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Village Head’s Debauchery – Chapter 111: The seduced Celeste Bahasa Indonesia

“Is Reena still bathing?” I asked Gina, ignoring our mother’s complaints as I touched her nipples and molded her massive breast more firmly.

Gina also paid no heed to the sound of our mother’s moans, her head bobbing in agreement as she recounted the tale of how Reena came back home with mud all over her body. Apparently, she had stumbled into a muddy pit while foraging for tree roots. With a small chuckle, Gina added, “She was fuming when she came home, so she rushed straight to the backyard to wash off the mud.”

As Gina responded, I nodded in understanding and released our mother’s juicy breasts from my grip. Standing up, I decided to join Reena in the backyard, despite having not yet taken my bath today and feeling a little damp from my earlier workout. I realized there was no need to wait for her to come out when I could head there now and solidify our relationship once and for all.

But, just as I made a move to leave, my mother abruptly interjected. “Ha! Haa! Why are you stopping now?” Her words hung in the air for a moment before she swiftly removed her tulga top and grasped her enormous left breast with her right hand, arming her pink aroused nipples at me. “Don’t you want to play with Mother’s breast again?” she panted, her ragged breaths revealing that she was still reeling from the pleasure that I had given her.

With a sudden idea popping into my head, I bent down slightly and watched as she extended her motherly breast towards my mouth. However, I had a different target in mind: her ears. As my breath tickled her earlobes, I whispered, “I’m heading to the backyard to ask Reena to be my partner.” From the corner of my eye, I could see her movements freeze, and I didn’t need to look at her face to know that her eyes were widened in shock. “As our mother, I think it’s only fitting that you witness such an important moment from the beginning to the end,” I added, recalling how a proposal was a significant event in the village’s customs.

Her expression slowly transformed from one of surprise to a sudden realization. Of course, if I planned to propose to Reena, it was evident that we would be indulging in physical pleasure together, just as she and I had done prevouisly. And I knew that my mother, with her newfound insatiable appetite for erotic thrills, would want to observe every moment, especially since she seemed to be feeling quite aroused herself.

After finishing my conversation with my mother, I stood up tall and locked eyes with Gina, who was looking at us with a disapproving frown. She probably didn’t appreciate that I kept the details of our discussion a secret from her. But the truth was, I didn’t have anything to hide. Infact, I expected her to be curious enough to join our mother and sneak a peek at me engaging in a more sensual lovemaking session with Reena.

Without wasting anymore time, I walked to the room to grab an extra tulga before making my way to the bckyard for a bath. Once I arrived, I left the door slightly ajar, creating a gaping hole big enough for someone to peer through.

Reena’s head snapped towards the entrance as she sensed someone stepping into the backyard. “Gina, yo-” she started, but her voice trailed off as she laid eyes on me. “Orion,” she breathed, a small smile playing on her lips as she nodded in acknowledgement.

I carefully hung my extra tulga and dirty one on the makeshift fence before making my way over to her. “Wait a minute,” she said, noticing my intent to bathe. “I’ll be done soon, then you can take your bath.”

Truly, Reena was a sight to behold. But regardless, as I watched her wet long black hair cascading down her back and her smooth, glowing skin, I let out a playful snort as Reena’s rolled her eyes at my sudden question. “Are you saying that I can’t bath with you?” I teased, grabbing the small plastic rubber that was already filled with water from her hand and pouring it over her smooth, bare back.

“Besides,” I continued, “I’m the one who went to fetch water from the well today, and after walking for miles, I don’t feel the need to waste any water. So let’s wash up quickly and head inside.” With a serious but feigned expression, I rubbed my hands against her back, making sure to wash away any dirt or sweat she might have missed.

Exhaling audibly, she eventually gave in and inquired, “I saw your mates working on the farm today. Why didn’t you join them?”.

I scooped up water from the clay pot positioned in front of her, answering confidently, “I have made a decision, I am going to become a warrior.” I continued, “So, instead of working on the farm today, I will be heading to the village chief’s compound tomorrow.”

As I was just about to pour the refreshing water over her hair, she abruptly turned around and locked her gaze with mine, her beautiful brown eyes widened in disbelief. She asked, “You, a warrior? How is that possible?” The suddenness of her reaction caused water to trickle down her face, prompting her to close her eyes and mouth instinctively.

With a sense of satisfaction at her reaction, I firmly replied, “I have awakened a six-star potential for my inner strength. Therefore, I have decided to join the warriors in protecting our village by destroying the vicious Vylkr vines.” I sounded really heroic in my head, if it weren’t for the fact that I was thinking about the wealth I could accumulate from being a warrior.

While I bent down to scoop more water, Reena immediately repeated my words in disbelief, “Six-star potential?” Her eyes, which I believed couldn’t widen any further, expanded once more, emphasizing her surprise. Without hesitation, I nodded and added, “I was even granted an audience with the village chief and chieftess in their hut. They were obviously both impressed with my potential.”


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