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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 3 Bahasa Indonesia

“Hold my arm and lean on me,” Keith spoke to her when he pulled her out of the car.

Nana nervously lowered her head because they were surrounded by so many people right now.

The Luxurious Royal-Silver Pagani Moonshade, which was a limited edition with only 7 cars in the entire world, was the center of attention.

There were already people who had recognized the car and its origins, and the Guards of the Imperial Shopping Center were rushing towards the car to receive him.

“Young Master Demiliore!” The security head himself greeted him with a bright smile. “Welcome to the Imperial Shopping Center. Please allow us to escort you inside.” He politely spoke.

Keith nodded to him, handing the keys of the car to one of the guards, and gently smiled at the girl that was hugging his arm.

“Let’s go.” He spoke to her.

There were people taking pictures of them and whispering, but Keith simply ignored them. He had grown used to being the focus of the Public, but he was not really fond of it.

“Wow! He is Young Master of the Demiliore Family!”

“My God! He is so handsome!”

“And ridiculously rich!”

Some girls gushed over him with stars in their eyes. And even some middle-aged women couldn’t help but feel aroused at the sight of him.

“Who’s the girl on his arm?”

“She is behaving very intimately with him.”

“Must be some rich lady. She’s beautiful.”

“Shouldn’t be so. Which Young Lady would wear a school uniform on Friday?”

“Is Young Master Demiliore picking up a School Flower?”

“Or is he into cosplaying?”

“They look so perfect together!”

As soon as such whispers reached Nana’s ears she lowered her head in embarrassment but did not dare to let go of Keith’s arm. She was quite thankful that he had allowed her to hold him, otherwise, her funny walk would have ignited the crowd’s imagination to a whole new level.

Even if he had said that he would not recognize her as his official girlfriend, he had not shied away from being with her in front of people. But that was understandable.

All Young Masters were known to be accompanied by beautiful ladies, and other than sating their curiosity, nobody really cared about the relationship with those girls. Keith was a known Playboy, but no one dared to call him out on it to his face or behind his back. Hundreds of Thousands of girls would willingly wait upon him, if given the opportunity, just to have him accompany them for an hour. Such was the deadly charm of the famous Prince of Sameran. If he did not have the right to become a Playboy, who did?

Imperial Shopping Center was a High-End Shopping Center in the Sameran City. It was the place where only the rich could shop, as all the brands present here were the world’s most luxurious brands. And as soon as they entered the premises, the Guards left them on their own, and only a Steward followed them to assist in their Shopping and carry their stuff.

“Isn’t everything here too expensive?” Nana nervously whispered the question, making sure that the steward following them did not hear her.

“It is. But does it matter?” He chuckled at her words.

“I don’t want you to spend money on me any more than you have already done. I will buy stuff with the money you have given me as an allowance.” She knew that there was no way out of this now, so she could only compromise with the situation.

“Your choice.” Keith nodded to her words, much to her delight, and she finally felt at ease.

However, as soon as he dragged her into the Valentino Store, Nana was dumbstruck, not at the beauty of the dresses, but at the prices. Everything was far too expensive than what she had in mind. Even the cheapest dress in the store cost 3000 Nr.

It had to be noted that the Neris was one of the strongest currencies in the world. And the Median Average income of a household in the country of Netheria was less than 40,000 Neris. Therefore, 3000 Nr for just a dress seemed outrageous to her.

The assistants in the store were quite curious about the beautiful girl that accompanied the Young Master Demiliore. They had been working in the store for years, but they had never before seen him bring a lady with him other than his mother and bodyguard in their store. And the way he was selecting dresses for the young girl made it obvious that they had quite an intimate relationship.

“We have already bought enough dresses.” Nana worriedly spoke when Keith dragged her to the ZARA clothing store.

“Those were all formal dresses, let’s buy some casual ones here.” He evilly chuckled.

The little girl no longer felt sweet in her heart. Keith had selected 10 of the finest Valentino dresses for her, and each dress cost over 6000 Nr. Like she had said, she paid for it with the money given to her as her monthly allowance, and in just twenty minutes, she had spent more money on dresses than she had ever spent in her 16 years of life.

The Prince of Sameran did not stop even after making her spend nearly 40,000 Nr in the ZARA store. He took her to Louis Vuitton to buy her accessories and shoes, and then took her to Chanel to get her some fragrances.

“Keith, please…” She pleaded with him when she saw that they were headed towards the Cartier outlet.

She knew that it was one of the most luxurious watch brands for women, and she knew that the watch Keith would pick inside that store would not cost less than 100000 Nr. She had already spent a quarter of the Million Neris she had received in the morning, and her heart was unwilling to waste more money.

Keith smiled when he saw her behave that way. He knew she was not a girl that chased after the money. She was very simplistic in nature, but he had to torture her this way as it was necessary for her to adopt this lifestyle. As his future Personal Assistant, she would have to adopt a lavish persona so that she could accompany him in gatherings and other events. She had to overwhelm people when dealing with them, and a superior lavish style was a key component in dealing with rich people.

“Don’t worry, the watch will be my gift to you.” He teased her.

“Please, Keith.” She pleaded again to get out of this money-draining Shopping Center.

“You need a watch, Nana. Don’t argue.” He sternly looked at her, and she trembled under his gaze, fearing that she had upset him.

“Okay.” She lowered her head and nodded lightly, obediently allowing herself to be dragged inside the store.

The staff was very polite to Keith, and they were quite enthusiastic when he asked to be shown the most beautiful watches for his little girlfriend.

All the unease in her heart washed away when she heard him call her his girlfriend, and a crimson blush adorned her face. Her silly smile made the women in the store envy her, making their hearts sour, but there was nothing they could do or say about her. They knew that they could not compare to her in beauty, and they knew that they had no chance to hold Keith’s arm the way she did.

“And this is Baignoire Allongee Lunala, White-Gold, Diamond Crested with a ring of natural blue diamonds.” The manager himself introduced the watch after he had keenly observed the intimate relationship between the two of them. Had he not found Keith too interested in his companion, he wouldn’t have brought out this masterpiece.

The moment Nana saw it, her eyes sparkled in appreciation. The watch was utterly beautiful, all thanks to those gorgeous blue diamonds. She was a girl after all, and all beautiful things attracted her.

“This is a limited edition, and one of the 25 Watches that are in existence. You are in luck as this Watch was going to be transported to another city tomorrow.” The manager happily informed them. “Since there are only 25 of these in existence, and this is the number 9, the price is set at 2.3 Million Neris.”

The moment Nana heard the price of the watch, cold shivers ran up her spine. Her mind started sounding the alarms, and just as she feared, Keith’s indifferent words sounded out in her ears.

“Pack it up. I will take it, and that Ballon Bleu, White-Gold 42mm.” He pointed at another watch of a different style, which was also made out of white gold and was diamond crested, with a price of nearly 300,000 Neris.

“Excellent choice, Young Master Demiliore!” The manager couldn’t suppress his smile when he thought about the commission he would be earning on the business he had just done.

“And I want a name printed on their backs, Cassandra Frostline Font. The name is Nana.”

“Of course, Young Master Demiliore.” The manager took the two watches inside the workshop that was in the backroom, and returned after fifteen minutes with both the watches after Nana’s name has been laser engraved on the back of them.

Keith took the Ballon Bleu and placed the watch on Nana’s left wrist.

“It suits you.” He nodded in satisfaction but did not really ask if she liked it or not.

“The total Bill is…” The Manager packed the Baignoire Allongee and handed over the package to Keith.

“Swipe it.” Keith did not even glance at the bill and handed the manager his Black Card, cutting him off, and making everyone who had been watching them sigh at the unfairness of life.


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