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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 123 Bahasa Indonesia

“Did I?” He lightly said and then sighed before shaking his head. “I know I am at fault too for what happened last night, which is why I am still here, Miss Ayesha. But it would not be right to blame everything that happened on me.”

“I don’t need your pity. Please leave!” She nearly screamed at him, holding back her tears.

“What do you plan to do from now on?” He changed the subject and asked. “The Marketing Manager of the company you work at, your colleague, tried to sell you to a small businessman for just a project of a few million Neris.” He reminded her. “Do you think you will still be able to work at the company after what happened last night?”

He knew very well that this job was her lifeline, and the only reason she was not willing to call the cops last night was that nothing serious had happened yet, and she still wanted to keep her job.

“I don’t need your money or your help.” She did not look at him but determinedly spoke before she took a puff of her cigarette.

“I know you don’t. But the Bluestone Orphanage does.” He lightly said and watched her body go stiff. “My proposal is very simple, Miss Ayesha. Sell yourself to me for your dream.”

His words made her glare at him again but he kept the light smile on his lips.

“4 years as my paramour for a 100 Million Neris.” He said and smiled some more. “And I will build a new Bluestone Orphanage in Sameran City for all the children there in Delvon whom you take care of with most of your salary. Their education until the High-School will be paid for by my Group, and the Orphanage will run on my Trusted Fund.”

His offer took her by surprise, and her heart skipped a beat in temptation. However, she was not such a cheap woman and shook her head.

“I will achieve my dream by my efforts…”

“Think carefully, Miss Ayesha.” He cut her off. “The life I can provide those children right away would be far more comfortable than what you could do for them in a few years.” He looked her in the eyes. “Yes, I know you are talented and it is just a matter of time before you will be able to earn enough to achieve your dream. But can you really afford to wait for so long? The recent situation in that city is also quite chaotic…” He reminded her.

“Please, leave…” She weakly spoke, scared that if he stayed, she might actually get tempted by his offer.

Her heart was already aching at being impure for her brother Ye Tian now. And she did not want to dip herself into more dirt that the man she was waiting for would not even look at her in the future.

“It is not just them, but I can also give you a life that you otherwise would not be able to live and enjoy.” He spoke again, and he was not lying to her.

He could not tell her that she was destined to live only a few years of bliss before life-long loneliness which would eventually kill her.

At least, by his side, she would not be left alone if she was sincere.

“Leave…” She shook her head again and determinedly said.

“Have you thought over it?” He smiled at her and looked her in the eyes. “You know, it’s just four years. If you don’t want to stay by my side after four years, I won’t stop you from leaving.”

“I don’t want anything you have to offer, Mister Demiliore. Please leave my house.” She stood up on her feet, tightly wrapped in the blanket, and put out the cigarette in the ashtray on the side table.

“Oh, really?” He brightly smiled, amused at her confidence. “Even if I say that I can save the life of the old Dean, whom you think of as your own grandfather?”

As he expected, the moment she heard his words, her expression changed, and she looked at him with misty eyes.

“Please don’t play with my feelings. I beg you…”

“I am serious.” He cut her off and said, looking right into her eyes. “I know he has stage four cancer. But if you accept my offer, in addition to everything I have already promised, I will save your old Dean’s life. He will be cured and can live for years to come before succumbing to natural death.”

His words poked the right strings this time, and he could clearly see some hope sparkle in her pretty green eyes.

“It’s just four years, Miss Ayesha. Like I said, I won’t stop you if you decide to leave me at the end of the promised duration.” He gave her a little push, which unnerved her some more.

“You are not lying are you?” She lowered her eyes and asked.


There was silence after his words, and Keith calmly waited for her. He enjoyed watching her struggle and the ever-changing expressions on her face.

“And it’s not like I would cage you in some place. You can work on what you like. In fact, I can arrange for you to work at a place where your hard work will be rewarded. And the environment will be safe too.” He tempted her some more and smiled when he saw her close her eyes, letting a tear roll down her left cheek.

Since she was already impure, and she felt that she was no longer good enough for her beloved brother Ye Tian, it was a little easier for her to fall into his trap. And that was the reason why he had taken advantage of her last night.

She was a silly woman but could be groomed into a valuable asset.

“And what if you can’t save Grandpa Max?” She did not look at him and asked.

“I will. There’s no chance of a failure.” He confidently said. “If you want, we can go visit him tomorrow to start with his treatment.”

She kept her head lowered and did not say anything. But her silence was her acquiescence, and he finally approached her.

“So, do you agree?” He asked as he held her waist and pulled her closer to him.

She instinctively struggled a little but then lowered her head in shame and nodded, letting some more tears fall out of her eyes.

“Good!” He smiled and pulled her chin up to wipe her tears away. “I promise you. If you are sincere to me, I won’t let you regret this decision.” He said before he leaned in and captured her lips.

Keith smiled in his heart when he felt the tremors his touch sent through her body. Since he had already touched her, tasted her, ravaged her, she could no longer resist his touch. It was quite a useful perk of his Special Physique, and it was perfect for such a situation.

“Let’s do it properly this time.” He said and proceeded to uncover her body.

“I am still sore…” She tried to make up an excuse but did not resist as he pulled the blanket away.

“Don’t worry about it.” He gently said and then helped her sit on the bed before pushing her back, making her lie down.

Ayesha tried to cover herself with her arms, but he did not allow her to do such as he placed his right hand on her swollen nether lips, which she trapped between her thighs.

“Relax.” He softly said and then leaned in to plant kisses on her collarbone.

Her body trembled at every kiss that he planted on her skin, and when he playfully nibbled her left nipple, her back arched a little in surprise and the sensations that jolted through her.

The hand he was keeping on her nether lips suddenly warmed up, and she felt a very comforting warmth soothing away the pain she was feeling down there.

This surprised her, but Keith gave her no time to look down as he started sucking on her left boob quite hungrily.

He just could not help it. They were big, round, and just so supple that he could not resist the temptation, however, he was still paying attention to healing her and cleaning off the dried blood from her lower body with his Aura.

Once he was done with it, he started stroking her puffy lips, making her squirm some more, and it did not take long for him to make her gush out her love juices, preparing herself for him.

He brought her to a very fulfilling orgasm, which even surprised Ayesha since she had never before experienced something like it when she had touched herself down there.

However, her surprise did not last long as she looked absolutely terrified when he revealed his manliness to her.

“It’s already been inside of you, silly girl.” He chuckled and then climbed between her legs.

“N-no..” She tried to stop him but he managed to invade her, and her breath got stuck in her throat.

“Relax.” He gently said and planted a kiss on her forehead once he filled her to the brim. “Wrap your arms around my neck.” He guided her, and she did as asked, still feeling a little discomfort and pain at being stretched so much.

But once he started moving inside of her, all thoughts fled away, and she basked in a pleasure that she never thought was even possible.

Her unrestrained moans echoed in the room, and right before she reached her orgasm, a dangerous thought crept into her mind.

‘Perhaps, it would not be so bad being his Mistress…’

As soon as this thought took root, her eyes beheld his profile more carefully, and she could not help herself as she reached up to capture his lips, revelling in his intoxicating taste. And then her mind blanked out as orgasm after orgasm hit her, and only when he finally erupted inside of her, did she sober up.

“We did not use protection…”

“Shhh…” He cut her off her and captured her lips. “Don’t worry about it. It’s safe.”

After all his Medical Skills, it he could not prevent unwanted pregnancy, it would be a real shame.

Ayesha did not ask anything more about it and thoroughly lost herself to her lust as he just did not seem to get tired.

Keith took her again and again, until she could no longer hang on and lost consciousness, drifting off to a sound sleep.

He wanted to make her addicted to this pleasure so that the mere thought of not having him in her life would scare her. And he knew that it would not take him long to achieve his goal.


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