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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 172 Bahasa Indonesia

A sweet ache all over her body greeted her when the dream ended and her sterling-grey eyes opened.

There was a moment of confusion, then clarity, and what came next were waves of hazy memories from last night that warmed up her heart and body. However, in a matter of seconds, the content smile on her face stiffened, as she realised what happened last night was not a dream.

The dried fluids between her legs and the stiffness of her waist and lower body were proof of the crazy time she had spent getting ravaged by Keith, and her eyes pooled in tears of guilt and a little shame.

She did not know how she would face her daughter when she sees her tonight, and she was ashamed that she had shown such a wanton side of her to Keith.

There was a little fear in her heart that she had forced him to take her last night, and she terribly needed to hear from him that it was not just her who wanted what happened last night between them.

The door of the bedroom opened, and she tried to sit up, hiding her blush, but her heart nearly stopped as she saw that it was not Keith but Rebecca who entered the room.


“It’s fine. I don’t mind it.” Rebecca lightly smiled at her and assured her before coming to stand next to her.

The grey-eyed lady knew that the blonde was not saying it to ease her worries. She really did not mind it. After all, she was the one who had encouraged her to take this step.

Celine could feel that Rebecca had something to say to her, and when she looked up at the blonde, her eyes inadvertently glanced at the wall clock, which showed that it was well past 7 am.

“Oh my God, we are late…” They were supposed to leave for Netheria at 5 am, and she felt that it was because of her that they had run late.

“Aunty…” Rebecca placed her have on Celine’s shoulder, not allowing her to and up. “There’s something you should know.”

Celine frowned and curiously looked at her, and her heart slowed down as she had a premonition that something bad had happened.

“What is it?” She fearfully asked.

“Lin Wudao died last night in his sleep. We are going to leave for Eden in two hours.”

Her words detonated in Celine’s mind like a bomb, and unbeknownst to her, tears slipped out of her eyes.


Celine knew how attached her daughter was to her grandfather, and her grief was nothing compared to the heartache she felt, knowing that her daughter must be devasted after hearing the news.

“Amelia and Kiara are with her, and they are on their way to Eden,” Rebecca informed her. “Come, I will help you freshen up.”

“Please don’t tell…”

“I won’t tell Qingyue about what happened between you and Keith.” The golden blonde promised her, and Celine nodded to her as tears streamed out of her eyes.

When the two ladies entered the lounge where everyone else was, they overheard Keith talking to someone on the phone.

“Are you sure?” He gravely asked, and then listened to what the person on the call answered him. “Alright.” He said and then ended the call.

“What did he say?” Rebecca seemed to be aware of whom Keith was talking to.

“The tests show no signs of foul play. President Lin went to bed last night as usual but did not wake up in the morning. The attendants thought that he was sleeping in, and when a maid finally entered his room to wake him up, she found him not breathing. He died somewhere around 2 to 3 am.” Keith told her everything that he had learned.

Rebecca frowned but nodded her head. Even though the first thought leaned towards some foul play, given the situation of the Lin Family, an old man like Lin Wudao who was physically very weak and at his limits, could pass away in his sleep because of all the mental distress. And it seemed like that’s exactly what happened.

Keith sighed when he found Celine evading his eyes, and then walked over to pull her in his arms.

Her body stiffened when he wrapped his arms around her, but when she felt him place a gentle kiss on her head, she buried her face in his chest to shed tears of relief and sadness.

“Keith… Qingyue…” She whispered, and though she had not exactly voiced her fears, he understood her.

“She will be fine. And no, she won’t hate you if she learns about us.” He gently said to her and then nodded to Rebecca before pulling the grey-eyed lady by her hand. “Let’s go. We have to reach the airport in an hour.”

The death of Lin Wudao was a surprise to Keith. The old man was meant to die next year in March according to the plan of Destiny, but things were not going exactly as planned now. But what was certain was that Destiny wanted Qingyue to suffer a loss of a closed one, and that was what had happened.

At first, he was quite elated to know about the passing of the old man, but once the results of tests came out and it was proved that he died of natural causes, Keith was a little disappointed. It seemed like luck was on Lin Houtian’s side, and his father had passed away, leaving everything under the Lin Family solely in his control without him needing to take out the old man.

Now, he could deal with the scandals surrounding him with more confidence, but unfortunately for him, there was still a lot to come his way in the next two years.

At the airport, one of the Supersonic Private Jets of the Demiliore Family was waiting for them. They departed from the airport at exactly 9 am, and even though they were on a supersonic flight, the journey was still going to take 6 hours.

“How’s your Cultivation Progressing?” Keith did not want to let Celine drown in sorrow and guilt, so he distracted her thoughts.

“It’s fine. I am almost done unlocking all of my Aura Nodes…” Celine replied but her mind was still somewhere else.

“Are you sure?” He smiled at her.

He finally had her attention and she frowned before she checked the state of her body, and the moment she felt all 81 Aura Nodes on her body active, Celine froze in shock.

She had not paid attention to the state of her body when she woke up, but now that she focused on it, she could feel that she was physically in much better shape than she had been last night.

“How?” She blankly asked.

Keith playfully smiled at her and then leaned near her ear.

“Have you ever had sex in the sky?” He curiously asked, and the grey-eyed lady burned in a furious blush.

“No.” She subconsciously answered, unaware that he was playing with her mind.

“Come.” He unbuckled her seatbelt and then stood up, leading her to the back of the plane where the lounge was.

Rebecca pouted at him, knowing well what he had on his mind, but she did not spoil his intentions.

After arriving inside the longe, Keith locked the door and pulled Celine in his arms, capturing her luscious lips in a seething kiss.

“You are beautiful, and I loved every moment of last night.” He separated from her lips and looked her in the eyes, erasing all her fears about their relationship with a few words.

Celine pulled him back in a kiss and her hands fumbled as they started to unbuckle his pants.

She needed him now. She did not know where this terrible ache in her womb came from all of a sudden, but she needed to be ravaged by him again.

Keith took off his jacket and put it on the sofa before he stopped her from taking off his pants and turned her around, pressing her against a full-sized mirror.

His experienced hands undid her long skirt, causing it to fall on the floor, and then he pulled her hair aside as he placed a wet kiss on the back of her neck.

Her body trembled to the touch of his lips, and her hips swayed invitingly as he yanked her panties off and then pulled his member free from its confines.

Celine moaned in agitation when he rubbed his glans on her puffy lips, which were still swollen from last night’s craziness. She was feeling tremors inside her body, and she tried to thrust back her hips to make him enter her, but Keith was in the mood to tease her a little.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and clawed onto them painfully, which made her groan, and then he held her in a position where he was pressed against her entrance and let his glans be soaked by her leaking love juices.

“What do you want me to do, Aunty?” He playfully asked.

“Fuck me!” She knew exactly what he wanted to hear and did not waste any time answering him.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes!” She agitatedly said and then her face contorted in discomfort. “Ahnn…” She moaned as he kept pushing inside of her and then shut her eyes closed when he pressed hard against her cervix, filling her up to the brim.

He made her feel so full, and it felt so right…

His hardness and the heat emanating from his shaft were driving her crazy, and her warm, velvety insides tightly clamped on him.

However, her insides were not strong enough to hold him still as he started thrusting in and out of her, rubbing all the right spots that pulled her into the abyss of depravity, prompting her to wantonly moan in delight.

Keith pounded her insides hard and slow, never giving in to her calls that urged him to go faster, and he tortured her as he dragged her to the peak before mercilessly shoving her off it.

He patiently waited for a good minute as she recovered from a mind-numbing orgasm, and then he finally let loose as he ravaged her wildly, taking away all her strength from her legs that were failing to support her weight and withstand his assault.

A gratifying and guttural scream escaped her lungs when he pushed her off the most mind-boggling orgasm of her life and filled her up with his essence. And then she pressed her cheek on the cold mirror, panting heavily with her eyes shut in tiredness.

Her heart skipped a beat in anticipation when he pulled out of her and immediately picked her up in his arms, leading her to the couch.

He laid her down on it, and then under her hazy eyes, he took off all his clothes before climbing over her and pushing her legs apart for him to get between them.

Celine moaned when she felt him enter her again, and then the two of them looked into each other’s eyes as he slowly and patiently made love to her.

This time, he was unbearably gentle with her.

Tears leaked out of her eyes in bliss and happiness, and then she could no longer keep looking into his gentle eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

She painfully nibbled on his lip when she came, and then she clawed his shoulder blades with her nails, leaving behind territorial marks on him.

“Fill me up again.” She sensually whispered when she felt him approaching his orgasm, and soon she received the blissful warmth that she had asked for.

Even though there was no strength left in her, she wanted more, needed more of him, but he separated from her and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Rest.” He commandingly said, and then pulled her into his embrace before sneakily putting her to sleep.


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