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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1030: Jing Wei’s Strongest Weapon Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu and Jing Wei continued their discussion for a while and a lot of plans were made in that time. After having done this, Lin Mu wanted to inform the Alliance right away, but when he tried to go to the Kong Plane, he realized he couldn’t.

“Huh? I can’t enter it?” Lin Mu was surprised.

“It won’t work if you are in another minor plane. You need to be in the main world for it to be possible.” Xukong informed.

“Oh, I see…” Lin Mu replied.

He had not known this so far, but it was good to know now. It was in fact rather important information as he could end up getting trapped in some other minor plane and be unable to leave just because he made a mistake of thinking that he could always enter the Kong plane.

“What’s the problem?” Jing Luo asked, seeing that Lin Mu was still here.

“I can’t go to the Kong plane from here. I’ll need to go back to the Xiaofan world.” Lin Mu replied.

“You can’t? That’ll be a problem then.” Jing Luo stated.

“Yes, you won’t be able to leave the ancestral lands right now, either.” Duan Ke added.

“Huh? Why?” Lin Mu was surprised.

“It’s for the safety of the ancestral lands. The formation arrays restrict the entry and exit from the ancestral lands. We can change that, but we had it set to a week till now. Or rather, it was set as default.” Jing Wei explained.

“So I won’t be able to leave for another six days?” Lin Mu questioned, finding it rather troublesome.

He knew that he could always use the ring to tear open a rift, but that was still a wild card, as he could just end up in some other place in the lesser void. It would be a problem if that happened.

“I’ll remove that limit, but it won’t change the restriction just now. You will still have to wait six days more.” Jing Wei spoke.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows and wondered if this would be good. He couldn’t help but feel anxious about not being in contract with the alliance.

“It should be fine, we were in contact the entire month till now and nothing problematic happened. Not to mention we actually increased the security due to the information we got from Wu Hei.” Jing Luo spoke, understanding what Lin Mu was thinking.


Lin Mu took a deep breath and nodded his head.

“Yeah, it should be fine.” Lin Mu agreed.

“If even four top sects can’t hold back for a mere week, then those nincompoops deserve to perish.” Jing Wei scoffed.

He was still a bit biased against the sects and couldn’t forgive them right away. Though his anger against them had significantly reduced after Lin Mu and Jing Luo’s explanation.

Hearing it though, Lin Mu could only let out a wry smile.

“Regardless, we can still work on the plans at this time. I’ll need to refine the remains of the invaders to know how to track them first, too.” Duan Ke interrupted.

“Oh yeah, here you go.” Lin Mu said as he took out the corpses of the mutated beasts and the reborn.


The remains fell to the ground and looking at them, Duan Ke couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

“They certainly are ugly…” Duan Ke muttered.

Jing Wei checked the remains with his spirit sense too, as a frown appeared on his face.

“These… Are vastly different from what I expected.” Jing Wei spoke.

“Oh? What’s the issue, grandfather?” Jing Luo asked.

Lin Mu was intrigued too as he knew that Jing Wei was the most experience here and had even fought against an invader in the past. While that invader had been unable to fully appear in the Xiaofan world, it was still valuable experience.

Not to mention that invader was rather strong too, having said to be above the immortal ascension realm.

“This thing… it makes me uneasy. It’s as if… the one we fought in the past was like a child compared to this.” Jing Wei answered.

“What? Was the one you all fought in the past similar to this?” Lin Mu asked, feeling curious.

“No… it was not like this at all. That was a beast. This though… I can’t even tell what creature this is. Is it a beast? A ghost? Or what? This has gone beyond the normal understanding.

But from what the traces of leftover aura are there on this… they are vastly more sinister than the one I felt before from the previous invader.

It’s like… the one in the past was merely a beast that had wandered into an uncharted territory and was lost. But this… this feels downright malevolent.” Jing Wei explained.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows as he understood that perhaps they needed to consider they may not win against this thing. At least not safely…

Jing Wei rubbed his beard and thought about the entire thing.

“Seems like I might really need to complete it soon… we will need it if we are to go against this invader.” Jing Wei spoke.

Lin Mu raised his head and wondered what Jing Wei was talking about.

“What are you talking about?” Lin Mu asked.

“A weapon. It would be the strongest spirit weapon I would have ever made. The best in this continent.” Jing Wei replied.

“Really?” Lin Mu was surprised, but felt like it would really help them.

With a strong being such as the invader that just did not die easily, a weapon like that would be necessary.

“What’s the problem you are facing then, grandfather? We saw that you were struggling back in the forge.” Jing Luo asked.

“I… have reached a bottleneck. Even with the insights Lin Mu’s master gave me, I still can’t find the proper ways to apply to it such that I finally breakthrough to the new level.. I don’t want to just make a Pseudo Immortal weapon… I want to make an Immortal weapon!” Jing Wei declared.


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