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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 111 Bahasa Indonesia

Keith went to bed very late in the night, and when he woke up, it was almost noon.

The first thing he did after waking up was to check his phone, and a bright smile bloomed on his face when he read Sebastian’s message.

Ryou had successfully completed his task, and he was back, unscathed and having faced no complications in last night’s job.

Alexander Rivera, the maternal cousin of Christian Falken, the Heir to the rich and powerful Rivera Family of the Ziorre City was found dead this morning in his Condo in City Square.

The Police were investigating the incident since it was undoubtedly an assassination, where his bodyguards had been found dead as well. But unfortunately for them, Ryou had left them with no leads that could be traced back to him.

He remembered very well that when the Angelini Family fell in his dream, Falken and Rivera had profited the most. A few years later, Rivera Family officially entered the City of Sameran, and in one fell swoop, they managed to enter the circle of the Major Families of this city. And right now, both families enjoyed a strong business relationship.

Alex was also one of the future Pillars of Ye Tian in the Sameran City, but now, he was gone, and Keith did not plan on letting the Rivera come to Sameran.

The loss of Alex was not just a loss to the Rivera Family, but also a great loss to the Falken since their eldest daughter was married to him. They had lost their Son-in-law, which ultimately meant that the Rivera Family was no longer personally motivated to continue with the plans of the Falken.

The death of the heir was bound to ensue a struggle for power within the family, and since he was an only son from his mother, who was Christian’s Maternal Aunt, the next Heir of Rivera would have no connection with the Falken Family. Just in the span of one night, the Falken had lost more than they could have ever imagined.

Keith did not bother looking at the news that concerned him and quickly got up to freshen up since he had an exam in the afternoon.

“Thanks, Viola!” He smiled at the maid who was waiting for him in the dining room with his breakfast.

Viola smiled and politely bowed to him before helping him plate his meal.

“Where’s everyone?” He curiously asked as he sipped his orange juice.

“Mistress is in her study with lady Amelia and her Shadow. Sir Caesar and Miss May are with them as well. Yingying is out on a run. Minami is grooming Milo. Miss Celine is visiting the Rose Garden, and Miss Qingyue is in her room, studying for today’s exam.” She informed him about what everyone was doing.

“Please tell Qingyue to get ready. We will leave for University at 1 pm.”

“As you say, Young Master.” Viola politely bowed to him before leaving to deliver his message.

After he finished up his breakfast, Keith walked out of the Manor and walked towards the House that Victor and Ryou shared.

Both of them were on the lawn, and Ryou was teaching Victor about Knife Throwing, and surprisingly, Victor was doing quite well.

“Master!” The Musclehead stopped and bowed to him when he saw him approach, and Ryou too followed his lead.

“Well done, Ryou.” He smiled said, and the Japanese boy bowed to him again. “Up for another session?”

“Yes.” Ryou immediately answered and Victor too nodded his head.

They did not have to be told now what they had to do, and both of them took off their shirts and sat cross-legged on the snow-covered grass.

Once again, tears rolled out of Victor’s eyes as Keith broke down his body, but he did not utter a single cry or complain.

Keith chuckled when he started on Ryou and found his heart palpitating in the fear of pain that was about to befall him, but the boy did not say anything and endured it by closing his eyes and trying his best to clear his mind.

Now that they both had tasted the sweet benefits of this exercise, they were more than willing to go through this hell over and over again.

He did not stay after he finished working on Ryou and got up to walk back towards the Manor.

Halfway back, Yingying ran up to him and silently started following him.

“Slept well?”

“Yes.” She nodded her head. “Please don’t do it again.”

“Do what?” He playfully smiled and asked, but Yingying remained silent, knowing well that he understood what she was talking about.

Keith had sneakily put her to sleep last night when he was treating her, and he did not doubt that she was quite anxious when she woke up in the morning.

“Get changed. You will drive me off to University today.”

“Yes, Master!”

She immediately rushed inside the Manor, and Keith did not miss the light smile on her face. He knew she was happy that he was allowing her to come with him to the University. He had stopped taking her with him once High-School ended, but there was never really any need for a bodyguard on the premises of the Sameran University since it was situated right next to the Military District. The security measures in the University were as good as they could be, and it was not a place for someone to act unruly.

“You should stay home and rest.” A voice called out as he sat on the stairs, waiting for the two ladies. “After all that has happened, you can easily take a leave and appear in the exams on a later date.” Qingyue sat right next to him and said.

“I will be fine.” He turned to look at her and smiled. “How’s your preparation?”

“As best as it could be.” She truthfully said and then frowned. “Did you study for it?”

“No. But like I said, I will be fine.” He casually said.

“Hmph! We shall see that on the result day.” She displeasedly folded her arms on her chest.

“By the way, I think I should warn you about something.” He suddenly turned serious and solemnly said.

“What?” Qingyue was taken aback by his words and apprehensively asked.

“Rebecca asked me what your kiss tastes like.” He meaningfully said. “And with how she behaves around you…” He stopped and then looked her in the eyes. “In the end, I promised her that she could join the two of us in bed in the future.”

“What are you talking about?!” She angrily pushed him away and then glared at him when he burst out in full-blown laughter. “Keith!”

Qingyue stood up and stomped her foot hard on the floor turning around to walk away, but then she stopped and glared at him again.

“We are never doing it!”

“Are you sure?” He teasingly smiled at her and raised his brow. “A marriage not consummated is not considered a marriage in my family.”

His words made her cheeks turn red and she averted her eyes away.

“That’s not what I mean!” She said.

“Oh.” He feigned a sigh of relief. “You had me worried there. So, what did you mean then?”

She tried to glare at him in an attempt to regain some composure but seeing his playful smile, her heart skipped a beat and she immediately averted her eyes again.

“I will not allow anyone to join us in our bed.” She meekly said and stomped her foot angrily when Keith started laughing again. “Behave!”

“Sorry…” He stopped and apologized before breaking into laughter once again.

“Keith!” She shouted his name but then just turned around and started walking towards the fountain, ignoring him.

“Hey!” He stood up and followed after her. “Are you not even going to think about it? Rebecca would be heartbroken…”

“Shut up!” She turned around and pushed him away. “Ask her to take her fantasy someplace else. I don’t want to be part of any of her vulgar fantasies!”

“Okay. I will make sure to tell her that you called her Vulgar.”

“I…” She tried to defend herself but then frowned and turned her face away. “Yeah, be sure to tell her that. I am going to keep my distance from her in the future.”

“You know, the feel of a woman’s flesh is quite intoxicating…”

“I am not into girls!” She loudly said. “And would you please stop talking about it?!”

“Okay, okay!” He raised his hand helplessly and sighed. “Rebecca is going to be so heartbroken…”

“Shut up!” She furiously said and turned around, and before she could react, she found herself in his arms and her lips sealed with his.

She tried to feign some anger and tried to struggle, but eventually melted under his kiss and closed her eyes, leaving herself at his mercy.

When they finally separated, Keith brightly smiled at her as he looked into her misty eyes.

“You know, I told her that you taste divinely sweet.”

“Keith…” Whatever she was about to say was cut short when a girlish scream sounded out from behind her.


Qingyue immediately turned around and the colour drained off her face before it suddenly returned and turned her fair skin a shade of scarlet.


“That was so sweet!” Celine clasped her hands on her chest and gushed over what she had just witnessed. “Do it again!” She suddenly cheered, and Keith could not help but laugh when he found Qingyue tearfully looking at him for help.

However, luck was on her side since Yingying happened to drive up to them in her BMW, and she immediately got into the car and locked the door on her side.

“Don’t run!” Celine ran up to them and then folded her arms on her chest as she stared at her daughter from the window. “I think we need to have a chat, my lovely daughter!” She mischievously grinned as she found her little girl not meeting her eyes.

“Keith!” Qingyue called out to him, ignoring her mother. “We will be late for the exam!”

“Sorry, Auntie.” Keith brightly smiled and planted a kiss on Celine’s cheek before getting into the car. “We will talk in the evening.” He promised.

“You better!” She smiled and then waved at them as the car drove off.

“She’s never going to drop it…” Qingyue anxious spoke after a few minutes.

“Come on, I don’t think she’s going to tease you too much about it.”

“You really think so?” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“No.” He grinned at her and then laughed when she angrily punched his arm.

“It’s all because of you!”

“Who else would you have liked it to be if not me?”


Keith kept teasing her for the rest of the ride and only stopped when Qingyue threatened to break into tears. As it turned out, Keith realised that he was not as immune to tears as he believed he was.

But of course, it depended on the person who was shedding those tears.


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