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Every week, a famous music magazine, Record, which covers everything in American and international music would publish an article on the upcoming songs.

They mainly covered mainstream singers or those from famous record labels.

These articles would be free for everyone visiting their website and would talk about singers and their songs. This week, the magazine covered one of the most interesting music clashes in recent times.

The title of the article was interesting enough for people to click on it.

<The new list of songs that are going to be released this week. From an anticipated debut to the return of a pop star.>

Like every week, we are back with some of the most anticipated releases of this week. On the music charts, ‘Wild dogs’ by the rock band ‘Hounds’ and the pop song ‘All I see is red’ by famous Canadian singer ‘Ron McLarry are still ruling.

Both the songs have already gotten over 100 million views on MeTube and are one of the most popular songs to stream on Melody and other streaming services like Musicify.

But do the songs released this week have enough strength in them to pass these songs’ popularity? Let’s discuss that.

First of all, there are not a lot of songs released this week. Only two, in which one of them is a debut single from someone who had gotten a lot of fans by winning the famous reality show X-Star and the second one is a pop star that has largely become irrelevant after taking a break from showbiz but is now planning a comeback.

Yes, we are talking about Rachel Rose and Grey.

Rachel, who had recently signed a deal with Cyco media, seemed to have worked day and night in her debut, according to the rumours.

Her debut single is titled ‘Forever’ and it seems to be a love song written and composed by famous songwriter Alyssa Williams, who was also one of the judges in X-Star.

Due to Cyco media promoting her aggressively as their next big icon, her song has been expected to do well on the music charts.

Now, let’s come to Grey who hadn’t been spotted anywhere in recent times and had suddenly announced a new single. What is more interesting about it is that the single ‘Lonely’ is a ballad written and composed by Aiden Silvereye, one of the contestants on X-Star who failed to make it till the grand finale but had recently gotten popularity due to a viral song of his.

It is reported that the song has been rearranged and has been converted to a Folk-pop song, something that is well within Grey’s strong zones.

Due to Rachel being the one to defeat Aiden on X-Star, people have been discussing how it was going to be the second clash between them. This has given the two songs releasing on the day some rivalry.

Though, it would be interesting to see who would be the winner between the both of them. Or would both of them turn out to be a flop?

We could just wait and watch.


Although the recording was over, Aiden’s job wasn’t. Just the next day after the recording ended, he needed to do the shoot for the cover for Lonely.

As he was the original composer and featured in the song, Grey and he shot for the cover together. Apparently, this was also on the contract.

Even after the photoshoot, he needed to practice the song with Grey to perform on the stage together with him. For a whole week, both of them practiced together.

Thankfully, there was no shoot for the music video as Neu entertainment had hired actors for it instead of using Grey and him for it. It was done to save time as they were in a hurry to get the single out.

Apparently, next month, another famous artist of theirs, Andrea, was going to release a full-fledged album, so they didn’t want the dates to clash.

It was decided that they were going to do the first performance of the song on ‘The Rory Chambers show’, a talk show by Rory Chambers, who was a comedian and actor.

It was just going to be a segment at the end, but it was a very big opportunity for him as the talk show was very famous on the tv channel CMN, being watched by millions.

Moreover, Aiden was just going to appear in some of the performances at the start and Grey would mostly do them on his own as it was his song and Aiden was just featuring.

Even though it was a bit unfair, showbiz was just like that and Neu entertainment was the powerful one here. They would not have signed the contract if Grey was not getting most of the limelight.

Both Wade and Aiden understood that well and were just using this chance to get some more popularity.

That’s why, Aiden practiced hard and even though he knew that people were pinning him and Rachel together for a clash on social media, he just focused on improving himself and giving a good performance.

Social media discussions were irrelevant to him. Aiden wanted to know how people were going to react to him after he had evolved his skill to Intermediate Grade.

And finally, on Saturday, 1 September, the day of the first performance came.


“I don’t want to go down like this.”

“I can’t find the passion, and the only thing I could do is to wish.”

“No, I don’t want to be picked up.”

“Even if I’m lonely, I know I could be something more.”

“Maybe that is lost in my heart, but I’m trying to find it and soarrrr.”

“I just want to scream out loud, only one thing that sits in the back of my mind.”

On the stage, Grey was waving at the audience who were looking enamored hearing his singing. Silver light filled the hall as the performance was at the end.

It had started with the introduction of both Grey and Aiden and after that, the audience had just gone wild when the song began.

With Grey’s charisma and Aiden’s sweet, charming voice, the audience truly got an experience that they had not expected at all.

As Grey finished his verse, he looked up at Aiden who was standing on the left and both of them started singing the last verse together.

“Ooh, I just feel lonely.”

“Looking for a way out of this, but everything is fading slowly.”

“Ooh, I just feel lonely.”

“My days are eating me up, nights feel empty, and no one knows me closely.”

“Ooh, I just feel lonely… Yeah, I just feel lonely.”

They both softly sang the last line, giving rise to their emotions that immediately connected with the audience.

The slow background music died down as silver light started to turn thin and mix with the atmosphere. Aiden smiled at the audience as Grey gave him a nod for a good performance.

This was their first show and it ended very well.

“How do you like it, people? That’s Grey for you with a very talented young man, Aiden performing their new single together called Lonely. You could stream it for free on Melody and watch the music video on MeTube.” Rory Chambers said on the mic with his iconic smile as the performance ended. “With that, good night to you all.”


“We have 3 more shows tonight and 4 tomorrow. Apparently, we managed to get a timeslot for ‘Song night’, so we are going to perform there too.”

Jason, Grey’s agent, explained, looking at his watch. They were currently in the van after the performance at The Rory Chambers show.

“Song night? Damn nice. A lot of people watch that.” Grey smiled, leaning on his seat.

Song night was a program in which famous singers would sing their songs back to back. Every singer can perform only one song and after that, another would come out.

It was never known to the audience which singer will be performing, so it was always a surprise for them, making it a pretty simple yet unique show.

‘The schedule is tough.’

Aiden thought, but somehow, he didn’t feel like he wouldn’t be able to do all of it. In fact, he felt excited as the more exposure the song got, the better it was going to perform.

As he was thinking that, his eyes landed on Wade who was scrolling something on his phone.

“What are you looking at?” He asked.

“Music charts. Some of them will be updated next week but Melody’s New Top 50 singles chart is updated every day. I’m looking for Lonely in there.”

His words attracted the attention of Grey and Jason too and they quickly asked.

“In what position ‘Lonely’ is?”

“Yeah, it must be at least in the top 20.”

Wade scratched the back of his head, giving an awkward smile which made Aiden worried for a second. Was the song not doing that well?

“Actually, it’s 11th on the charts.”

Aiden sighed in relief hearing that. Grey and Jason looked a bit relieved too. 11 was not a bad number by Grey’s standards. In a matter of few days, it would surely get into the top 5 which was a great success.

“Why are you looking so awkward when the song is doing good?”

“The thing is… See it for yourself.”

Wade just tossed the phone to Aiden and at that moment, his eyes went wide, finally finding out why his agent was acting so awkward.

[Lonely by Grey ft Aiden Silvereye- 11th]

[Forever by Rachel Rose- 8th]

They were behind Rachel.



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