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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1010: Five Steps Forward Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu had not expected that even Wu Hei wouldn’t know about the existence of the Reborn.

“I’ve never heard of them… I did know that Gu Yao was doing something extra, but I never expected it to be this.” Wu Hei replied.

“So he limited the information to only a few people…” Lin Mu understood.

“But if they really are this strong, then we can’t just ignore them.” Wu Hei replied.

“Indeed. Eliminating them will be very important, or we might just end up failing long before that. So far the Reborn I saw had the strength equivalent to that of a Dao Shell realm cultivator. But we don’t know if that is even their limits. What if they can reach the Dao Treading realm?” Lin Mu stated.

“This… that will flip the entire face of the conflict.” Wu Hei replied.

“Exactly.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

Wu Hei went silent and thought to himself.

“You said the ones who told you about the Reborn were also the ones who made the pills, right?” Wu Hei inquired.

“Yes. They were preparing them in the base that I destroyed.” Lin Mu replied.

“Very well. I can make use of this. While I don’t know where the Reborn are, I can find out where the members who make the pills are. If I can find them, I might be able to extract the information from them.” Wu Hei spoke.

“That will be for the best.” Lin Mu nodded his head.

The two of them continued to discuss and Lin Mu told Wu Hei about the strange stone altar and the pale red crystal that was filled with impure Yang Qi.

“I think I know of this. Gu Yao was looking to make an experimental weapon of some kind. But an accident happened during that and it all failed. That spatial pocket should be one of the formation arrays of the Northern Tribes that carve out a part of the world to hide it in the void.

It is both a safety feature and keeps them hidden as well.” Wu Hei explained.

“I expected that… At least the weapon is no more.” Lin Mu replied. “Though the headquarters of the Gu Legion are also in a spatial pocket like that, right?” he questioned next.

“No… that’s is actually hidden in a true minor plane. It is not as big as the Kong Plane, but it is indeed a minor plane.” Wu Hei answered.


“I wished it was not so. But do you know where it’s location is?” Lin Mu asked.

“There are several entry points for it. The one I’ve used is located some distance from the capital here. But the issue is that they move these entry points around. The one that is near the capital was also moved.

We only get information when we need to go there. Even I have only gone to the headquarters once in all these years.” Wu Hei replied.

“Damn… Gu Yao really prepared well.” Lin Mu muttered.

“Well, there is a way to find it still. Even if there are multiple entry points, these are nothing but teleportation points to reach the actual location. That minor plane is not like the Kong Plane that can be accessed from anywhere.

You guys have a far more advanced method of entering the Kong plane. Thus, as long as we find the true location of the minor plane, it doesn’t matter how much they move the entry point, we can just go to that location and enter from there itself.” Wu Hei suggested.

Hearing this Lin Mu’s eyes lit up. He knew that as long as he was close to the place, he would be able to tear open the space and enter the minor plane directly. Heck, he might not even need to fight Gu Yao if all things went. He had another method to deal with him.

“If you can find the true location and Gu Yao is in the minor plane at that time, I can stop him without needing to battle him.” Lin Mu stated.

“Huh how?” Wu Hei questioned.

“I will directly uproot the minor plane from this world!” Lin Mu answered directly.

Hearing this, Wu Hei was stunned. He didn’t even know this was an option that could be taken.

“How?” was all Wu Hei could ask.

“I will simply uproot it and disconnect it from the Xiaofan world. They can do all they want in the lesser void… if they survive that.” Lin Mu replied.

“Uprooting a minor plane like that… can you really manipulate space to that extent?” Wu Hei couldn’t help but doubt.

“Trust me, I can do it!” Lin Mu said with confidence.

A serious expression appeared on Wu Hei’s face as he nodded his head.

“Very well! I’ll do my best to find out where the true location of the headquarters is.” Wu Hei replied.

Feeling that they were finally progressing in their plans, Lin Mu felt a lot more confident than before. The two of them continued to discuss until the very next day. In this time, Lin Mu told him about the rest of their plans and what they were going to do in the Black Dawn kingdom.

They only stopped because Jing Luo contacted Lin Mu.

“I’m guessing it went well? You’re not back yet?” Jing Luo asked.

“Oh yeah. We are at least five steps ahead than we were yesterday.” Lin Mu replied with a smile.

“Then should I meet with Wu Hei too?” Jing Luo asked.

“We can have a brief meeting in the Kong plane, but he can’t leave this place for long without alerting the Gu legion.” Lin Mu replied.

“Alright. We’ll do that.” Jing Luo stated.

Lin Mu informed Wu Hei the same and the two of them met up with Jing Luo in the Kong Plane.. Lin Mu had to do double trips to first take Jing Luo to the Kong plane, then come back to the mansion and take Wu Hei there as well, but it was all worth it in the end.


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