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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 125 Bahasa Indonesia

Time passed, hours went by, and Keith, who was still busy treating the old man, sweated profusely as the tiredness started kicking in.

It was nearly noon when the door of the room was knocked, and Ayesha, who had not taken her eyes off the old man even once, panicked a little.

“Check who it is, but do not let anyone come in. Also, take the keys to the car and bring all the supplements on the list I am sending you through text.” Keith told her, and she hesitantly got up on her feet and took out the keys to the car from his jacket.

He could hear her assuring the woman outside the door that the old Max was fine. And then she instructed the woman to not let anyone go in until she returns with a few supplements.

As soon as he heard her walk away, Keith glanced at the door, locking it, telekinetically. And then he proceeded to lift the body of the old man in the air before taking off all the clothes that the man was wearing.

As soon as the clothes were off, he summoned his God Ring, channelling the Power of Darkness, shrouding the body of the old man in wisps of the black flame of Darkness, which started devouring the dark blood that suddenly oozed out of the pores of his body.

After blood, the old man’s body started secreting a foul dark matter. He even coughed out some dark blood which was all devoured by the darkness before it could make a mess.

From time to time, Keith poked onto the acupoints of the old man, giving some parts of his body the rest they needed as he concentrated on the others, and whilst it was happening, he took out his phone and sent a list of supplements and ingredients of the meals the old man would need to take after waking up.

Once he was done with it, he concentrated back on the body of the old man, manipulating it into the right position before placing his hands against his back, exactly where the lungs were.

Though the cancer had originated from the lungs, it had entered the blood now and spread to different parts and organs of the old man’s body.

Even for Keith, with all his Medical knowledge, it was not easy to treat such an ailment. However, he was determined to see it through, and once the difficulty rose, so did his interest.

It was a great opportunity for him to learn, explore, and test out his medical expertise.

And he enjoyed every moment of it, taking the liberty to test out the methods of healing that he had not had a chance to use before.

The old man’s body was his toy. And he experimented a lot on it, even attending to other diseases that the body carried within it. He did not bother fixing everything but lessened the severity of the diseases that could threaten the old man’s life in the next few years. After all, he did not want this old man to die just within a couple of years after he had bailed him out of cancer.

The clock ticked, the sun started sinking, and the anxious girl, who had long ago returned from her errand and prepared the meal for the old man, was marching left and right, waiting for the door of the room to open.

She was really tempted to knock again, but after not getting an answer earlier, she had abstained from doing it, worried that she would disturb the treatment.

A part of her heart was praying that Keith would succeed. Not just because she wanted the old man to get better, but because she needed a reason to feel better. She needed an excuse to submit herself to him, to whore herself out to him, and to get over the heartache that she had been suffering since yesterday.

And when the door of the room suddenly opened, and she immediately turned to look him in the eyes, a tear slipped out on relief and she hurried past him inside the room.

The old man was still sleeping. But she could feel that he was breathing normally, and some colour had finally returned to his old face after so many years.

“He is fine now.” Keith gently spoke after he gave her time to regain her composure. “You can stay here tonight. Feed him the meals that you have prepared, and if you want to confirm something, you can take him out to a Hospital tomorrow to get him checked up.” He chuckled. “Just don’t go to the ones that you have already been to. It would raise some unnecessary questions.” He shrugged and put on his jacket before walking toward her. “I will transfer you some money, and you can get all the tests done as fast as possible.”

She tensed up when she felt him place his hand on her head, gently caressing it, and then she stubbornly shut her eyes when he planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Return to Sameran by tomorrow evening. I want you to attend my Birthday Party.” He ordered her and then started walking out of the room.

“Your keys…”

“The car is yours.” He cut her off and walked away before she could say anything more.

As soon as he exited the gate of the Orphanage, Yingying arrived in her car and he got into it.

“Master, you are late.” She said as she started driving off. “Lady Rebecca seems mad that you have not been responding to her calls…”

“Yeah, I know.” He sighed and felt a little guilty in his heart.

He had indeed lost count of the time, and he was meant to return to the Manor by 6 pm, after all, it was the 12th of February, Rebecca’s birthday, and their Engagement Day.

There was still time though, as the Ceremony would not start before 10 pm, and it was just under 7 pm right now.

But first, he had to pick up the Engagement Ring that he had ordered for her. And for that, he had to pick up Poseidon, who had arrived in Sameran earlier in the morning.

Once they exited the city, Keith switched seats with Yingying and then drove off as fast as the car could run.

On the way, he received another call from Rebecca, and this time he picked it up.

“Hey!” He brightly spoke, but only silence greeted him back.

“Where are you?” The girl on the phone finally spoke after a minute of silence, and he could feel it in her voice that she was very upset with him.

“On my way back. I will be at the Manor in under an hour.” He promised her, and before he could say anything more, she hung up on him.

His eyes inadvertently glanced at the notifications, and he could not contain his chuckles when he read a message that he just received from Kiara.

‘Keith, don’t come back home now! Rebecca is definitely going to kill you!’

‘I will be there soon.’ He texted back to her before putting his phone aside.

The black BWM raced down the highway at a scaringly fast speed, breaking the speed limits and getting caught on the cameras several times. However, they were not stopped at any point since the car bore a special number that the system of the Traffic Police saved in a different folder, not notifying the Officers right away to catch the car, and instead sent a notification directly to the Bureau Chief to decide on their response.

Even after he entered the city and drove recklessly, Keith was not stopped at any point. He knew that Caesar was already dealing with the matter and had paid all the fines in advance. And so, he pushed forward as fast as he could.

It was 8 pm when he reached the Hotel where Poseidon was staying, and the blonde Master of the Seas was sitting out in the garden all alone, drinking tea, not bothered by the cold at all.

“You are late, Lord Erebus.” He stood up and spoke, bowing slightly in a greeting as Keith approached him.

“My apologies for keeping you waiting, Mr Caspian.” He apologetically smiled and nodded. “Shall we go?” He asked and then picked up the wood-crafted ring case that was placed on the table. “I suppose this is for me?”

“Yes. It is the one you asked for.” Caspian nodded to him and then looked Keith in the eyes. “If it is not a problem, there will be a few more guests at your Engagement Ceremony, Lord Erebus. And I will be coming along with them later.”

His words gave a bad premonition to Keith, and he could not help but sigh in his heart.

“The Lady of the Night?” He asked, even though he knew for certain that it was her.

“Yes.” Caspian nodded to him and waited for his answer.

“When did she come to Sameran?” He curiously asked.

“It’s been three days.” Caspian smiled. “She was here the morning the delegation from the Government met you concerning the Metro Station Project.”

“I see.” He sighed. “Alright. I will see you later then.” He nodded to the blonde man before walking back to the car.

The arrival of the Lady of the Night was something he was expecting and not expecting at the same time. But he was already prepared to come face to face with the Lady that ruled the worlds. After all, it was inevitable that they would cross paths.


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