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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 99 Bahasa Indonesia

“His name is Tron.” Julian frowned as they all looked at the screen of the Tablet, watching a live drag race.

The guy named Tron was topping the Winnings Chart tonight, having bagged in 45 Million Euros.

“It’s amazing how he is consistently clocking under 11 seconds for 500-meter runs!” The blonde boy appreciatively said.

“True.” Keith nodded to his words in agreement.

This boy had amazing driving skills, he deserved some respect.

“I can do better with my 812.” The Blonde girl sitting between them confidently said.

“I would have liked to see you do that if yours was a standard 812. Of course, you can do better with your Limited Edition.” Julian stressed his last words, and Keith could not help but chuckle as he sensed some dissatisfaction.

“Aww… Are you still mad that I took it?” She teased her little brother as she hugged him lovingly.

“I ordered it!” He grudgingly said. “Now all of the 92 models are sold out.”

“I will give it to you when I am tired of it.” She casually said, which made her little brother sigh.

“I don’t think that day’s ever coming…” His words were cut short by a sudden commotion as some girls around them suddenly screamed out in shock.

The three of them shot up to their feet, and then their heart’s skipped a beat when they found the rest of their group was the centre of everyone’s attention.

The boys, along with Kiara and their Shadows were surrounded by a group of men with their guns drawn. And right in the middle was Ingrid, who was holding a dagger to the throat of a young man, who was down on his knee, looking absolutely horrified.

“Ingrid.” Kiara finally composed herself and called back her Shadow, who obediently let go of the young man, and stepped back to guard her Master.

“You will regret this!” The young man cried out as soon as he got back to his feet. He was about to pull out his pistol, when both Marianne and Yingying drew theirs at him, making him freeze in his place.

The situation suddenly tensed some more when out of nowhere, three men in black uniforms entered the fray, drawing their pistols at the temples of the men who were pointing their guns at Kiara and Ingrid.

“Lower your weapons.” A guy in the uniform sternly said, and the people of the young man apprehensively complied.

These three men were members of the Special Forces, who were here to protect Kiara. And as soon as the enemies lowered their weapons, they snatched the firearms away from their hands and made them kneel on the ground with their hands behind their heads.

“What happened?” Keith asked Eric as soon as he reached them.

“That’s Adrian Francis.” The tall boy pointed at the young man, who along with the rest of his men was on his knees.

“You know who I am, and you still dare to do this?!” He angrily yelled when he heard Eric take his name, however, to his frustration, everyone ignored him. “You fuc…” Whatever he was about to say never came out of his mouth, and his body trembled under the cold gaze of Keith, which sent shivers up his spine.

“Yes?” Keith turned to look back at Eric, who was sweating profusely now.

“He approached us to poke fun at us, and then his attention turned to Miss Kiara and Miss Ingrid and..”


“He crudely asked them to join him for the night, and after he was ignored, he tried to grab Miss Ingrid, but she…”

“Okay.” Keith patted him on his shoulder and nodded before starting to walk towards Adrian, who subconsciously tried to crawl away, but froze once more when those cold eyes smiled at him.

“What do you want…” He suppressed his fear and tried to ask, but stopped when Keith crouched in front of him and harmlessly smiled.

“I wonder what your father would feel like when he receives your head at tomorrow’s breakfast table?”

“You dare!” Adrian defensively yelled out but regretted it immediately when he realized the situation he was in.

“Why don’t you tell me if I dare or not?” Keith chuckled. “Do you know who she is?” He turned around and signalled towards Kiara, before looking back at him.

Adrian frowned at his words and remained silent, having already guessed that he had provoked people he should not have.

“Her name is Kiara Angelini,” Keith informed him and waited a few seconds before Adrian’s expressions tensed. “I suppose you know who the Angelini of Sameran City are, right?”

Adrian gritted his teeth and nodded his head.

“Well, she’s also my Fiancée.” He informed him, which tensed the boy some more. “And do you know who I am?” He harmlessly asked.

“I am sorry…” He apologised as he failed to recognize him.

“Let me give you a hint.” Keith generously said, “I am a Demiliore.” And brightly smiled as he introduced himself. “So, tell me, Mr. Adrian, do I qualify to give your father such an auspicious gift or not?”

Adrian’s face was pale in fear, and even the men who were responsible for guarding him seemed to have lowered their heads, surrendering themselves to their fates.

“I will apologize to them…” Adrian pleadingly spoke.

“For what, Mr. Adrian?” Keith smiled at him.

“I was rude to them.” He admitted his mistake obediently.

“I don’t think making your men draw their guns at someone is merely considered as rude, Mr. Adrian.”

The young man’s eyes turned a little misty, and his body seemed to have drained of all its remaining strength.

“Please, allow me to pay my apologies…” He begged in a light voice.

“And what happens if I find your apology lacking in sincerity?”

“I won’t disappoint you!” Adrian seemed to have seen a ray of hope and sincerely replied.

“Well then, show me how sincere you are.” Keith lightly smiled and stood up before stepping aside.

The young man from Delvon got up to his feet and wobbled a little before walking towards Kiara. He dropped down on his knees when he arrived in front of her, and then kowtowed to her.

“Please forgive me for my earlier actions, Miss Angelini!” He said out loud and kept his forehead on the ground. “I am sorry!”

Kiara frowned at his words and stayed silent, which prompted the young man to frantically chant his apologies.

“I am sorry!”

“I am sorry!”


“Get up.” She finally said after a few minutes, and Adrian obediently stood up, revealing his face that was stained with tears, however, he did not even dare to wipe them off.

“Apologise to Ingrid.” She ordered, and the man complied obediently, dropping down to his knees and kowtowing to the girl with auburn hair.

“I am sorry, Miss Ingrid!” He remorsefully said.

Ingrid paid no need to his words but gratefully nodded to her Master.

“Get up,” Kiara ordered again, and when the man was up on his feet she lightly smiled. “I want you to return the money you won from James.”

“No problem!” Adrian obediently nodded his head.

“And I want your car. That one!” She pointed at his blue Mclaren Speedtail.

Adrian frowned but then immediately nodded his head.

“No problem!”

“Okay, you are forgiven.” She smiled and said, and the boy heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you!” He fully bowed to her and said before taking the key to the car out of his pocket and handing it over to her.

Adrian then transferred the money he had won from James back to the plump boy, before apologising to Keith and leaving the place along with his men.

“I have a Speedtail too now!” She happily smiled at Keith.

Kiara knew about all the cars Keith owned, and Speedtail was one of her favourites.

“Nice.” He chuckled and then gently patted Ingrid’s head. “But you shouldn’t have forgiven him.” He lightly said.

“Oh?” She playfully smiled. “What would you have done if I had not forgiven him?”

“You don’t get to find it out now.” He lightly smiled at her, which made her narrow her eyes at him.

“It was a minor matter, Keith.” She said. “He would have never done it if he knew who we were.”

“I know.” He smiled and then turned around, looking at the approaching fleet of cars.

“Not again…” Rebecca sighed when she recognised the Paganis that were part of the fleet.

Christian Falken was a young man in his mid-twenties, tall, well-built, and fairly handsome with his trademark aquiline nose and dark brown hair. And even at such an informal event, he was wearing a grey, double-breasted striped suit.

There was another young man by his side, around the age of 17, who bore some stark resemblance with Christian, undoubtedly deeming him his younger brother.

“Good Evening, Keith!” Christian smiled as soon as approached their group and without waiting for his response, he turned towards Kiara.

“Good Evening, Miss Angelini!” He respectfully said and drew his hand forward.

Kiara did not like how he had looked away from her brother, and she similarly ignored him.

“Keith, who is he?” She asked, even though she already knew who he was.

Rebecca could not help her giggles at Kiara’s actions, and she was probably the only one other than Keith, who did not mind laughing at the Heir of the Falken Family.

“I don’t know.” Keith simply shrugged and looked at the older Falken. “Good Evening, Christian.” He lightly smiled. “You seem in good health.”

“I am.” Christian pretended that he had not minded Kiara’s disregard for him, and turned to smile at their group. “We arrived as soon as we learned about the commotion here.” He informed them why he was there. “I guess, everything is dealt with?”

“Thanks for coming, Heir Falken. And yes, it’s over now.” Julian knew that he should not let things get too awkward between everyone, and sincerely said.

There was another group of people behind Christian and his younger brother, who were wearing badges on their chests.

“My sincerest apologies for what happened earlier, Heir Demiliore, Miss Angelini.” A refined and cultured young man, with jet black hair and dark eyes, stepped forward and greeted them. “My name is Tristan, and I am the Organizer of this event.” He drew his hand forward to Keith.

“It’s alright, Mr Hathway.” Keith smiled and shook his hand. “Everything has been resolved, and we don’t plan on pursuing the matter.”

The young man surprisedly looked at Keith, having not expected that the Heir of the Demiliore Family would recognize him.

Julian and Rebecca too frowned when they heard the last name Hathway, a Powerful Family that resided in the City of Rosewich.

“Thank you.” Tristan smiled in relief and sincerely said, which showed how much he cared about this event he was responsible for. And then he turned to greet the others. “Hope you are enjoying your time here, Heir Grayson, Miss Grayson.”

“We are, Mr Hathway.” Julian smiled and shook his hand. “Forgive me if I am mistaken, but you must be the second son of Gordon Hathway, the president of Hathway Corporation.”

“You are not mistaken, Heir Grayson.” He chuckled and nodded. “I am hosting a party tomorrow evening in Delvon. And I hope you would come and attend it.” He said as he looked at Keith, Kiara, Julian, and Rebecca.

“It would be my pleasure to attend it.” Julian agreed to come with a bright smile.

“I will try my best to come, but I can’t make promises.” Keith did not give a definite answer but nodded, and Rebecca too nodded her head.

“Thank you. And I hope you do tomorrow.” Tristan smiled and then wished them a good evening before leaving with his team.

“Rebecca…” Christian tried to talk to the blonde girl but frowned when he saw her grab Keith’s arm.

“Let’s go!” She urged him. “We have only 15 minutes left to reclaim our Top Spot!”

“What?!” James yelled out in shock and immediately checked the results of the Game Lap. “Oh my God! Keith, the Team with 720s has registered a time of 9 minutes and 42 seconds.”

“Register us back in. We will be using our chance to reclaim the top spot.” He assuredly smiled at the plump boy and instructed him.

“Okay!” James excitedly laughed and did as asked.

A minute later, only Christian and his group remained there, having been so blatantly ignored.


“Yes, Master.” His Shadow obediently responded.

“There’s something I want you to do…”


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