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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 94 Bahasa Indonesia

His amethyst eyes fluttered open, and a fond smile crept on his face before he pushed himself to sit up on the bed and glanced at the clock.

It was 7:30 pm, and he sighed when he realized it was quite late. But as the memories of this afternoon came flooding back in his mind, the fond smile returned.

The wine worked like magic on Amelia, and in her curiosity, she ended up drinking an entire bottle of it. She was quite sober even after getting drunk, but all he had to do was push a few buttons and she pulled him with her to their bedroom. And here, they spent most of the afternoon indulging in their carnal desires before falling asleep in each other’s embrace.

The mere reminder of her bodily warmth burned the fire in his loins. However, she was not in the room right now. And he could not do anything about it.

Deciding to take a cold shower, he got up from the bed and stretched his body before heading towards the dressing room.

However, the sight that greeted him called onto his lust even more passionately.

Amelia was wearing a bathrobe, with her lustrous long black hair dripping wet, and she was bent over slightly as she was pulling out some new undergarments from the bottom drawer.

Even though her ass was covered under that robe, he knew exactly what it looked like, and he tossed the plan of taking a shower to the back of his mind.

“Still want more?” She yelped when he suddenly grabbed her and picked her up, and she lovingly clutched his hair.

“Always.” He breathed in her scent and planted a kiss on her neck before nibbling her soft skin with his lips.

He loved how her body trembled to his touch and then he helped himself inside of her, plunging deep into her in one thrust.

Amelia hissed in a little discomfort, but as soon as he undid the lapel of her robe, she wrapped her long legs around his waist encouragingly.

She did not care if she had just taken a bath, and happily replied to his passion with the same intensity.

“Qingyue is supposed to come over.” She reminded him as she moaned to his thrusts.

“Don’t care.”

Right now, all his mind could think of was her, and how heavenly it felt to be connected with her.

Amelia pulled his head away from her neck and then stared into his beautiful eyes that had once again turned to their amethyst colour. No matter how many times she had seen it happen since their wedding night, she still had not had enough of how mesmerisingly beautiful these mystical eyes were.

She plastered her lips on his and closed her eyes as his thrusts grew angrier. Her sweet moans leaked into his mouth, and her wandering hands were all over his perfect body, clawing it and leaving marks on it.

“Harder…” She devilishly whispered and got what she wished for.

His hands painfully clawed her ass as he grunted and started slamming himself against the door to her womb.

The sharp pleasure mixed in with a little pain was exhilarating, and her insides gushed out even more of her love juices to aid his movements.

His face once more sank into her neck, where he breathed in her scent and closely listened to her pleasure-soaked moans.

Her mind started going blank, as did his, and then they both fell off the cliff of pleasure together in their dazed state.

His essence warmed her womb, filling her with love and warmth that made her eyes turn misty, and her walls clamped him tightly, trying to milk every last drop of love out of him.

A sweet smile crept on her face when she felt him start planting kisses on her neck. It tickled a little now, but she loved it.

“I want more…” She sensually whispered near his ear and felt him harden inside of her, acknowledging her demand.

Their passion echoed in the room for another round before he took her inside the bathroom to continue where they had left off.

When they finally returned to their room after taking a bath, it was nearly 10 pm, and as expected, Viola was waiting for them.

“Miss Lin and Miss Grayson are waiting for you in the lounge, Young Master!” She bowed to him and informed him, trying her best to not smile at the blissful glow that adorned Amelia’s expressions.

“We will be there in a few minutes.” He nodded to her and quickly picked up the sketches from the side table to finish working on them.

Amelia amusedly looked at him hastily working on the sketch, and she asked Viola to help her dry her hair after her personal Maid informed the ones who were responsible for serving Qingyue and Rebecca.

“Done?” Her emerald eyes smiled in the mirror when he came to stand by her side.

“Yes.” He nodded and patiently waited for her to get ready.

“Thank you.” She smiled at her personal Maid and then grabbed his hand before leading him to meet their guests.

“Keith!” As soon as they entered the room, a sonorous voice called out to him, and to his surprise, he found a golden head buried in his chest, with soft arms wrapped around his waist. “You took advantage of me, and then you just tossed me aside! I hate you!”

Her words were so passionate that they sent chills up his spine, and when his eyes inadvertently turned to look at Qingyue, who looked stunned, he sighed in his heart.

“Miss Grayson.” He lightly said. “I don’t mind that you hug me so tightly, but please, don’t slander me.”

“I am slandering you?” She separated from him with a playful smile on her face, and then her beautiful blue eyes glinted in mischief. “Did you not forcefully hug me that evening?” She asked.

“I see. So now we are even?” He chuckled and asked.

“We are!” She nodded her head and then greeted Amelia. “You look beautiful as ever, Amelia.”

“Thank you.” The emerald-eyed girl hugged her back and smiled. “What brings you here?” She curiously asked, even though she already knew why she was there.

“I am here for compensation!” Rebecca immediately said. “He took advantage of me that evening and just now as well, and so, he needs to compensate me.”

“Is that so?” Her words amused Amelia, and she playfully looked at her husband. “I don’t think she’s lying, my Love.”

“I was planning on giving you ten bottles, but now you will only get one.” He sternly said, and Rebecca feigned panic.

“No, no. I am sorry.” She quickly apologised. “Please give me those ten bottles. I promise I won’t speak out again when you take advantage of me.”

“Shameless!” Qingyue called out even though she did not know what they were talking about.

“Hey!” Rebecca turned around and mischievously smiled. “We are quite close, you know. Please don’t interfere in our conversation.” To add fuel to the fire, she locked her arm with Keith’s and proudly smiled at Qingyue.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Keith called out and sighed. “What’s going on here?”

“She keeps telling me how much fun you two had on your date! And she keeps saying that you two are very close!” Qingyue spoke out in a complaint and glared at Rebecca.

“And why do you mind, Miss Lin?” The blue-eyed girl lightly asked. “His wife knows that I am only playing around, and she doesn’t mind. Yet here you are, all fired up, and ready to drink my blood.”

The way Rebecca suggestively glanced between Keith and Qingyue, tensed the nerves of the grey-eyed girl.

“Is there something between the two of you that I am not aware of?” She curiously asked.

“You must not tell lies, Miss Grayson. That is all I ask.” She managed to compose herself and replied before walking up to Amelia and hugging her. “What kept you two for so long?” She curiously asked.

“Can’t you tell?” The blonde smirked. “Wet hair, blissful blush and that sparkle in the eyes. They were busy with each other, Miss Lin.”

“Quite perceptive of you, Rebecca.” Amelia narrowed her eyes at the blonde girl, and her smile was very light.

For some reason, Rebecca felt that she should stop teasing Qingyue, and she decided to listen to her intuition.

“I have seen that look on a few of my friends, and they were quite vocal about the reason behind it.” She excused.

Keith shook his head and smiled at Qingyue.

“Did you bring the samples?”

“Yes.” The grey-eyed girl smiled at him and then pulled him by the hand to the couch. “Try it!” She handed him the vial that was placed on the table.

He nodded to her and then took off the stopper, and let it rest for a few seconds before bringing the vial to his nose and taking a whiff of it.

After nodding in approval he dripped a drop on his cuff, and then after the scent settled on it, he tested it again.

“How long would it last?” He questioned.

“This one is top of the line, called Signature 9, and in dry conditions, it has been tested to last a little over 6 hours.” She happily informed him and then helped him test two more samples. “The Signature 7 can last for 5 hours, and Signature 5 can last for 4 hours under dry conditions. What do you think?” She hopefully asked after Amelia and Rebecca tried the feminine versions of the perfumes as well.

“These are nice scents.” Amelia smiled at her.

“These are fine quality products that can compete in the market.” The blonde was generous with her words too.

“I agree with them.” Keith nodded his head as well. “And I agree to become the face of your Fragrances under one condition.” He smiled at her.

“What?” She curiously raised her brow when Keith handed her a file.

“You must use these bottles for your Fragrances.”

Qingyue opened the file and carefully looked at the designs, and she was absolutely surprised and shocked at how better-looking these designs were when compared to the ones that she had already approved.

“These are beautiful!” She admitted as she checked all the sketches.

“Well, he spent quite some time on drawing them,” Amelia informed her.

“You made these?!” Her grey eyes looked at him in surprise.

“Yes.” He chuckled. “If you want me to become the face of your Fragrances, get the patents on these designs.”


“It’s a gift.” He smiled at her.

Even though the bottles she had already approved were in production, and she would have to bear a small loss, she happily nodded her head.

“I will postpone the Inauguration for a week. And these Fragrances will come in these bottles.”

“Good. Just let me know when you need me for that photoshoot.”

“I will.” She sweetly smiled and nodded her head. “Thank you, Keith!”

“You’re welcome, Qingyue.”


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