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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 40 Bahasa Indonesia

“Is your mother well now?”

“Yes!” Nana nodded her head to Qingyue. “She was discharged yesterday, and I took her home. She can walk now without any problem, but the Doctor suggested that she should stick to bed for another week.”

“And you are not staying with her to take care of her?” Keith smirked at her, and Nana cutely pouted at him.

“She was there when Aunt May informed me that you have returned. And it was her idea for me to come see you.” She told him.

“I must say that I am a little disheartened.” He sighed and shook his head.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to see you!” She anxiously explained but soon relaized that he was only messing with her when he started chuckling.

“I know.” He nodded to her when she averted her eyes away, trying to hide her embarrassment, and planted a kiss on her head. “Stay for dinner, and I will introduce you to my Mother and Grandfather.”

“I have already met Aunty…” She meekly said.

“When?” Keith raised his brow and asked.

“On Friday night. I was staying here and she invited me to dine with her.” There was a light smile on her face. “I was so scared!”

“Come on! My mom is not that scary.”

“Yeah, right…” It was Qingyue who snorted and Nana nodded her head.

“She’s so beautiful! And she just overwhelms you with her presence.” Nana tried to describe how she felt that night, and Qingyue nodded her head to her words understandingly. “But she was so nice to me!”

“I guess you had a good chat with her?” Keith smiled and asked. He knew that Venessa was really good at carrying a conversation, and for a naive little girl like Nana, she did not need much effort to pour in some confidence.

“Yes! She asked me about my mother and then we talked about my studies and future plans.” Nana nodded her head again. “Aunt May was there too, and she helped me a lot.”

“Well, for Aunt May to speak good words about you, it means that you have been working really hard at everything she tells you to do.” Keith knowingly smiled at her, and then silly girl embarassedly turned her face away.

“She’s nice, but she gives so much homework!” She complained in a low voice.

“Should I ask her to go easy on you?”

“No!” Nana shook her head. “I want to learn everything that she wants to teach me.”

Keith did not need to ask why she wanted to do that. He gently smiled at her and changed the subject, deciding to not tease her about it.

“Do you like your new place?”

“Mhm..” She nodded her head. “Mom likes it too, and she asked me to thank you for it.”

“You’re welcome!”

Qingyue felt a little alienated as she listened and watched the two of them converse with such familiarity, and her mood turned a little sour.

“Where do you plan to hold the wedding?” The grey-eyed girl lightly sipped some tea and asked. “Magic City or Sameran?”

The question made Nana frown as she did not know what Qingyue was talking about.

“Here.” Keith replied to her her. “Amelia will come over a week before the wedding day with the immediate members of her family. And they will be staying at the Manor.”

“I am quite curious why you plan on keeping your wedding low-key.” She asked even though she somewhat knew the answer to this question.

“We both don’t like big gatherings. And we don’t want the people who are not close to us at our wedding.” He said and then looked her in the eyes.

Qingyue averted her eyes away from him, as she felt like he could see through everything. Her heart grew a little anxious if would mind what she was trying to pull off.

“Who’s Amelia?” Nana finally couldn’t bear listening and asked.

And Qingyue succeeded in doing what she wanted to do.

It was just a guess that Keith had not yet informed Nana about his wedding, and it proved to be true.

“You haven’t told her about Amelia?” She asked Keith, feigning surprise. “And does Amelia know about her?”

“I told her about Nana.” Keith smiled at her. “And I wanted to tell Nana about it in person.” He sighed.


“It’s okay.” Keith smiled in his heart.

He was elated that Qingyue was starting to behave like this. Her little jealously meant that her feelings for him were growing.

Nana face was a little pale as she realized what they were talking about, and her anxious eyes looked at Keith for an answer.

“I am getting married on 31st of December.” He simply said and planted a kiss on her head. “Sorry for not informing you before I left for Magic City. Also, Amelia wants to meet you.”

“Why?” She tensed a little and subconsciously asked.

“She will be joining me in my Business, and since you are my personal secretary, she wants to talk to you and Aunt May about everything.” Keith informed her.

Nana nodded her head and she felt a little at loss in her heart. She knew that he had been very clear about their relationship, but she couldn’t help the pain that was gripping her.

She was scared that Amelia would force her away from Keith. After all, she was just a lover, and the latter was going to be his official wife.

Given the status of Demiliore Family, it meant that Amelia must belong to a powerful Family, and the poor her simply stood no chance against her if she decided to pull her apart from her lover.

“She knows that you are my lover, Nana. I did not hide anything from her.” He softly said. “And I can promise you that she will treat you really well.”

His words managed to calm her down, and she turned to look him with misty eyes.


“Promise!” He smiled at her.

“She really won’t mind it?” She asked again.

“No.” Keith chuckled at her. “As long as you don’t try to fight with her over me, she won’t ever mistreat you. I know her very well.”

“I won’t fight with her!” Nana immediately said.

“I know.” He leaned in and sipped a kiss off her lips.

Seeing things turn out the way they did, Qingyue felt at ease and at a little loss too. She did not want to hurt Nana, and she was blaming herself for almost doing it. The girl sitting next to Keith was a little too innocent, and she decided to not do something like this in the future. But of course, it was only because she had realized that Nana could not compete with her. Which meant that she was not a threat.

Qingyue then initiated a conversation with Nana, talking about the Sameran University. Since Nana was also a Finance student, Qingyue gave her a few pointers which she would later need to pass her finals.

The two of them also exchanged their contact details, and the grey-eyed girl even expressed her intention to invite her to shop with her someday.

Nana was obviously a little hesitant about it. But after Keith nodded to her, she accepted the invitation.

Time passed and the three of them chatted merrily before temporarily separating to freshen up for the dinner.

Since Nana had already been approved by Keith’s mother, she was not so nervous about meeting with the Master of Demiliore Family.

Keith had told her a few things about his Grandparents and what she gathered from all of it was that they were very kind and understanding.

Qingyue was not as calm as Nana. And that was because she knew how powerful of a man Raizer Demiliore was. A retired Four-Star General of Netherian Army, who now served as the Military Advisor. Even if you did not count his status as the Master of Demiliore Family, he was still a man with a lot of power in his hands. And by what her Grandfather had informed her about Raizer Demiliore, she knew that he was was a man who no one dared to speak badly about. It was so much so that even his enemies did not speak ill of him, fearing that somehow their words would reach his ears.

And even if you did not count his own power and the power of Demiliore Family, he was the husband of the Deputy Governor General of Netheria!

A Deputy Governor General was the second in command of Netheria, much like the Prime Ministers or Vice-Presidents of other Countries. And even if Netheria had five of them, each Deputy Governor General held immense power in their hands. And Keith’s Grandmother was the Deputy Governor General concerned with the External Affairs of the country. She was famous all over the world, and many young girls and ladies looked up to her.

When they arrived at the dining table, Raizer was already present there.

And Nana, who had not been too nervous before was now fidgeting anxiously as she looked at the handsome old man whose presence weighed on her heart.

Thankfully, Keith took the lead and introduced her to him.

“If he hurts you, do let me know. I will fix him for you.” Raizer playfully said, and just those words eased Nana of all the pressure.

“He treats me very well!” Nana blushed and lowered her head.

“I can see that.”

Raizer chuckled to himself and then chatted with Qingyue, who dealt with the pressure on her own, and even managed to hold a conversation with him.

“You are a lot like your Grandfather, Miss Lin. You ooze the same confidence. And I am sure that you will make a name for yourself in the future.” He generously complimented her, which elated the girl.

“Thank you, Master Demiliore!” She respectfully bowed to him.

Celine, who had met Raizer before did not need to introduce herself.

After she greeted him, Raizer asked her to not worry about her health, offering complete confidence in his Grandson’s ability.

“I know! Keith is the best!” Celine merrily said and then all of them started with their meal, talking about miscellaneous things and mostly about the current affairs of the country.

Celine and Qingyue took their leave after Dinner, and Raizer asked Keith to drop Nana home when the latter excused herself.

“Where are we going, Keith?” Nana curiously asked when she saw him drive in another direction when they entered the city.

“You have some time on your hands?” He asked.

“Yes!” Nana nodded her head.

“Then I am taking you out on a date. Well, since we already had our dinner. Let’s go for movies!” He casually said, but to her ears it was the sweetest thing that she had heard.

“Un..” She meekly nodded, trying her best to suppress her smile, but failed.

Keith glanced at her and caught her wearing a silly smile, and he sighed in his heart. She really loved him with all her heart, so much that she would gladly allow him to hurt her if he wanted to.

He knew that she was a little troubled after hearing about his marriage, and so he wanted to make the day better for her. At least, it would help her sleep tonight.


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