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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 163 Bahasa Indonesia

Saturday, September 21st, 2041

Demiliore Manor, Sameran City, Agnolia, Netheria

It was a beautiful day during the fall season. A soothing wind sailed past the guests who were gathered in the Rose Garden. And over their heads was a blushing sky, courtesy of the sinking sun, and wandering white clouds that added to its beauty.

This was a very special day because this evening, the Heir of the Demiliore Family was going to wed the future Lady of the Demiliore Family. It was the day the Angelini and the Demiliore would once again be bound by marriage. And it was the day everyone in their families had been looking forward to.

There were not a lot of people gathered inside the Garden, but hundreds of workers of the Demiliore Family were present outside, patiently waiting to see the newlyweds who were taking their vows inside the garden.

Keith stood tall with a bright smile plastered on his face, and next to him, looking right into his eyes was his bride and beautiful little sister, Kiara, who looked breathtakingly stunning in the bright red dress she was wearing, which complemented his maroon suit.

Though she just turned fifteen today, Kiara was already taller than Celine, almost as tall as Qingyue. Her good genes were showing themselves, and in the last nine months, she had developed quite a lot too, which enhanced her beauty.

The red rubies on her dress were subtly sparkling, and the red diamond ring she was wearing right next to her wedding band was sparkingly just as bright as the happiness reflecting on her face.

And when their mothers were done tying their hands together, the smile on Kiara’s face widened some more.

“Take your vows now.” The old man Darius had decided to personally solemnize the marriage of his great-grandchildren, something he was very happy about as evident on his face and in his voice.

“I, Keith!”

“I, Kiara!”

“Take you, my beloved, as my lawful wife.”

“Take you, my beloved, as my lawful husband.”

“I am yours and you are mine!”

“In Happiness, and Sadness.”

“In Sickness, and Health.”

“In Glory, and Shame.”

“In Fortune, and Misfortune.”

“In Life, and Death.”

“I promise to stay by your side.”

“Now and Forever!”

Everybody smiled at their vows but kept the excitement in their hearts for now.

“Your vows have been heard and remembered by the witnesses. Be sure to observe them, and if at any moment in your life, you face hardships in your marriage, remember this day that you loved each other so deeply that you promised yourself to your beloved.” Darius gently smiled at them and said. “You never let go of people whom you dearly love.”

Both of them nodded their heads to his words and then looked into each other’s eyes before smiling.

Kiara’s fair cheeks were already warming up in a blush as she knew what was coming next.

She did not even hear what Darius said and just watched him lovingly trace her cheekbone before he leaned in and captured her lips. Her heart skipped a beat, and then it thumped so hard that she heard it.

The words for Qingyue and Rebecca crossed her mind when they had teased her about how divinely sweet Keith tasted because what she was feeling was ethereal. They were not wrong, but this feeling was simply hard to describe in words.

When they separated, she looked into his eyes and the affection she sensed in them made her eyes turn misty. But she did not want to be remembered as a bride who shed tears at her wedding and braved the urge as she held them at bay.

“With this kiss, I pronounce you Husband and Wife. May your life together be filled with eternal blessings!”

Keith gently squeezed her hand, comforting her, telling her without words that it was not a dream, and her heart melted even more.

It was not the gorgeous rings he gave her or the thread of Love that bonded their hands together that mattered to her. Their vows mattered, and the kiss they had shared mattered. She was finally his, and her dream had come true.

Venessa and Danielle opened the scroll, and then her little cousin cutely approached them, holding the dish that contained the red ink in it.

Keith went first as he marked his right hand on the scroll, and then Kiara followed by marking her left hand right next to his.

Everyone presenting there then stepped forward to sign their names on the scroll and marked their thumbs with red ink on them.

And only after Venessa and Danielle unwound the thread from their hands and sealed the scroll, did everyone break out into cheers and clapped heartily.

Their mothers were the first to hug them and congratulate them, and then they took blessings from the elderly, starting from Darius, Raizer, and Diana. Then they took their blessings from Caesar, May, and Sol, before they greeted Damien, and then all the ladies that were present here.

After getting everyone’s blessings, the two of them, hand in hand, walked out of the garden and were showered with flower petals by the young kids of all the workers at the Demiliore Estate.

As the next Lady of the Demiliore Family, Kiara announced the gifts that each worker at the estate would be receiving, and she was showered with even more blessings by everyone.

Later, the family gathered in the banquet hall, where the newlyweds danced to the music the girls had prepared for them. Little Ben performed a piece of Violin that he had been learning for the last three months, and he was ecstatic when he received Keith’s praise.

The dinner was a lively affair, and everyone happily chatted with each other. Darius told them stories from decades ago and then Raizer and Diana told them some stories too.

No one bought up any business talk or anything serious. And Celine too happily told them the stories that she had listened to from Romeo, back in Italy. She had been keeping them to herself, and finally, she told the girls the stories she had promised to share.

Rebecca seemed to be the happiest of them all as she would toast and cheer to everyone’s stories, but all of them knew that she was just doing it to find an excuse to drink the wine. Her actions influenced Celine too, and when Keith nodded to her, letting her drink a few sips of Cloud’s Blood Wine, everyone thanked him for doing it as what followed was a beautiful blabbering lady, who kept speaking her heart out, which made her daughter burn in a scarlet blush from time to time.

“Yay! It’s time for presents!” Kiara happily stood up when they were done with dinner, and demanded everyone give her the wedding gifts they had prepared for them.

“I will give you your gift in a few weeks! Promise!” Celine said, and Kiara happily nodded her head.

“I am looking forward to it.”

“Kiara, this is my gift for you two.” Little Ben stepped forward and happily handed her a small case.

Kiara and Keith curiously opened it, and inside, they found a bracelet that had their names embedded in it.

“Thank you, Ben!” Kiara hugged her little cousin tightly and then pulled on his adorable cheeks. “I love it!”

“Good!” The little boy seemed elated that his sister loved his gift.

After Ben, Minami stepped forward and gave Kiara one of the two bracelets made of Red Coral that her brother had gifted to her.

Kiara hugged her dear friend and planted a kiss on her cheek before asking her to put the bracelet on her wrist.

Qingyue followed with her beautiful Calligraphy Work, where she had written Keith and Kiara’s names in different languages.

Everyone appreciated her talent in Calligraphy, and Keith and Kiara both thanked her for the gift.

Rebecca surprisingly brought a very big box, and both of them curiously opened it. Inside, they found two pretty dolls that looked just like them, and around their necks was a beautiful chain that had mysterious words carved on it.

Only Aizen and Rebecca knew what these words meant, and also Amelia, whom he was teaching the Divine Language of the Chaos-Greek Pantheon.

“What does it say?” The blue-eyed girl curiously asked.

“These are your names.” Rebecca smiled and said. “And a blessing that keeps the evil eye away.”

“Oh.” Kiara curiously looked at the beautiful words that she could not read and then hugged Rebecca. “I love it!”

“You’re welcome!” The blonde brightly said and kissed her on the cheek before stepping away.

After everyone was done giving their gifts, only Amelia remained, and Kiara hopefully looked at her.

“I will give it to you later tonight.” His first wife smiled and said, making his new bride burn in curiosity.

Kiara happily nodded her head and started chatting with her family, conveying to them how happy she was, and then under the insistence of the girls, she danced together with them.


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