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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1007: Zhen Sui’s Condition Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing Wu Hei’s actions, Lin Mu could very well tell that this was perhaps a bad memory for him.

“Mother… I… I harmed her…” Wu Hei spoke with difficulty.

“Harmed her? I checked her and her body seems fine. There are no injuries.” Lin Mu replied.

“If you saw her, then you must have also seen her behavior… she is like a doll now. She does not speak, she does not respond, she only acts on instinct. I don’t even know if she can think anymore.” Wu Hei spoke.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows upon hearing this. He knew that this was a condition that was related to a person’s brain. But Lin Mu had checked Zhen Sui’s entire body, including her brain, and there were no injuries on it either.

‘Which means… it’s a mental issue?’ Lin Mu realized.

“Did this happen when trying to get her out of the grasp of Human Controlling Blood curse?” Lin Mu asked.

“Yes… I was too… Impatient. I should have waited longer.” Wu Hei replied.

“What did you do?” Lin Mu asked.

“I’ve been looking for a way to get rid of the Human Controlling Blood Curse since the day you disappeared. We knew one method which was having a bloodline assimilated beforehand, but I couldn’t use that method for mother.

Thus, after spending a long time searching and experimenting with different methods, I came up with one that worked… or so I hoped. I tried to take as many precautions as I could, but it was still not enough.

The method I used ended up getting rid of the Human Controlling Blood Curse but also injured mother. She almost went insane, hurting herself, and her cultivation also became unstable.

Her spirit Qi ravaged her body, wreaking havoc on it.” Wu Hei answered.

Lin Mu stayed silent, letting Wu Hei speak at his own pace. Lin Mu could somewhat understand the man’s condition. He himself had seen his mother die and suffer the entire time, if it was up to him and he could save his mother, perhaps he might have attempted the same.

“We managed to save mother. I used all the resources I could to heal her and even succeeded. But just in the case for her physical injuries. I could even return her cultivation base and heal her meridians.

But her mind… that stayed broken… No matter what I try, there doesn’t seem to be any solution. It’s like… her entire mind was wiped out due to the method that wiped out the Human Controlling Blood curse.” Wu Hei continued.

Hearing this Lin Mu’s expression darkened. To Lin Mu, this meant a lot more as this allowed him to understand the depths of the human Controlling Blood curse.

Lin Mu couldn’t come up with any solution on his own. This was completely beyond his understanding, and he didn’t know if even healing alchemical pills could help. Since Wu Hei had already used them all, he didn’t know if this was possible anymore.

Additionally, the mind was always the most complex part of a being. If it was harmed, even if someone had the strongest of body or peerless cultivation base, they would still be useless.

It was also the reason why cultivators feared mental demons the most. They could kill one no matter how strong one became and thus the best method to survive them was to prevent them in the first place.

Heart Demons could still be resolved, but mental demons were very hard to repel not to mention kill. They were, in the end, part of the cultivator themselves, and thus could not be truly killed.

Coming at this dead end, Lin Mu only had one person he could turn to.

“Senior, can you help here? I don’t know anything about this, and it’s beyond me.” Lin Mu spoke.

Xukong who had been observing everything from the start, sighed to himself, for he too knew he was helpless here.

“I’m afraid I cannot help you here either.” Xukong spoke.

“You can’t tell what’s wrong with her either? At least if we know what the problem is, we will have a direction to search for.” Lin Mu replied.

“I won’t give a guarantee, but my best guess is her soul… her true soul might have been dissociated from her body.” Xukong spoke.

“Her true soul? But if that happened, wouldn’t she be dead? She isn’t even at the Nascent soul realm to let her True Soul separate from her body.” Lin Mu replied.

“That’s not the same thing. Dissociation is different from entire separation. You can think of the body as a carriage and the True soul as its driver. Right now it is like the soul has decided to sit inside the carriage but is not holding on to the reins.

Her mind is effectively blank and her brain only holds onto the plain information that she might have learned over her life. But even if it has information, it cannot apply to them. She might be able to do the basic functions of life like eating since they are directly imprinted into the body as instincts, but higher order functions of life like thinking is impossible for her.” Xukong explained.

Hearing this, Lin Mu found it a bit hard to understand but after pondering over it for a bit, he could somewhat grasp it.

“Then… if we find a way to ‘reconnect’ her True soul to her body, she would return to normal?” Lin Mu questioned.

“In a way, yes. But even that is a long shot. What I said about her soul being dissociated is not a guarantee, like I said. There is a chance her mind might have been shattered and her True Soul damaged as well.

The Realm of souls is a deep field that I have no experience in. Even if I do know a bit about it, the workings of souls and how to heal them is beyond me.

If you want someone that can deal with, you will need someone called a Soul Physician..” Xukong answered.


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