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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 54 Bahasa Indonesia

Amelia and Keith got up early the next morning, getting only three hours of sleep after going to bed late at night.

It was going to be a busy day for the two of them and they spent a couple of hours after breakfast to prepare for it.

Keith had his scheduled meeting with the IT Team that he had formed for his company. And he was going to discuss the project ‘Memoir’ with them that held utmost importance to his plans of a future Business Empire.

Amelia, on the other hand, was going to head the Architecture Team on designing the buildings for the Projects she had approved yesterday. She did not really need anybody’s help for that matter, but since she had people working under her, she wanted to make the most use of it as not every project needed to be designed specifically by her.

After having a brunch at 11 am, the two of them left home together, arriving at the office just before noon.

Amelia got out on the 69th Floor, and Keith arrived at the 70th, going straight into the meeting room that had been furnished yesterday.

“Good Afternoon, President!”

May and Nana, together with five other individuals were already present and waiting for him.

“Good Afternoon!” Keith nodded to them and looked at each of them before allowing them to sit. “Take your seats, all of you.”

He smiled inwardly at seeing the five members of his IT Team sitting stiffly, obviously nervous about today’s meeting.

Just a few days ago, they were a bunch of unemployed lads, trying to their best to earn a living, and now all of a sudden, they had a full-time job with a salary that they had never dreamed of in their lives.

“I won’t bother with the introduction as I am sure May has informed you of my identity. And rest assured that I know all of you, and all about you.” He lightly smiled, and for some reason, everyone felt a constriction on their hearts in his presence.

Even May, who had known him since he was a baby had never before felt this pressure oozing out of him.

“Nana, start the slides.” He commanded her and his beautiful lover, who was dressed in a pantsuit today immediately worked on the laptop in front of her, adjusting the light of the room and then starting the Projector.

“Memoir” Keith called out the name as it appeared before everyone. “A social space where we want the masses to spend most of their time at. That’s our goal and the mission…” He started off by introducing the idea to them and then proceeded to explain it to the best of their understanding. “Right now, we have Social Networks like MySpace, TimeTell, Reel, and Snapshot ruling the world, so we must offer services that they all lack and make our platform stand above all of them. We want to steal their Users and so we must offer the services similar to the ones that they provide.”

He had the memories from his dream about Social Networks that did not exist in this world, which were quite different from here. And he had worked meticulously on this project to make it something that will hook the Users into it, taking advantage of all the information and memories, filling up the voids and creating a masterpiece.

“Memoir will offer peope a space where they can hold both Public and Private profiles at the same time from the same account…” He informed them of the first key feature he needed and explained some more by showing them examples of the slides. “Secondly, we will introduce the concept of snapshot videos of upto 30 seconds, allowing our Users to express their talent and make a niche for themselves. Yes, it is similar to what the Reel is doing, but we will be providing our Users with music dubs, and better video editing and creating experience. We will also provide them the space to share their images with their audience, and friends and family in private. John, that’s your forte. And I need you to solely focus on it to make it work.” He looked at the curly-haired plump man with glasses and told him his focus in the project. “Sam, you will be responsible for creating the messenger for our application. It will be integrated inside the app, and I need you to make it something exciting with a good interface which will provide the best text-chat experience out there. We also need to work on the quality of our calling service.”

The two of them readily nodded their heads.

“Now, the most important part. Our interface, the search page, recommendations, and timeline. I need them all engaging, integrated in such a way that it won’t be too complex for the User’s experience. Of course, we need to make it attractive and focused on what our Users want. Learn from the existing Social Networks, and come up with a simple yet unique interface.” He smiled and said.

“I will do it!” A stout man with a mustache and short black hair accepted the task unhesitantly.

Everyone on the table looked at him in surpise for his confidence, but Keith had known about it and it was the very reason he had hired this man.

“Are you sure you can handle it by yourself, Mark?” Keith smiled and asked.

“I am sure.” Mark confidently nodded.

“How soon can you show me the results?”

“Give me a week at tops.”

“Alright. I need the first draft by next Saturday.” Keith nodded to him.

He knew that if he had not hired Mark, the stout man would have come up with a Social Network of his own five years from now. And his project would have been purchased by a big IT Company to be integrated with the existing MySpace.

“Next, I need the feature of background In-App Music Player. We will be hosting our sponsored Music in our App, both Audio and Video, so that the Users can enjoy music whilst spending time in the App chatting with their friends or surfing through the Explore section. And I also need a livestreaming service on our App for the certified creators on it.” He smiled at the woman with dark eyes and olive complexion with a stark beauty spot on top on her lip. “You will be responsible for it, Kayla. And you will work with Mark to make space for it in the interface.”

“Yes, President!” She immediately said and shied her eyes away trying to suppress the butterflies in her belly.

Keith then proceeded to talk about minor yet indispensable features that they needed in their App, and the Team took notes of everything. He also provided them with existing examples where he could, and did his best to make them visualize what he had in mind.

“And lastly, Gary.” He looked at the lanky black man with an afro, who gave off a lazy feeling even when he was trying to stay as attentive as possible. “You will be the head of the Team, responsible for assisting the Team in their tasks, making sure that the Team works well and that this App functions properly. Contact May for whatever you might need to make this App. Now, I need a time frame from you.”

Gary nervously nodded as he felt that his task was the thoughest. He had never before been in charge of anything in his life, but there was just something in Keith’s tone that roused his desire to live up to his boss’ expectations. And so he got over his nervousness and soon engaged the Team in a discussion.

Keith silently listened to their conversation, not interfering in it, and urged them to carry on whenever they felt like they were taking too much time and looked at him apologetically.

The Team took nearly two hours to finally reach a conclusion.

“President, we need seven months to make Memoir.” Gary stood up and informed him.

“Is that so?” He lightly smiled at him. “Well, if you can make it happen by the end of July, 2041. I will give each one of you 2% stake in Memoir.”

His words surpised them and made their hearts skip a beat. They could not be sure that their App will be able to stand out in the market, but for some reason they felt compelled to believe in the ideas of Keith. And if things turned out the way he expected them to, they knew that 2% stake could one day mean Hundreds of Millions of Neris.

“But if you fail in your word. Just 1%.”

Keith poured cold water on their excited nerves, making them all tensed about the situation. Now, they had something to lose, and they felt even more compelled to compete the task.

“It will be up and running by the end of July, 2041.” Gary assured him.

“Very well.” Keith nodded and stood up. “So, how do you like your new homes?”

“They are perfect, President! And the office is beautiful too.” Kayla smiled and informed him.

“I hope all of you will keep the legal bindings in your minds that you consented to when signing the Agreements. Also, I expect the future managers of my IT Company to be on their best behaviour in the office. You can do whatever you want outside, but here, I need you to stay as professional as is required and expected of you.”

All of them nodded their heads and the Keith wished them a nice day before leaving the meeting room.

He arrived inside his personal office and sank in his seat, looking outside the glassed wall at the beautiful city.

A few minutes later, Nana knocked on the door and entered the office, nervously standing in front of him.


“The IT Team has left to start working on the project. The Security Head of the Starlight Tower has published passes to the workers on the 69th Floor, and has asked for a meeting when you have some free time.”

“Give him an appointment for 5pm.” He nodded to her.

“Yes.” She nodded to him. “Do you need anything, Mr President?”

“Yes.” He smiled at her. “Did you check the documents I mailed you in the morning?”

“Yes.” She nodded her head.

“I want you to process them, and then arrange for an inauguration party of our Group on Monday, 24th of December. It will also be the Christmas party, so do not slack off.”

“Yes, President!” She obediently nodded her head despite all her nervousness.

She had no idea how she should arrange the party, but she knew that she could ask Aunt May to help her with it.

“Also, the next time you enter my office for official work, use the phone first.” He reminded her of her position as his secretary, and smiled when she trembled a little, realizing that she had already made a clumsy mistake.

“Yes, President!” She nodded again.

“You may go now.” He said to her and turned his attention to his phone which had started ringing a while back.

As soon as Nana left the office, he stood up and walked over to the glassed wall before calling back to the girl who had just contacted him.


“Hey, Alana! How are you?” He smiled and greeted the overjoyed girl on the other end.


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