded. Unfortunately for him, this was just the start.

Lin Mu spun around with his leg stretched. The leg struck the leg of the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member and split it in half. Keeping the momentum, Lin Mu spun again, and hit the other leg before the man even collapsed.



With both the legs removed, the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member fell to the ground helplessly as blood and guts kept on coming out of his mouth. His eyes watered and turned red, but at the same time there was a dullness to them, as if he was no longer there.

Lin Mu gazed at the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member who was collapsed on the ground, lying on his front as if it was an ant. Lifting his left, Lin Mu planted it right on the hip of the man, shattering his pelvis bit by bit.

If this was done by any normal person, it would seem like the motions of a massage, but with Lin Mu’s weight, he was shattering the bones.

“GLA…. GLA….” No longer having any lungs or a diaphragm to speak, only the sound of entrails spilling out from his mouth could be heard.

Lin Mu’s face was still as he eventually extruded all the innards of the man using his foot.

“T-this… Alliance leader Lin Mu… stop, that’s enough.” Supreme elder Hua Langya couldn’t watch it anymore.

All the elders had faced bloody and fierce fights before, but what Lin Mu was doing was on a completely different level.

But it seemed like Lin Mu had not heard the man at all and continued doing what he before. By now, the body of the Dao Treading realm Gu Legion Member had been flattened, and it looked like animals that had been road killed and ran over by hundreds of vehicles.


All the elders swallowed their saliva and felt a fear rising from the bottom of their guts. They didn’t feel like moving at all, and it was as if they had been frozen in place.

Patriarch Hua thought furrowed his brows and approached Lin Mu. He extended his hand and placed his hand on Lin Mu’s shoulder.

“This is enough. He’s dead.” Patriarch Hua spoke in a calm tone.

Lin Mu moved his neck to look at the old man and stunned the old man.

In that moment, Daoist Hua saw something in Lin Mu’s eyes. It was as if they had unending depths to them, like the very abyss was hiding behind them. The illusory figures of unknown beings appeared in them, having horns, sharp teeth and strangely shaped bodies that let out eerie laughs.

“Jiejiejiejiejie….. Jiejiejiejiejiejie….jiejeiejiejiejie” Hearing the laughter, Daoist Hua felt his blood turn cold.

Even the increased aura and power from the Noon of Life seemed to be affected and was suppressed.

At this moment, the ring on Lin Mu’s right middle finger hummed lightly.

Inside the space of the ring, another scene was happening. Above the Ethereal Altar, a few pitch black runes appeared. These looked like they were made from claws scratching on a surface and were very fierce.

There was a deadly feeling in those runes that made whoever look at it feel uncomfortable. It was like having a knife hovering over you whenever you slept. The runes hovered over the altar for a few seconds before moving around the area.

They went to the barrier that surrounded the altar and tried to leave it, but were unable to. Returning to the altar, they started shrinking and turned into a needle before shooting straight up into the sky and disappearing.

The Altar hummed a few times, alerting Xukong and rousing him from his trance.

He felt anxious all of a sudden and checked upon Lin Mu.


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