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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 302: Comic con (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Outside the comic con, a female reporter was standing with a cameraman but there was an annoyed expression on her face.

People were randomly brushing against her from time to time.

“People really don’t have any manners.”

She muttered as an obsessed guy bumped her shoulder while passing. She stomped her feet in anger as the guy looked apologetically.


He fled with his friends after that and the cameraman shook his head.

“There’s too many people here already. Get used to it.”

“I have never been to a comic con. I didn’t know.”

“Well, now you know.”

The female reporter muttered something under her breath and took a deep breath and fixed her hair.

Then she got ready.

The cameraman started to roll the camera.

“Hello, I’m Liz Jones from ETV news and we are here at comic con that’s being held in New York this year. As you can see behind me, a lot of people are roaming around. It’s jam packed. Let’s go ask people what they are looking forward to the most at the comic con.”

After the introduction, she looked around and went towards a blonde guy but seeing her, he quickly walked away.

A crack appeared on her face.

‘Liz, this is normal. People are always rude. Get used to it.’

Thinking that, she approached another person but it was only on her fourth person that someone agreed to give an interview.

It was a young girl, probably a college student.

“There’s going to be a few big reveals today. Among them, what are you excited to see here today?”

She asked and without wasting any time, the girl replied.

“I’m here to get an autograph from the creators of <Morpheus>.”


The reporter was confused and even the cameraman showed a similar reaction.

“Yeah, it’s a comic book. There’s a book signing event here. So, I’m very excited about it. Moreover, Aiden Silvereye is supposed to be here too. I wanted to meet him and get a hug.”

“You mean that actor?”

“Yeah, he’s the writer of the comic.”

Saying that, the girl showed the female reporter a few issues of the graphic novel. She talked a bit more about it before going on her way.

Thinking that it was a good enough interview, the female reporter moved onto the next person. Then, the next person.

The answers she got to her question were varied.

“I’m here to attend the event to see the reveals of the new superhero movies coming up. I’m a big fan. I really hope we get a momm— I mean a strong female character movie.”

“I’m attending for the gaming reveals. Heard that they are making another game for ‘The Black Knight’. The movies of it are the worst I have seen but the games are one of the best. Hope they don’t ruin the character.”

“I’m just dragged here by my friends. Though, there’s a lot of people in interesting costumes here.”

Aside from these, one thing the female reporter didn’t expect was that a lot of people had come to get a signed copy of <Morpheus>.

The popularity was clearly a lot for a relatively new series.

“I am here for <Morpheus>. I just love the series. The main character looks gorgeous and the story is very interesting. Especially, because he’s more of an anti hero.”

“I think the comic is more popular among females. They like elegant looking male characters and the story is very interesting. I got hooked after the first chapter and when the main character lost his parents, that was heartbreaking.”

“I just like art. It’s a good series. Very dark for my tastes but it makes up for it due to the story.”

The main reason was obviously that a lot of these people were just Aiden’s fans but a lot also genuinely loved the series.

It was a true dark fantasy with a great main character. Everything that the more commercial media choose to avoid these days.

After taking a few more interviews, the female reporter turned towards the cameraman.

“Do you think we should go check out what is this <Morpheus>?”

“Yeah, it looks interesting.”

“Oka— Stop bumping into me.”

The female reporter shouted as another person bumped into her.


“The line is very long.”

Aiden said as he looked outside the curtains. Their table already had a few people lining up for autographs.

It was a good sign for sure.

“Ah, I’m going to mess up. I’m surely going to mess up.”

Next to him, Bruce was quivering, completely opposite to his attitude from before. A few staff members were giggling looking at him like that.

Sighing, Aiden looked at him.

“Be a bit confident. It’s going to be fine once you give your first autograph. Haven’t you practiced it?”

“I have.” Bruce muttered. “All night I practiced but what if something goes wrong? What if someone said to my face that they don’t like the comic? I’m going to cry on the spot.”

“You are shaking like you are going to propose to your girlfriend.”

Aiden clicked his tongue.

“I feel like I would be better off proposing to her. I won’t have a lot of fear as I have been rejected enough in life.”

Wade laughed out loud hearing that. Everyone else was also smiling.

“Stop thinking so much and go out and give autographs. Remember to shake hands and give hugs, especially if it’s a girl. Hugs and handshakes depend on how pretty she is.”

Wade smirked and pushed Bruce outside. Aiden also walked out and sat down on the table.

A few fans cheered him and quickly came to their table.

“I’m a big fan of yours. Please sign it.”

“I never thought I would see you in the flesh. Please sign this and can I have a hug?”

“Man, I loved your art. I’m an aspiring artist myself.”

People came up quickly and for a second, Bruce felt overwhelmed until he heard the last comment. He somehow relaxed hearing that.

A staff member quickly calmed the fans down.

“Please form a proper line and don’t try to get ahead of yourself. Please cooperate.”

Wade also stood next to Aiden just in case something happened.

One by one, fans kept coming and Aiden signed the copy of the issue of <Morpheus> that they had bought with them.

It was a very standard procedure.

What made it interesting was the conversation of a minute he would have with the fans. At the same time, just seeing the smile on their face made him happy.

It gave his work a sort of meaning.

“I’m a huge fan of yours. Please sign this. I was there when you made your debut during X-Star in the audience. I loved your comic too.”

“You have been supporting me for so long. Thank you very much.”

“I actually never thought I would enjoy <Morpheus> so much. Even my girlfriend loves it. You are very talented.”

“Thanks. Here’s your signed copy.”

Aiden talked nicely with them as he signed autographs. A few people asked for handshakes and selfies alongside a few excited girls asking for hugs.

Bruce also seemed to have relaxed down in his role. He had less people compared to Aiden but he looked very happy with each conversation.

He felt like he was finally in the place where he belonged.

‘It’s going to be tough work.’

Aiden thought, seeing that the line was just increasing and increasing.

But it was good work.


“So, you can’t do it?”

“No, we are already busy with a release. We have given a lot of the marketing budget to it and we can’t delay it. If you are not in a hurry, I can adjust it to release in three months.”

“No, it’s fine. Anyway, good luck with your movie.”

Omar finished his call with the CEO of Eternal life movies, the distributor which had distributed [30 days of Happiness] and frowned.

Even though the movie had been completed well, a strange problem had come up.

The distribution company that Omar had gotten a deal with backed out at the last moment. They somehow had gotten into a sort of scam and had lost too much money, making them unable to distribute movies.

It was a very messy situation on their part.

So, suddenly, [Action Hero] was without any distributors. It was not a good situation for the movie.

He had used his contacts but it was hard to get a distributor. He even showed them an unedited version of the movie but a lot of studios backed out just because of the theme.

One even said that it was a good stupid movie with too many fight scenes and it would never work for the American audience who liked more cinematic experiences.

His last option was Eternal life movies but even they have other commitments.

‘What can I do about this?’

Omar thought and frowned.

He needed to find a good distributor quickly or there’s going to be trouble. Asano wanted to release it in the next two months.

And if he waited for longer, then the Agnas biopic would be released.

Knowing that Aiden was already casted in it, it wasn’t a good idea to release two of his movies so close to each other. [Action Hero] was going to be the one at the losing end if that happens.

Moreover, there was always a time for movies to release.

Following a trend was one thing but Omar looked more into it. People have gotten tired of artistic movies that promote realism in the expanse of entertainment.

Superhero movies have also created an exhaustion.

If not released currently, Omar might lose the right opportunity.

‘I need to find a distributor as soon as possible.’


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