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Reviews were a big part of any movie and bad reviews were bound to have an impact on first day collections. Especially with indie movies, they always need good reviews and then good word of mouth to spread.

So with early bad reviews in the critics and reporters screening, it was evident that the mood of people working on the movie would instantly become worse.

Rather than saying they were upset, they were devastated.

It even spreaded in Titan studios office and it was already getting considered as a flop movie among the employees and people were saying that it was money wasted. Ava was naturally upset and had to deal with taunts from Alberto.

Asano was angry too. He had poured everything into this project and it had come out as he had visioned. Even the marketing had gone very well.

Despite all that, critics hated it.

He had drank a lot after the critics screening to drown his pain. Wade and Omar were kind of in the same state of mind.

The former was already planning what to do with the movie failing while Omar was just not ready to face failure.

In all this, only Aiden was calm.

‘Critics screening was just the first base.’

He was upset due to the reviews too. He had read all of them but even the best of the publications have only given the movie 3 stars and a lot of them have criticised teens fighting like this.

It was panned as soulless.

But in the first place, critics were the last thing on his mind when he had signed the movie. It was the audience and making an entertaining movie that were the priorities.

‘Even if the critics hated it, it’s fine. This movie is not for them. It’s to give a good time to people and the audience needs to like it.’

He had appeased himself thinking that. And right now, in front of him, he felt like those words had come true.

The audience had clapped and cheered the whole screening. No one had left their seats even after the movie had ended.

They were still chatting with their friends about the movie and Aiden was clearly able to hear a few comments.

“The movie was so good. The time went by in a flash. What an experience.”

“Wasn’t that staircase fight scene so dope? He looked like he was about to fall down but still kept going. It was so awesome.”

“I feel like we should recreate a few scenes from it for our MeTube channel. Feels like they would soon go viral.”

“I’m bringing my friends with me to watch this again. I’m pretty sure they would love it.”

“Same. I finally got an excuse to go on a boy’s night out.”

It had the desired effect that Aiden was hoping for and smiling to himself, he walked up to Asano.

“I think the movie did what it was intended to. Are you happy?”

He asked this precisely because of how depressed Asano looked in the past couple of days.

“Yeah. I didn’t know the audience reaction would be so good. The critics were never this harsh towards my movies.” Asano frowned thinking about those. His ego and confidence was severely hurt by the reviews.

“I’m sure they would change their ways when the movie earns well?”

“Do you think it would?”

Asano looked at Aiden who didn’t hesitate even a little bit before answering.

“I feel like it would earn way more than its budget. So much so that studios would run after you, asking you to direct their big blockbusters.”


After the initial public screenings, the movie was finally released in the first week of June in 300 screens all over America. Due to the early reviews from critics, Aiden expected it to start low and it only earned 568k dollars on the first day.

An opening that was considered low as their total budget including marketing was 12 million dollars.

For context, [30 days of Happiness] have breakeven in just three days but it didn’t seem possible for [Action Hero].

The verdict was always whispered as a flop among Hollywood analysts.

Compared to that, [Stars on the Ground] earned 5.7 million dollars on the first day, which was considered average but much better than [Action Hero]. They would be able to breakeven the production cost in a week if the movie keeps the momentum.

Though, the team of [Stars on the Ground] wanted something much better.

Though, one thing was sure the next coming days at the box office would be something big.

“You bagged the role of Agnas recently. There are reports that director Baz McCarthy personally vouched for you and even requested Zero International CEO to get you to play the lead. How did all that happen?”

Aiden looked at the female Radio Jockey in front of him. He was currently giving an interview in a local radio station to promote [Action Hero] and talk about his future projects.

Taking a moment to think about the answer, Aiden opened his mouth.

“I first met him during the audition. Later, I found out that my name was considered to play Agnas. Although it wasn’t confirmed yet. So, I went to have a meeting with Baz and was able to convince him somehow.”

“How did you convince him?”

“I can’t talk about it in public. I could just say that our thoughts on the movie matched a lot and we both saw Agnas’ stardom in a similar way.”

Aiden answered in a way as to not talk about ‘Joker’. It was supposed to be a big secret until the movie release.

The rest of the interview went smoothly as the focus shifted to [Action Hero]. Aiden had only agreed to the interview to promote his movie.

After it was done, he thanked everyone and left the room.

‘Wade and Tom are checking up on the theatres where [Action Hero] is screening. We need better occupancy rates today. I should call them.’

Aiden thought in his mind. It was still morning but he hoped that the occupancy rate in the cinema would increase today. Otherwise, no one could save the movie.

As he was walking, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. In the hallway, someone familiar was walking up to him.

It was Florence Levine.

‘What bad luck.’

Aiden cursed in his mind. A smile appeared on Florence’s way as her eyes landed on him.

A vixen-like smile. A smile that Aiden didn’t like.

“I didn’t expect to see you here but it’s a pleasant surprise.” She said as she walked close to him.

“I hope meeting you makes your day better going by how happy you look.”

“It does. I am also here to give an interview regarding [Stars on the Ground]. I have one after this too.”

She said, like she wanted Aiden to know that she was in demand. Sadly for her, Aiden had gotten used to not holding back against people he didn’t like.

“Everyone would want to interview you to get a hint on who was there with you at the party.”

Her face froze hearing that.

“It’s for my movie!” She blurted out. “A movie that you rejected. No, you were the reason why it got so much trouble even releasing. You ruined so many of my plans only for my movie to crush yours. Aren’t you regretting it now?”

Aiden thought that she really changed since the last time he saw her before replying. She was less unbearable before.

Her face looked a lot older and sharp too.

“No, I’m not and let me clarify a few things. Your movie was in trouble because of your own actions. You are lucky people don’t berate you for cheating on your husband. Your ego can’t accept that so you blame me for it. Grow up and anyway, your movie opened very average. The reviews are mixed at best. I’m pretty sure you should not laugh when the result isn’t great for you.”

“Ah, what nonsense. You are the egoistic one here.” She shouted, attracting attention from people that were passing them. A few eyes landed on them and she quickly quieted down. “I don’t think you should talk when your movie didn’t even earn a million dollars at the box office. The reviews are so bad it would be listed in the worst movies ever released.”

Aiden was about to reply to her when his phone suddenly rang. Taking it out, he saw that it was Wade.

“Wade, what’s going… What??”

Aiden suddenly went blank and Florence thought that something bad had happened. Probably his movie flopped harder on the second day.

“Did no one show up to watch your movie? I bet theatre owners are taking out your movie from the cinema.”

“No, it’s actually quite the opposite.” Aiden said. “The occupancy rates are increasing significantly. Over 50 percent of the seats are filled just for the morning shows.”


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