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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 137 Bahasa Indonesia

“Interesting wager.” Leilah amusedly smiled when Keith entered the Stand and sat next to his beautiful Fiancee.

“What wager?” Rebecca curiously asked.

“Hades just wanted to try his luck against me. And so, we put a wager on the World Cup Race.” He shrugged and informed her.

“How much?” She excitedly asked.

“10 Billion Euros. So, 4 Billion Neris.” He informed her, and her eyes comically widened in shock.

“What?!” She looked at him in disbelief.

“And if I lose, I don’t have to pay him anything.” He shrugged and smiled.

Rebecca understood that the real bet was not over money. It was something far more precious.

“Did you bet on Ingrid?” She curiously asked.

Keith stayed silent at her words and turned to look her in the eyes.

“Do think I would use her as a wager?” He smiled and asked, and Rebecca felt a little guilty for asking the question.

She apologetically shook her head and then turned to watch the ongoing race.

So far, all the results of the races were in accordance with what Keith had marked for her. And this race ended accordingly as well. She could not help but brightly smile when it was over, happy that she would be winning some money tonight.

However, her happiness was doubled the moment ‘Best dressed Lady’ was announced.

She appeared on the screens and the audience enthusiastically clapped for her. And Keith could not help but smile when he watched her behave ever so gracefully, only wearing a light smile, keeping all her excitement in her heart.

As soon as the Camera’s left her, she happily hugged him and captured his lips in a seething kiss.

“I won!”

“Yes, you did.” He smiled.

She had not even thought about winning and had not paid any attention to dressing up well. However, her natural beauty was just too striking that anything she wore looked perfect on her, capable enough of rousing envy in the hearts of even the prettiest of women.

Nyx amusedly looked at their exchange before returning her attention to the Racecourse.

Rebecca then enthusiastically informed him about all the people she met today, which included the President of UAE, the Princes of France, and the members of the Persian Royal Family. And then there were the members of the Underworld whom Nyx had introduced her to.

“Aphrodite is here too.” She playfully grinned. “And she asked about you.”

“Not interested.” He simply shrugged and then watched the 8th Race of the night.

“Poor her.” She giggled, and then happily hugged his arm, turning her attention to the race. “Yes!!” She excitedly called out and planted a kiss on his cheek when the Horse they had picked for the 8th Race won it.

“No thank you?” He smirked at her.

“There’s still one to go.” She grinned at him. “I will thank you once I get my money.”

For the next hour, the guests who had won in special categories tonight received their prizes.

Rebecca received several vouchers for the best Fashion Brands in the world, which she did not really care about. But she loved the beach hat that she was presented with. It bore her name, as well as the mark or a crown, evidence of her winning the ‘Best Dressed Lady’ at the Dubai World Cup.

At exactly 9 pm, the World Cup Race started, and almost everyone was up on their feet as they witnessed the best of the Thorough-bred Horses galloping down the course.

“Which one did Hades pick?” The blonde girl watched the race through binoculars and asked.

“Number 8.” He replied.

“Heh… He must be sweating right now. It’s in the fifth position.”

Keith smiled at her words.

“Our bet is for the fifth place.” He said, which made her turn to look at him in shock. “Which one did you pick?” She urgently asked as she looked at the race again.

“Number 17.”

Her heart calmed down when she found Horse 17 neck to neck with Horse 8.

Both the horses were giving their all, and it seemed like Horse 8 would retain its 5th Position, but in the last hundred meters, Horse 17 pulled ahead of it.

Rebecca’s body was trembling in excitement as the horses neared the finish line. She did not even pay attention to the one that won it, and only cried out in joy when Horse 17 crossed the line before Horse 8.

“You won!” She threw herself in his arms and then kissed him on the lips.

Lately, she had been looking for every little reason to kiss him on the lips. She loved the feel and taste of him, and right now, she was genuinely very happy for him.

“Yes, I did.” He smiled.

Everything had transpired according to his Dream, but Keith was not too surprised at Destiny not rescuing its favourite Child.

Qin Feng’s life was not in any immediate danger that required the Destiny to bend its plans to help him out.

Keith was sure that the result of tonight would lead to unexpected circumstances in the future, after all, Qin Feng would have to hand over the girl who was meant to be one of his future Heroines.

He smiled as he looked forward to the changes that would take place.

“Do you think he would hand her over to you?” Leilah curiously asked as she looked at his smile.

“Does not matter.” He said. “She belongs to me. And I will take her by force if I have to.”

“Who are you talking about?” The blonde girl curiously asked.

“Ingvild Carmilla. The younger sister of Ingrid Carmilla.” Leilah informed her.

Her words shocked Rebecca, who turned to look at Keith.

“She’s alive?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “Hades has kept her hidden at Purgatory Island. She’s meant to be his weapon against the Vampires, in case they rebel against him.”

“Is she okay?” She worriedly asked.

“Oh, she’s fine.” He smiled at her.

“Let’s go and get her…”

“Not today.” Keith shook his head. “Hades will give her to me after 5 years.”

“What if he harms her…”

“She will be fine.” He smiled at her.

Her ocean-blue eyes curiously looked at him.

“Why are you not taking her away from him right away?” She seriously asked.

“It’s an unnecessary risk that I must not take. The time is not right, and Qin Feng is a very special person.” He said and then planted a kiss on her forehead. “Rest assured that Ingvild will be fine.”

“Yes. Because she is very special too.” Leilah added, and her curious eyes met him, trying to read through him.

Keith was not surprised in the least that Nyx knew about it. He was even certain that she also knew about Qin Feng’s identity as the Child of Destiny. After all, there was almost nothing that could hide from her eyes.

But he was curious too. As far as he recalled from his dream, Nyx had never really associated herself with any of the Children of Destiny.

“Well, congratulations on winning your money.” He reminded his beautiful Fiancee, who simply nodded, not in the mood to celebrate her win.

In another private Stand of the Imperial Racecourse, a young man in a Hawaiian Shirt was vacantly staring at the field where the World Cup Race had just concluded.

His eyes were fixed on Horse 17, and inside, he was utterly shocked at what happened today.

Qin Feng inadvertently glanced at the Horse that had won the Cup. It was the very Horse that he was going to pick before Keith had refused to pick the winner.

His heart felt constricted as Keith’s light smile appeared in his mind. And then his words echoed again in his memory.

‘We are not equal, Mr Qin.’

Rage bubbled up in his heart, but he suppressed it again. It was the first time in his life that he had lost to someone. And it was the first time in his life that he felt fearful of someone, though he would never admit to it.

Qin Feng took out his cell phone and dialled a number.

“Cerberus.” He called out to the man who picked up the call. “Transfer 10 Billion Euros to Hermes. They are meant for Erebus.”

The man on the receiving end was utterly shocked at his words, but before he could ask anything, Qin Feng ended the call.

His eyes turned to look at the fireworks of the closing ceremony, but they were still vacant.

He had not just lost the money, but also the young Carmilla Princess. Though he would still have her for the next five years, trouble would eventually come knocking on his door.

The matter with the Vampires had to be resolved as soon as possible now. And then, he had to think about dealing with Erebus, whom his instincts have been screaming about ever since he met him today.


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