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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 143 Bahasa Indonesia

There were colorful Auras all around him, and the enchanting purple-gold sky, which was shimmering brightly, illuminating everything in a beautiful hue, emanated a soothing melody that excited his Aura inside his body.

Keith jumped towards the sky, intending to pierce right through it, and then the wings on his back fluttered open with a mysterious chiming sound, which sharply increased his speed as he reached the sky.

He was just about to pierce through the clouds when he felt a soft touch on his face, and then a familiar scent wafted into his lungs.

“Rebecca…” He called out her name with a smile as his amethyst eyes fluttered open.

He found himself staring right into her gorgeous ocean-blue eyes, with her golden blonde hair falling on the sides of his face, curtaining them in a small little world. And for a good minute, they just kept staring into each other’s eyes.

Eventually, his eyes returned to their usual shade of deep brown, and Rebecca reluctantly watched that happen.

“Why can’t you keep them forever in that beautiful shade?” She pouted and complained.

“I will try to keep them in the shade you like when I understand how to control it.” He chuckled and then raised his head to capture her soft lips. “I missed you.” He truthfully said, and his heart warmed up when he saw a bright smile bloom on her face.

“I missed you too!” She replied, but in a language that no one else could understand.

“So you have learned the Divine Language. Impressive!” He replied to her in the same language and then wrapped his arms around her waist before flipping her over and pinning her under him.

She was only wearing the last pajamas she had brought here, and like the rest, he tore them off as well, revealing her beautiful body to his eyes, and making her melodious giggles echo in the room.

They just seemed unable to keep their hands off each other, and she was burning in the fire of lust just as much as he was.

Rebecca urgently freed him from his clothes and then grabbed his hardness as she pulled him back on top of her.

She was not in the mood to wait for any foreplay, and urged him inside of her, guiding his path.

Her face winced a little in discomfort, but at the same time, a sense of fulfillment washed over her when he filled her to the brim.

She tightly hugged him and planted a wet kiss on his neck.

“Please stay still for a while.” She requested, trying to squeeze him in her arms, and Keith nodded to her before getting his arms under her and hugging her back.

Strangely, being squeezed in his arms and pressed under his weight was not in the least uncomfortable for her. Rather, she quite loved this feeling.

“You asked me to stay still.” He chuckled when he felt her warm and wet insides trying to milk him, and only received giggles in reply.

She was tempting him, and just as he was about to move, she locked her legs around his waist.

“Don’t move.” She stopped him and then continued to tease him.

Keith smiled inwardly at her antics, and then let her play. He knew that she was playing a game she could not win.

It was not long before she started leaking out sweet moans, itching for more, and when her pleading eyes looked at him, he just smirked at her.

She started this game, but it was only going to end on his terms.

“Please move…”

“No.” He refused her, and then pressed more of his weight on her, which pushed his member harder against her cervix, threatening to break past it.

“Please…” She begged him, but he just stayed still, watching her pant and wriggle under him.

Her movements only ended up fueling her lust more, and then her eyes turned misty as they pitifully looked at him.

“Keith, please…” She sweetly called out to him and he brightly smiled at her.

“Okay, Rebecca.” He nodded to her and planted a kiss on her forehead as he finally started moving.

He deliberately kept his movements painfully slow, which made her grow more agitated. And every time she tried to forcefully reply his thrusts, he would stop and then start moving again, as painfully slow as possible.

“Please don’t tease me…” She begged and captured his lips. “I want you fuck me…” She seductively whispered, and Keith deepened their kiss before finally letting his wild side take over him.

The hot pleasure that started raging through her made her mewl in ecstasy, and her sharp claws dug deep into his back, leaving her marks on him.

Her wanton cries filled the room for the next couple of hours, and then they lay nestled in each other’s arms with their eyes closed.


“Yes, Rebecca?” He answered her.

“What’s your Soul Beast?” She curiously asked and then opened her eyes to look up at him.

She was currently at the Peak of Foundation Profound Realm, which meant that her Aura Soul had awakened. Though the Soul would only start physically manifesting out of her body after she reaches the Spirit Profound Realm, like everyone who awakened their Aura Soul, she did know what her Soul Beast was.

“I will tell you mine if you tell me yours.” He smiled at her, and she brightly smiled back at him.

“Take a guess!” She excitedly asked.

“A Sloth?” He curiously asked, and then laughed as her fists rained down on his chest.

“If you wanted to call me lazy, you could have said a ‘Cat’. But no, you had to say Sloth!” She pouted and begrudgingly looked at him.

“Or a Bear?” He smirked.

“What makes you think that I could have a Bear as my Soul Beast?!” She asked in dissatisfaction.

“You went into a 10-day long hibernation period…” He playfully pointed out and caught the fist that was about to hit his chest. “Okay, okay… Let me guess.” He conceded and feigned a thoughtful look. “It’s a Hunter Bird. Secretarybird, isn’t it?”

Rebecca’s eyes widened in shock at his words.

“How did you know?!” She surprisedly asked, but the smile on her face indicated that she was quite happy that he had guessed right.

He laughed at her question and then planted a kiss on her nose.

“Because you use your fists on me just like a Secretary Bird uses its talons on a snake.”

“Stop playing and tell me how did you know that my Aura Soul was a Secretarybird!” She lightly punched him on the chest and asked.

“I saw it in a dream.” He smiled at her, and she frowned at his words.

“You get prophetic dreams?” She seriously asked, believing his words.

“Maybe.” He shrugged, and Rebecca kept looking at him before nodding her head.

In the ten days that she had been sleeping. She had not just learned a Divine Language but had also learned a lot of secrets of Life, Death, and the other Divine Laws.

“What’s Amelia’s Soul Beast?” She curiously asked after the thought crossed her mind.

“I can’t tell you that. You will have to ask her about it.” He lightly smiled and said.

“Then tell me yours!” She excitedly asked.

“Take a guess.” He grinned at her, and Rebecca pulled a tongue at him.

“You are a big bad wolf!” She laughed, but then stopped when she saw the surprise on his face. “Wait, it’s really a Wolf?!” She excitedly asked.

“Yes.” He nodded to her.

“Yay!” She happily clapped her hands. “I guessed it on the first try!”

“So did I.”

“No, you did not…”

The two of them happily chatted with each other and eventually came out of their room after taking a long bath.

Marianne was quite relieved to see her Master finally awake, and she stepped forward and hugged Rebecca.

“Congratulations, Master!” She sincerely said when she sensed that the blonde-haired girl was at the Peak of Foundation Profound Realm.

“Thank you!”

“Master, should I make the arrangements to return?” Yingying asked him after she greeted Rebecca and congratulated her as well.

“We are going back?” The blonde girl surprisedly looked at him.

“Yes.” He nodded to her and then proceeded to explain to her what happened yesterday.

“I will go pack my stuff!” Rebecca readily agreed to return home after she learned everything, but Keith stopped her.

“Aren’t you hungry?” He asked.

“Oh..” She pulled a tongue at him and nodded her head. “Let’s eat!” She said and then suddenly realized something. “Where is Void?” She curiously looked around.

“Oh, Void has been sleeping under our bed,” Keith informed her and amusedly watched as her fair cheeks turned red.

She was embarrassed that there was someone in the room who had heard her begging him. Even if it was just her pet cat, it was really embarrassing for her.

But she soon recovered herself and then followed him to the Kitchen, where their Shadows had already prepared a meal for them.


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