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“You can take your time to remember the Death Points later, and I can help you pin-point them on your bodies if you are among the rare people who have them in different positions.” He said and glanced at Qingyue and Amelia, and found his bride nodding to him. “Now, let’s discuss the methods of opening the Aura Nodes and completing the first stage of Cultivation, the Aura Circulation.”

His words grabbed all their attention, and Qingyue finally had the gleam returning in her eyes.

“Despite common belief that you can choose any one Aura Node to start your journey of Cultivation, there are actually secrets that most are not aware of.” He smiled. “Yingying.”

His beautiful Shadow nodded to him and then proceeded to tell the others what he meant by his words.

“There have been several Nations in our history and many of them still exist, who practice certain Methods of Aura Circulation. The Chinese and most other Nations typically start Cultivating with their Aura Nodes in their Dantian, and some start with the ones in their Chest or in their Forehead.”

“Yes.” Keith nodded to her. “You can start with any one of the Nodes in your Main Organs, and it would be more immensly beneficial to you in the future. I can tell you that the starting point is very important, and you must choose wisely if you are aware of it.”

“Why is that so?” Celine frowned and asked.

“Because that very point would later become the hub of your Aura Reserves when you Transcend the Spirit Profound Realm.” He smiled at her. “Dantian and the center of Chest are safe and preferable. The Main Organs are ideal, and the Head is a dangerous option. However, you must never choose to start with a Node in your limbs.”

“What starting point did you choose?” Qingyue asked.

Keith smiled at her question. He could not tell her that he did not make a choice, but he was still glad that his body had automatically chosen the best place possible.

“My Heart.”

“I will start with that too then.” She nodded to herself, making him chuckle to himself.

“Good.” He nodded. “It typically takes you 6 months to a year to open all your Aura Nodes, and if you are a genius and blessed with a special Physique, you can do it in under 6 months too. That is if you do it on your own. However, you can get some help too.”

“No.” Amelia shook her head. “Having someone assist you could be harmful in the long run, and it isn’t exactly a shorter route.”

“Yes.” He nodded to her words. “But I am not talking about the typical method of forcefully opening all the Aura Nodes on a person’s body.”

His words made her frown and she curiously looked at him.

“Having someone forcefully open your Aura Channels leaves you with a lot of Aura, but no control over it. And it takes a long time to get used to it and learn to control it. If you do it on your own, you acheive the perfect control over your Aura, a perfect harmony, since it develops along with you. However, the method I am talking about involves stimulating the already opened Aura Nodes which helps in producing more Aura for you to open up the next Aura Nodes. It is absolutely safe, and there is no drawback to it. In fact, it is the ideal method as it would leave you with more Aura at the end of Aura Circulation, which can shorten your Body Refinement time and improve your Physique better than it would otherwise do.”

His words shocked Amelia, and Venessa and Yinging were no different.

Keith smiled in his heart. He could not tell them that the method he was talking about was actually no secret at all in higher worlds. It was quite the common knowledge, and Elders helped their young ones with it to set them on the journey of Cultivation.

“If we do it with your method, how long would it take for her to compete the Aura Circulation?” Venessa curiously asked.

“A normal person, about 2 to 3 months, depending on their Aptitude, but since our dear Qingyue possesses a Special Physique, it would only take her 21 days to a month.” He informed them.

Despite all their efforts to stay calm, Venessa, Amelia, and Yingying were horrified in their hearts. It was simply outrageous to think that someone could complete an Aura Circulation in under a month.

“Let’s start!” Qingyue happily smiled, showing her excitement like a little girl who just received her favourite treat.

“Before we do that, I want you to promise me that you would never reveal this method to anyone. No matter how close they are to you.” He looked her in the eyes and seriously said.

“I promise.” She nodded and then frowned. “But why would it be a problem?”

“It would earn you and him more enemies than friends.” Amelia said as she understood the danger of Ancient Families and world governments better than most.

“Oh…” She still didn’t know what exactly would happen, but she decided not to ask more about it.

She had already promised that she would never reveal this method to anyone, and she was someone who always kept her promises.

“Let’s start now.” She urged.

“Calm down.” He sighed and then picked up the stick again, pointing to the drawing board. “When your start your Aura Circulation, opening the Aura Channels, you are bound to go through these Death Points and Acupoints. Usually, it isn’t too much of a problem, but you must make sure that you do not stop pushing your Aura once you are at these certain Acupoints.” He pointed at seven of them, with two near their Kidneys, one in the womb, three in the chest, and one in the neck. “If you stop at these points to take a rest, you might suffer from some unforseen circumstances, and some complications too. Nothing that I can not cure, but I would still advise against it.”

“What would happen?” Qingyue frowned.

“More period cramps, raging hormones, nausea, headaches, heart failure, and at worst, loss of fertility.” He grinned, and the grey-eyed girl winced at hearing his words.

She took her time and memorised all seven of these Acupoints.

“Death Points are safe?” She apprehensively asked.

“Yes.” He nodded his head. “For now, there is nothing to worry about whilst you are circulating your Aura through your Death Points.”

“When is it dangerous then?” Venesaa caught on the meaning behind his words.

“When you choose a Primary Cultivation Technique after transcending the Spirit Profound Realm.” He revealed it to them.

Other than Amelia, no one understood what Cultivation Techniques he was talking about.

All Cultivators would at some point need to choose a Cultivation Technique for them, and all their Future would depend on it. She too had received a Technique from her Runic Monarch Profound Veins, which she could not yet practice.

And Keith had his Devil Sutra, which he eagerly wanted to start Cultivating, but could not do it before transcending the Spirit Profound Realm.

“Cultivation Techniques? The ones that some Ancient Families use?” Yingying curiously asked.

“No, not those fragments.” He shook his head. “Those are not really Cultivation Techniques. But let’s not talk about it today.” He smiled at the grey-eyed girl who was eagerly waiting to get started. “Ready?”

“Yes!” She enthusiastically nodded her head.

“Alright.” He approached her and stood behind her. “Close your eyes and clear your mind.”

Qingyue did as he told her to do, and after a couple of minutes, she felt him place the tip of his finger on her heart.

She felt a shock course through her body, which jolted her, but soon she regained composure and focused on the sensations in her heart.

“Focus, and nod your head when you find the right position where your little Aura Node is hiding.”

Everyone waited patiently, and time kept passing. Soon over an hour had passed, and Qingyue was still focusing on the sensations in her heart.

Venessa frowned when she found her son sweating. It was clear that he was not doing something simple, and her heart was a little worried about his well-being.

Keith suddenly smiled when he felt Qingyue’s body relax all of a sudden. Her breathing slowed down, and her mind drifted away to another reality.

He took his finger off her back and took a deep breath.

“She has found it.” He smiled at them, and found the Aurors looking at him in disbelief.

“So soon?” Amelia narrowed her eyes and asked.

She remembered really well that it had taken her three weeks to finally find the Aura Node is her Heart to establish a connection with it. But Qingyue had just done it in little over an hour.

“Yup.” He nodded his head. “Let’s not disturb her. She would most likely stay in this stay for the next couple of hours.” He informed Celine, who seemed a little worried about her daughter.

“Thank you, Keith!” She sweetly smiled at him and stepped forward to hug him, burying her face in his chest.

“It’s okay, Aunty.” He smiled and comforted her back.

The other ladies did not catch it, but Venessa caught Celine inhaling her son’s scent, and frowned. However, she kept her thoughts in her mind and smiled at her friend when she finally ended the hug.

“Go get some rest.” Keith gently patted Yingying’s head and urged her to go back to her room.

Her arm was fine now, but she still needed some time to recover completely from the shock.

“I will, Master.” She nodded to him, and turned her attention to the drawing board just like the green-eyed girl.

Amelia kept staring at the drawing board for several minutes, making sure that she memorised every single detail on it, and only when she achieved her goal, did she turn to look at him.

“Death Points seem like a glaring weakness.” She said, which caught the attention of everyone.

“If you focus on them, you can form solid shields of Aura to protect these points. It isn’t a weakness that can not be covered up. But yes, it won’t be an easy task.” He nodded to her, admiting that it was a glaring weakness.

“They only incapacitate you?” She asked again.

“Yes, but if multiple of them are hit at the same time, especially these…” He stepped forward and pointed to the one on the Heart, Forehead, and the one at the base of the neck. “One can die too.”

Celine hissed when she heard her words. Unlike the rest, she was just a normal person, and the thought of killing someone was a terrifying idea to her.

“I will go freshen up.” He smiled and said before leaving for his room. “See you at dinner!” He waved before exiting the room.

Yingying bowed to everyone before leaving for her room as well, and Venessa stayed with Amelia and Celine, looking at the drawing board and to keep an eye on Qingyue.

They had learned so many new things today, and they wanted to make sure that they remembered everything.


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