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The restaurant Keith picked surprised the three of them. They knew that their Young Master preferred eating in private booths, but this place was an open lounge, and the place was nearly at full capacity for the evening.

Luckily, they managed to get themselves a prime table, which was in the corner above a short platform, providing them the full view of the hall, as well as the best view of the stage, where a grand piano was placed.

It was not an expensive place, but it was not cheap either, which meant that most people present inside the lounge either belonged to the working Middle-Class people. Of course, there were some rich too, as well as some Civil Servants, who were enjoying a meal with their guests and colleagues. Surprisingly, there was a good number of youngsters in the lounge, most likely the students of the Magic University, which was not far from this place.

Their group caught the attention of nearly everyone, and the reason was simply the devilish looks of Keith that hooked them all. There were some youngsters who were sneaking glances at the girl by his side too.

Yingying was wearing high-boots and fitted pants, which accentuated her long legs. And even though the black Trench Coat hid her figure, it was not hard to guess that she was a gorgeous lady.

Unlike his three companions, Victor was not reserved at all as he ran his eyes all over the place, taking his time appreciating all the pretty ladies in the restaurant. He was not a licentious man. He was just a simpleton who enjoyed appreciating the fairer sex.

“Order whatever you want.” Keith smiled at Victor and gave him a free pass.

He knew that his bodyguard had not been feeling well at the Mourntale Mansion, and observing his role, he had not eaten properly. The same was the case with Yingying, but Keith did not need to tell her about it. She was a smart girl and knew how to take care of herself.

Everyone ordered what they wanted, with Caesar and Keith getting themselves a light supper and some good wine.

“Uncle Caesar, is there any Music Group under the Demiliore Media Empire?” Keith casually asked as he sipped on his wine and looked through some information on his phone.

“There are a few where the Family owns some shares, and then there is a small independent record label, but it is not a big one. Your mother owns it privately, and it is not under the Demiliore Consortium. Of the ones that the Family has shares in, Red Peppers….”

“What’s the worth of the independent one?” Keith cut in and stopped looking at his phone.

“Your mother just bought it out of boredom when she was in University, and it has some decent Music Artists under its banner. It has grown over the years, and currently, it’s valued at around 200 Million Neris. Lady Venessa named it ‘Black Jay Records’ and it is now famously known as BJ Records.”

“Is that so…” Keith frowned and contemplated for a moment before picking up his phone and making a call to his mother.

“Keith!” Venessa cheerfully called out as soon as she picked up the phone. “Missed me?”

“Of course, I did.” He chuckled and replied.

“Yes, yes, now tell me why you rang me up. Is there something you need my help with?”

“I wanted to ask if you would be willing to gift me one of your private companies.” He asked without any hesitation or embarrassment.

“Which one?”

“Black Jay Records.”

His answer surprised her and she remained silent for a few seconds.

“What do you plan on doing?” She finally asked.

“The plan is to nurture a future asset.”

“A girl?” Venessa mischievously inquired.

“Yes. But I am not playing around. She’s a treasure.” And he proceeded to tell her a few things about her.

Their conversation caught the attention of the three people on the table, and Yingying frowned as she failed to recall any girl around Keith who was so talented in Music.

“I will contact May and transfer the company under your new Group. It will be done within a few hours.” Venessa did not drag the conversation and gave Keith the answer he already expected.

His mother would never deny him any such request. And he knew he had the company under him as soon as he had stated his request.

“Thank you, Mother.” He gratefully said to which Venessa snorted and ended the call.

“Master, who is the girl you are talking about?” Yingying asked as she could not contain her curiosity.

“Her name is Alana, she’s sixteen, and is about to show up on that stage in seven minutes.” He gestured to the piano and grinned at the disbelief on their faces. “I am serious. You will see for yourself.”

And see, they did.

Exactly after 7 minutes, a young girl of average stature, chocolate hair, and light brown eyes stepped onto the stage. She was wearing a uniform that was the same as the waitresses in the restaurant but with a bow tie at the base of her neck.

After bowing her head to the audience, most of which were not even paying any attention to her. She sat on the bench and checked her ponytail one last time before pulling off the lid and uncovering the keys of the piano.

As her slender finger touched the keys, a soothing melody started, prompting everyone to turn to look at her.

The innocence reflecting on her face as she played the piano with half-lidded eyes, hooked all the males to her. She was not breathtakingly beautiful but she was stunning in her own right. And wearing that maid-like waitress uniform only attracted the opposite sex to her more.

However, even if they were basking in their lustful thoughts towards her, it did not take long for them to utterly fall in love with the melody she was playing.

It was not some famous melody that these people had heard before, in fact, no one in the audience had ever heard this beautiful piece of piano.

Only Keith knew that Alana was playing her own music, a piece that she had probably only come up with on a whim. That was how godly gifted she was in Music.

“She’s good.” Caesar nodded his head in appreciation after hearing Alana play a few pieces of her music. “Almost as good as you, Young Master.”

Keith chuckled at his words and shook his head.

Yes, he was proud of his gift in Music, and perhaps he was a little better than the girl they were listening to, but it was only because it had only been a few months since she touched the piano. Of course, he would not tell Caesar that.

Keith signaled to the waiter and then ordered a couple of bottles of the most expensive wine they had in the restaurant.

The four of them sipped on their wines and silently listened to the music the girl was playing. The light smile on her face as she played the music left little to doubt the girl’s utter love for music. She was simply enjoying herself, oblivious of the fact that her music was playing with the emotions of the people around her.

As he kept looking at her, her future was flashing through his mind. She was not just some random girl who was immensely talented in Music, but she was the Main Heroine of a Child of Destiny.

He had already put his clutches on Amelia, but something inside of Keith was warning him to not overdo anything with the girl in front of him. Not that he planned to do anything reckless, but he did not plan to leave her on her alone either.

Keith calmly stood up from his seat and applauded for the little girl who had stopped playing to take a short break. And since he was not the only one who did it, the little girl only bowed to the audience and sat back on the bench as a fellow waitress brought her a glass of a mint margarita.

“I am sorry, Sir, but you can not approach the waitress during her working hours.”

The head waiter, who was standing by the stairs of the stage stopped Keith when he was about to step on it.

“I am not approaching the Waitress, and only wish to play some music. Rest assured that I know what I am doing.” He lightly smiled at the man, who was now feeling quite awkward.

“May I contact the Manager and inform him of your request?”

“Go ahead.” Keith appreciatively nodded when he found the man staying true to his job. And unsurprisingly, the manager of the place told the head waiter to let him do as he pleased.

Of course, it was only because Keith had spent a handsome amount of money in the couple of hours he had dined here for.

“My Apologies, Sir. I hope you did not mind my intrusion.” The waiter bowed to him after the Manager gave his go.

“It’s your job. And you are doing great.” Keith lightly told him and ascended the stage.

As soon as he stepped on it, whispers and murmurs started sounding as the audience was surprised to see such a handsome boy appear on the stage.

Sensing the change in the audience and the voices around her, Alana curiously turned to look back, and just a look made her innocent heart skip a beat in surprise.

“May I take the seat?” Keith flashed her his devilishly perfect smile and asked.


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