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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 149 Bahasa Indonesia

Five individuals, who had been working tirelessly for the last five months, awaited the remarks of their boss with bated breaths.

Keith calmly went through the last draft of Memoir that his brilliant IT Team had built. It was not the final product and needed some more detailing, but what was before his eyes was already an exciting Social Network that could put the existing ones to shame.

“So far so good.” He finally said after he checked the App on the Laptop, Tablet, and a Cellphone. “How long do you think it will take you to finish all the details?” He ask Gary, the lanky black man with an afro whom he had put in charge of the Team.

“It will be finished by the end of July, President!” The man confidently assured him, and the rest of the four nodded to his words.

“I see.” He nodded back. “Since you are on schedule, all good.” He reached for a file and then handed it to them. “Once Memoir is ready, you will all work on making sure all these services are working perfectly on the App. I will give you another month to make sure that the security of the App is perfect and that no one can get hold of Consumer Data other than us and those whom we allow it. No Hackers, no matter how good they are, shall not get access to our system.” He looked at Gary and said. And the black man felt his heart constrict for some reason. “It’s your responsibility, Gary.”

The others on the Team were all brilliant software engineers, but Gary was also a genius hacker. It was the reason why Keith had chosen him and had decided to put the Team in his care.

“I understand, President.” The man with the afro apprehensively nodded his head.

“Good.” Keith smiled and stood up. “All of you have done a great job, but the job is still not finished. Let’s work hard and finish our product so that we can rule over all other Social Networks.” He encouragingly said and patted Gary’s shoulder before leaving the meeting room.

“Have a nice day, Mr President!”

“You too.” He said and then walked towards the lift to go down to the 69th floor.

Unlike the floor his office was on, this floor was always lively. But right now, almost all the workers were not present in the office, and the reason behind it was that they were all waiting for him and his wife at the Residential Building and the Entertainment Plaza that their group had started working on back in December.

All three projects that they started in December were completed now, and today was the Opening Ceremony of all three of them.

Their Group’s name was the talk of the town nowadays, especially after the unveiling of Noxville last night, and so they decided to take advantage of the winds that were flowing in their favour to hold the Opening Ceremony today.

It was good publicity.

He knocked on the door to his Wife’s office and entered. As soon as he laid eyes on her, he signed in his heart as he found her busy with her work.

The other lady who was present in the room was sitting next to his wife and seemed just as invested in what Amelia was working on.

Keith curiously walked over and peered over her shoulder at the sketchbook she used for her designs, and he immediately understood what the two of them were up to.

Amelia was designing the Art Gallery and Museum for Celine that the grey-eyed woman had always dreamed of and was now prepared to wholeheartedly invest her time in achieving it.

Seeing that the design was almost finished, he decided to not disturb them and walked out of the office to go down to the 69th Floor which was the office of Celine’s Dream, the Cosmetics and Fashion Company of Qingyue.

Even though he rarely came here, all the staff on this floor showed no surprise at his arrival. He politely returned the respectful greetings and then reached the corridor where Qingyue’s office was.

The Receptionist did not stop him at all and only politely bowed to him as he walked past her station.

After knocking once, Keith unceremoniously entered the office of the President.

“Keith!” The grey-eyed girl seemed elated to see him come to see her even though only a few hours has passed since they had breakfast together. “Are you done with your meeting?” She asked, aware that he had a meeting with his IT company at 9 am.

“Yes.” Nodded to her and approached her table before taking his seat next to the dark-haired girl with naturally soft curls. “I am just waiting on Amelia and Aunt Celine so that we can leave for the opening ceremony.”

“I am sorry, Keith.” The grey-eyed girl apologized again. “I wish I could come, but I have a few meetings…”

“It’s okay.” He smiled at her and then turned to look at the Kurdish girl by his side, who was pretending to read the file in her hands. “Since you have meetings with your Counsel, how about I borrow Ayesha for the day?” He asked.

His words tensed the girl, but he paid no attention to her changing expression as he was now looking at Qingyue.

The grey-eyed girl frowned at his words and then shook his head.

“My apologies, Keith. Ayesha has to oversee some work at the office while I am gone.”

“Okay.” He just shrugged and then glanced at his watch which had suddenly vibrated. “I will see you later.” He got up on his feet and then walked over to Qingyue before planting a kiss on her head.

“Have a nice day!”

“You too.” He nodded to her and then approached Ayesha, planting a kiss on her head too before he left the office.

The Kurdish girl inadvertently turned to look at the door that had just closed behind him, and even though she was relieved that he was gone as she was not really comfortable with him invading her personal space around other people, she could not help but feel a little lost in her heart.

Qingyue caught the fleeting expression on her face and felt a little uncomfortable.

“If you want to go with him, you may. I will ask Olivia to cover for your duties for the day.” She offered, but Ayesha immediately shook her head.

“I am fine, Miss Qingyue.” She assured her.

“Hmm..” The grey-eyed girl appreciatively nodded her head. She really liked that Ayesha was very serious about her job, and the girl never slacked on any task that she gave her.

Even though at first she was a little sceptical about her after Keith had introduced them. But now, she was really grateful to him for letting her have Ayesha in her company. With her talent and skills, she would have proved a great asset in Keith’s hands, but he had gifted Ayesha to her.

“Tell me about the consignment that was due today…” She smiled and asked Ayesha to continue with her daily report, and the Kurdish girl nodded her head and started telling her everything that she needed to know.

In the underground parking lot of the Starlight Tower, Keith only had to wait a couple of minutes before Amelia and Celine stepped out of the executive lift.

“Did you finish up the design?” He inquired.

“Yes.” Amelia nodded her head. “The outer look is done, and Aunt Celine and I will work on the interior tonight.”

“Your wife is ridiculously talented, Keith!” Celine sighed and sincerely said. “Always cherish her!”

“Of course.” He chuckled and then planted a kiss on Amelia’s cheek. “Why would I not cherish someone whom I dearly love?” He questioned, and watched her fair cheeks bloom in a delighted blush.

“Let’s go. We are already late!” She urged him to start driving and Celine happily laughed at their interaction as she leaned back in the backseat.

“Where’s Qingyue?” She curiously asked.

“She has a meeting with her counsel and then another meeting with her R&D Team in the afternoon.” He informed her.

“So she’s not coming.” Celine seemed a little upset that her daughter was not going to be there at the Opening Ceremony of Keith and Amelia’s first projects.

“Yes, and she’s very distraught about it.” He told her.

“Hmph!” She did not seem to like him taking her daughter’s side on this. “No matter what, Family should always come first. Anything can be postponed, no matter how important it is.”

“Oh..” He nodded to her. “You are right. Let’s postpone the Opening Ceremony…”

“No!” She immediately said, which prompted all of them to burst out into chuckles.

Of course, Celine was only playing around with him, she was not really upset with Qingyue. But as always, he was not so easy to tease.

They arrived at the venue at exactly 12 pm, an hour late to the designated time.

However, nobody present at the venue seemed to mind them coming late.

They were greeted by an excited crowd, which comprised of the general public, as well as the vendors that were going to operate in the Shopping District, and the residents of the new Building.

After addressing the Construction Team that had worked tirelessly to finish these projects, he announced handsome bonuses for all of them, which earned him heartfelt cheers.

Later, he addressed the Vendors of their new Shopping District and the public, thanking them for coming today, and finally addressed the residents of the new building.

At 12 pm, under the watchful eyes of everyone and the Press, Keith urged Celine to step forward and cut the ribbon of the new Residential Building.

She was greatly touched by his gesture but made both him and Amelia take her hand as they cut the ribbon together, but nothing could have prepared her for what she witnessed next.

The moment they cut the ribbon, the name of the Residential Building was unveiled, and her eyes turned a little misty.

‘Celinia One’

They had named their Residential Building Project after her name.

“You did not have to…”

“We wanted to.” Amelia lightly smiled and said, which earned her a tight hug from the grey-eyed woman.

“Thank you!”

The name caught the attention of the Press and the Public, and Keith informed them that there will indeed be more Residential Building Projects from their Group, and announced the location of Celinia Two, which was going to be built in the southern part of Sameran City.

After welcoming all the Residents to their new homes, the three of them left for Dayne Street at the Ninth Junction, right next to the Madame Hopkins Park where they had built The Element, an entertainment plaza.


Celine could not but exclaim when she watched over a thousand people gathered outside the beautiful architectural marvel.

Some of them were High School Students who and just gotten free from school and had rushed over here. But there was a large number of youngsters too who seemed to be in their late teens and twenties.

It was no wonder that May was not present at the first Opening Ceremony as she had to oversee everything here together with Nana.

As soon as their car entered the premises, cheers rose and they were greeted by thunderous applause from the youngsters.

“I never thought that people would be so excited over an Entertainment Plaza…”

Whatever Celine was about to say was cut short as she heard the screams of the girls as soon as Keith stepped out of the car. And even the boys were chanting his name as if he was some Superstar that they were dying to catch a glimpse of.

“So they are not really here for the Entertainment Plaza, but are Keith’s Fans…” The grey-eyed woman said, and when she caught Amelia seriously nodding her head, she burst out in laughter.


That was all she could say about it before she happily got out of the car and stood next to Keith.


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