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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 270: Savage Aiden (1) Bahasa Indonesia

<[Sherlock of the Shadows] emerged as a huge hit for Zetflix. The series has been praised left, right and center this week and would very well go down as one of the highly rated series of the year.]

<Aiden Silverye might be up for an Emmy nomination with his new series that had managed to make an impact at the end of the year. After an Oscar nomination this year, the multi talented individual is making giant strides in his short Hollywood career.>

<Phineas Flinch said that the work on the second season would not begin shortly as the streaming platform is not in any short of hurry. We could see the whole cast reprising their roles in it.>

Aiden read through all the articles that flooded his phone screen one by one. The messenger app was filled with a lot of messages, some from the people he knew and some texts were from people who have gotten his number from somewhere to text him.

It was a common thing and he was already used to it.

He only replied to the comments of Uncle Sam, Omar, Dustin and a few others before closing his phone off. He could reply to the others later on.

“Aiden, are you listening?”

Wade’s voice brought his attention back to the real world. His eyes glanced at Lia and Sasha who were talking about something while sipping on coffee.

He was currently sitting in his office.

“No, sorry, I was checking up a few articles and replying to the comments. My phone’s been buzzing a lot since last week.”

“It’s the same with me.” Wade smiled. “Phones always buzz after a project is released, no matter if it’s a hit or a flop. Anyway, I was talking to you about the interviews.”

Hearing that, his face displayed a tired expression.

“Can’t we get over them now? I did a lot of them before the reason and a few after it too. Most of them just ask the same question.”

“You can’t do anything if the reporters aren’t creative. A celebrity’s job is to go through these press interviews in a way.”

“I know. It’s just they don’t even ask about my work or the process. I don’t mind talking about it. They are more interested to know what I do in my private life.”

As Aiden’s private life was pretty hidden due to him not posting anything about it online and avoiding a lot of social events, he was treated as a mysterious figure.

It was boosted by the fact that most people in Hollywood knew what the other was doing. It was the same with the fans due to social media.

Many people even treated it as one of the factors as to why Hollywood doesn’t have superstars anymore.

“It’s the same with a lot of other celebrities. It’s just more in your case.” Wade sighed, then cut back to the main topic. “Anyway, you only have two more interviews for the week. It’s a major publication, so it’s better not to say no. Aside from that, you wanted to talk about your acting process right?”

“Yeah but what are you implying?”

Aiden raised an eyebrow.

“I got a call from Zetflix in the morning. They want you to take part in their annual roundtable interview.”

“You are talking about that show where they call the actors from their successful shows and then toss topics that everyone discusses.”

“Yeah, that one.”

Aiden had seen a few episodes of that in the past as it would release directly on their MeTube channel.

It was a pretty good way of doing an interview and unlike a talk show, it was more about the acting process and the views on the industry.

“The interview gets a million views on average every year, so they want you there to help promote [Sherlock of the Shadows] more.”

Aiden couldn’t help but make a helpless smile hearing that.

“I don’t think I have a choice then.” Aiden shook his head before asking. “Who’s going to be there? They must have told you that.”


Wade’s words trailed as he wondered in his mind how Aiden would react hearing this. His voice got a bit lower on its own.

“What happened?” Aiden asked, tilting his head.

“Nothing. It’s just you won’t like to know who is going to be there with you on the show.”


Aiden wondered why won’t he like it? It was not like he hated anyone in the industry but Wade looked very sure of the fact.

“You will know when you see it yourself.”


“You were right when you said I won’t like it.”

Aiden frowned, looking at Wade. If he could, he would ask Wade to turn the car around but it wasn’t possible now.

‘I did hate one person in the industry. No, there are others but that guy is the worst of the lot.’

He was currently standing in the parking lot of US Weekly, one of the leading entertainment magazines in America. The roundtable interview was something that was produced by both the media giant and Zetflix.

One of the senior reporters from the magazine was going to oversee the roundtable.

Standing in the parking lot, he and Wade were not alone. They were looking at someone who they have not seen for two years.

‘Tyler Reed — The two faced bastard!’

With a burly body and a gentle smile on his face, he was standing with his Lamborghini that looked very new. Besides him, a girl was almost hugging his arm.

Seeing that gentle smile, Aiden almost felt like vomiting. It came off as nothing but disgusting to him.

“Which movie of his is he here for again?” Aiden asked in a whisper.

“[The Name]. It’s a rom com. You know those cheesy ones where teens are willing to die for each other even when they have only met for the first time. His popularity among girls increased after it.”

Wade said and as they were talking, Tyler walked up to them with the girl following him.

“Aiden, it’s been such a long time. I didn’t expect to see you here. It seems like your new series is doing well. You are moving up in Hollywood quite quickly. Makes me feel incompetent.”

‘Maybe because you are incompetent.’

Those words stayed in Aiden’s throat but they didn’t come out.

Although Tyler had a smile on his face and looked like he was meeting a friend after a long time, Aiden knew that his true thoughts would be completely opposite.

But he needed to act well with him, at least until he dropped his guard.

“Thanks.” He simply said that, wanting to end the conversation but Tyler continued on.

“I heard you got on good terms with Ava Adler. The last time I saw her, she was talking about you. It’s easy to get roles when you have a backing.”

Aiden’s face froze a bit hearing that. Even with a smiling face and gentle voice, his words were clearly implying that Aiden got the role due to backing and not talent.

He felt like it was too ironic.

“You would know more about it. After all, you have a nice habit of calling your Godfather after every audition.”

“What?” A crack appeared on his face.

“You didn’t hear me? You should have spent money on hearing aids instead of an expensive car.”

Tyler opened and closed his mouth, unable to say anything back. The only reason he had tried to attack Aiden was because he was sure he wouldn’t talk back.

He still saw him as a stupid guy who was trying to make it in Hollywood without any big agency backing.

Being friends with someone like Ava didn’t mean a lot in Tyler’s eyes as he knew the politics that was going on in Titan studios.

‘This guy doesn’t know that I was the one who told Omar about his drug habits.’

Aiden thought. Even without that, he would not have just listened to anything. He was not a rookie anymore while Tyler’s career had hardly moved since their last meeting.

Even if his godfather tried something against him, Aiden was sure that he would get away from it.

“Ah, do you not know how to talk to someone?”

Suddenly, the girl standing next to Tyler burst out.

Aiden turned towards her and information about her went through his mind.

Her name was Leona Mane, one of the actresses that was invited for the roundtable. She was a red haired teen actress who Aiden had to say was someone who knew how to act.

“What did I say that made you burst out?”

“You were rude to him”

“Really?” Aiden stared at her. “You saw that I was rude but you didn’t see what he did. Are you blind from one eye or you just have double standards?”

Leona’s face also froze hearing Aiden’s words. Even Wade was a bit surprised.

Aiden wasn’t one to talk back like this. It was almost like he was showing a completely different side of himself.

“Leave it. Let’s go.”

Tyler said and pulled Leona with him towards the entrance. He gave a menacing stare to Aiden but instead of being scared of it, he felt relieved because it was at least not his two faced smile.

“Are you okay?” Wade asked as they left. “You look angry.”

“It’s just that people like Tyler. I don’t like them and I guess I’m still not over the fact that he tried to steal a role from me so blatantly last time. I have a feeling he would try something in the round table interview too.”

Hearing that, Wade smiled.

“Then, give it back to him. Make it entertaining.”

“I’m planning to.”

Aiden smirked and gave a similar smile like Wade.


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