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<[Judgment] earns 344 million in three weeks, making it one of the least earning superhero movies this year. John Strampton said that the sequel would have the momentum behind it and would cross a billion dollars.>

<[Agnas] surpassed [Judgment] by earning 389 million dollars in the first month. The movie would do a lifetime business of 400 million dollars, making it a deserved hit. Zero International is hinted to be going for the Oscars too.>

<[Judgment] and [Agnas] made their way into the most earning movies of the year at the box office. In a rather disappointing year for Hollywood, Aiden Silvereye had two hits, making him a sure contender of making it into A list with his next movie.>

At the end of the year, these types of reports started coming from major entertainment news outlets. [Agnas] had truly made it big and the industry had gotten a lesson in the form of [Judgment].

With too much superhero content, you need to be better than the most. And do a better job in the VFX department which most superhero movies lacked now due to being rushed.

It was also good news that good high budget movies that aren’t in the superhero genre would also work if the audience liked it enough.

In all this, Aiden’s fans were the ones that were the happier bunch. With [Action Hero], <Morpheus> and [Agnas], this was a great year for Aiden. There were even whispers of him finally being considered an A lister but it wasn’t established yet.

A lot depended on his next movie.

But for now, the fan group was extremely happy and were excited for the holiday season.

[Skyneves: ‘Joker’ got over 100 million views on MeTube. It’s really a smash hit. Aiden’s music was really missing from my life.]

[I play games for microtransactions: Shouldn’t it be Agnas’s song? Aiden just completed it. I feel like this is more his song than it’s Aiden’s song.]

[Mario Italian accent: I agree. Still, I heard no other composer could complete it and Aiden got the role precisely because he was able to complete it. He was truly meant to play Agnas.]

[Got a PS5, bitches: Yeah and I’m hoping he gets back into another album after this. He probably got a lot of inspiration from Agnas and I would love to get an album from Aiden now.]

[Hollywood Insider: I think he’s already doing a movie next.]

At that comment, a lot of the lurking members suddenly became active. Insider was already a mysterious figure in the group that has been recognised as a true insider of the movie industry.

So, anything he says is mostly something that’s bound to happen.

[Moaning Frodo: What movie? Give details, insider. Please?]

[Hollywood Insider: I won’t.]

[Moaning Frodo: I feel like I deserve it. I sent you my secret stash of fur—]

[Hollywood Insider: Okay okay! Well, cough, this is very secret information but I think they’re gonna make an announcement soon. A special role in a special movie. And I can tell you this, it will be Aiden’s hardest role yet and if he cracks it well, it’s sure to be a blockbuster.]


“You know I am scared to go head to head with you in a box office clash now. Everyone who has done it hasn’t really made it out nicely. You are a beast for a young guy. Aren’t you nearing your 30s now?”

“I’m 28. So yeah in two years.”

“Still fairly young. I made my debut at your age and you have long surpassed me.”

A man said with a laugh as he looked at Aiden. He had a pretty nice looking beard and there was a tattoo on his neck that was very clear. With brown hair and an extremely athletic body, he looked like a viking.

It was actually an apt description as the name had just finished the third season of a famous TV series [Valhalla Calling] which was about vikings. The man was Ray Hardy, someone who Aiden was meeting after a long time.

They have met a few times in some award shows and they always have a good relationship. It had been established when they worked in [Black Saints].

“I actually didn’t expect that Zavier would be able to get you on board for [The Black Saint].”

Aiden said, being a bit careful in his words. Ray and him were meeting in the office of Granite films, the production house behind the first [Black Saints].

They were also producing the sequel obviously.

“Why? Because I’m not the main character anymore.”

Ray said with a serious expression.

“Kind of. I actually wasn’t sure how you would take the news. You know, the first part was about you and now, it’s suddenly about Kai. There can be dissatisfaction and I don’t want that.”

“I get where you’re coming from but don’t worry.” Ray put a hand on his shoulders. “Kai was a great character for me too and I personally felt like we made a mistake by not giving him enough scenes. The audience thought that too, so I was immediately on board when I heard that the sequel was based on his story. Moreover, when Zavier came to meet me…”

Ray trailed his words and stopped, thinking about the exact words to use. Aiden squinted his eyes a bit.

“His eyes looked possessed. Like he had something to prove. I get it from what happened with him last year. It’s hard to not be on board when you know the director is thinking of this movie as his best work.”

Suddenly, the door to the meeting room opened and Zavier walked in and looked at the both of them.

“Can someone among you click a selfie and post it on your social media accounts?”

“Ah yeah. But why?”

“Creating hype before the announcement of the movie. The team is working on a few posters to announce the movie next month. But the marketing team feels like we can create more hype by hinting at something. I don’t know how marketing people’s brains works but they asked me to talk to you too.”

Zavier shrugged his shoulders and Ray nodded.

“I will do it. Aiden can do the same. Let people speculate for a few days before the official announcement.”

“Yeah, I’m fine with it.”

Aiden said as Zavier sat down. He had called them both here to talk about the dates and time of shooting.

“So, we are going to wrap the pre-production by February and start in the last week of Feb. I hope you two don’t have any other schedules as I want to finish it on time.”

“It’s fine with me.” Ray said. “I have to shoot a rom com with Grant Elliot in July and until then I’m free.”

Actually, one of the reasons Ray was doing [The Black Saint] was because his role was deliberately shot. In the past years, he had shot for blockbusters like [Fury Road] and [The Black Symbiote].

Adding to it was the TV shows he was already doing.

These movies would take a whole year to shoot and he was so sick of it that he was now only taking small roles or roles that he could have fun in like a rom com or a weird indie project.

“We will be fine. Just take time to get back into your character.” Zavier said before turning to Aiden. “What about you, Kai?”

For the record, Zavier was calling him Kai for a while now. It was because he wanted him to get used to it as soon as possible.

“I have nothing else planned. I’m not taking anything for a month or two because I just want to focus on Kai and his thoughts. I want to become the character.”

“You take it very seriously, eh?”

Ray asked and Aiden nodded.

“Yeah, this is the kind of role that I need to give my all too. Last time, I made Kai’s character as a psychopath with weird antics in my head. But he’s more than that. I want to break down his character and go deeper into what made him Kai.”

Aiden explained. He was a mere beginner the first time he stepped into the character of Kai. But now, he has evolved.

Moreover, [Black Saints] was comparatively different from [The Black Saint]. The first was a crime thriller and Kai as a ruthless antagonist with no background or origin worked extremely well.

It gave him a factor in which people were in awe of him but they couldn’t sympathise with him, giving him an edge.

Now, this was more of an action tragedy, needing him to show the emotions of Kai.

“How are you going to do it? I’m very curious.”

Ray asked, showing him a smile that said that he was very curious about his methods. Zavier also gave attention.

“I’m planning to spend some time alone and do a few things.”

Aiden said, giving an ambiguous answer.


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