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It took only a few hours and soon, ‘Lost in the Sky’ was trending at 7th place on Sparrow in America. The song which had been sung hastily in an emergency situation had truly won everyone’s hearts in a short time and was quickly on his way to become another viral sensation of Aiden.

A lot of people who had heard of it in their cars tweeted about it and with that, the song spread all over social media. One of the reasons was also Red Ant FM posting a whole story about how Aiden had taken over on a minute notice after Justin Frank got into an accident.

They even posted the video of Aiden singing ‘Lost in the Sky’ on the radio station which quickly went viral.

This was all a part of Aiden’s plan and he had only agreed to help Red Ant FM if they agreed to post the video and do a press release about the situation immediately.

He didn’t want to waste any time.

He had done it to get benefits from Justin Frank’s situation. He knew how big his fandom was and how the news of him being in an accident would surely make headlines.

In that case, if he sang in his place and the news got out, the various media outlets would surely cover him too, making it the best chance to release ‘Lost in the Sky’.

Just the coverage of the song he would get because of that would be something extraordinary.

Aiden knew the quality of ‘Lost in the Sky’ pretty well, but he also knew how hard it was for songs to get a good amount of coverage in this day and age.

One could just look at music charts like Melody charts. Over half of the songs in the top 10 would be from famous artists with a lot of fans and the other half would be songs that came in the genre of hip-hop, rap and pop.

A folk song or a ballad would rarely even come in the top 20 on the charts, and it won’t get a lot of views. This had happened even with established artists in the past.

The reason behind this was the mentality of people and what was trending in the market. These types of songs were very easy to sell too because they could easily be used in a lot of short videos on social media sites.

Because of this, the artistic and creative aspect of music has taken a hit.

Just take Aiden’s last song ‘Revolution’.

It was a great rock song but until Aiden’s incident, it was not even top 3 on New Top 50 singles charts on Melody. If not for the incident, it wouldn’t have gotten over a 100 million views.

That was just the reality of the current music age.

Aiden knew this well and that’s why, although he understood that it was a tad bit early to release the song, he still took the chance. The comments on social media were proof that it had worked in the right direction.

[Step sister/mom: Did you all hear ‘Lost in the Sky’? My husband and I were on our way to a grocery store when we heard it. Feels like the best way to start a day.]

[Thanos left hand: I loved that song. Feels like there’s still in the world that is worth not killing like that song. If my plan really succeeded, I might not get another song like that.]

[Rayden Silvercry: I didn’t expect Aiden to release another song like this. Was really really unexpected! But it was so good. I’m watching the video posted by Red Ant FM on repeat.]

[Snappy snap: I just read through the article. It was really an impromptu decision to sing the song live on radio. Aiden handled it like a boss, especially with singing a song that he never released before live on radio. Got my massive respect.]

[Lucifer with balls: The lord of hell approves of the song.]

[Tin man: I really want a studio version of the song or at least a digital version. It’s not on Melody or any other streaming platforms, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the songs that was going to be released in the next few months. Glad to hear it so soon. Can just hope they release it officially soon.]

[Justin Frank’s lover: I was so excited for Justin’s new song today but was really worried when he got into an accident. But Aiden handled it so well. Heard his interview today too. He looks very mature and knows what he’s doing. I feel like I will be his fan too, I guess.]

[Twerking kitty: Is it only me who thought the song was very average? I didn’t understand a lot of the lyrics? Are they deep, and I’m dumb?]

[Barking Bear: @Twerking kitty, Yes, you are.]

[What in the Woody Fallen: It seems like this is a song for a movie that Aiden’s a part of. Seems like he has composed the whole soundtrack of it. What a talent! With both acting and singing.]

[Sorry, I’m sick: Damn, the song’s already on trending, and it’s only been a few hours since it was sung on radio. Justin Frank’s fans are really thanking Aiden and helping get the trend going, and as more and more people are discovering the song, they are talking about it too. Way to go for Aiden. Guy always makes adversities into opportunities. He’s gonna get stabbed and thrown out of a reality TV show, but he’s going to make sure he gets to the top of the ladder in Hollywood.]


“It seems like our gamble paid off.”

Wade said, driving the car and smirking. They had just gotten out of the radio station as the Production Director, and Hector Burn kept thanking him for the help and they ended up spending a lot of time there.

“I thought it would but it’s working better than I thought. Anyway, this is just the first step.” Aiden said, looking at Wade. “Did you talk to Omar about the situation?”

“Yeah, I explained everything to him. Actually, Leo was also there, so we had a long conversation. They are going to release the official studio single tomorrow on all platforms.”

“A music video?” Aiden raised an eyebrow.

“Not really. The only thing they could use is the last scene from the movie, but Leo doesn’t want to not let the audience witness it in the theatre. They are just going to release some footage of the movie like a small teaser alongside a lyric video. It’s a great opportunity for the movie to get some eyeballs before the release. Though, there’s a long time to that.”

If they could, the best way was to get an actual music video, but there was no time to shoot one and they can’t foolishly show important footage from the movie.

Originally, the whole album was only going to be released before the film festival in an audio version and a music video would have come after the release of the movie.

This opportunity has changed all their plans, so they are trying their best to make use of everything they could show despite not having a lot of time.

If they waited too much, the trend would just pass away.

“How did you even get such an idea? I didn’t think of using this like you did.”

Wade asked suddenly, slowly driving through a two-way lane.

“It was just when I saw the desperate faces in the radio station, my first thought was to help them, but I thought a bit deeper into it as to how I could work this in my favour. I have learnt that staying in this industry. Things like this have happened before, but I wasn’t in a lot of control, and I knew that I won’t be lucky everytime, so I deliberately sang ‘Lost in the Sky’, knowing how many teenagers are in his fan group.”

Teenagers were pretty much the worst and best ones anyone could have because they have all the time in the world compared to an average adult, so celebrities with a lot of teenage fans easily get an advantage in social media numbers.

Especially in the trending sections.

It was one of the reasons why K-pop groups or just boy bands in general tend to target teens and people in their early 20s.

“Well, your plan is doing pretty well currently. A lot of Justin Frank’s fans are very appreciative of you, so their tweets are naturally making the song reach more people. Though there are over a million views on the video posted by Red Ant FM already, we will know for sure once the official single is released.”

Wade said, a bit nervous as to how this situation was going to go.

It could just be a random trend that ends after a day or two as social media is very fickle, so they need to be very smart and fast.

They needed ‘Lost in the Sky’ to be Aiden’s best song in terms of popularity after they had taken a chance to release the song early. Anything less than that was surely going to make them a bit disappointed.

‘I need to do my best as an agent to make this work.’

Wade thought in his mind and let out a deep sigh.

It was going to be a pretty relaxed period for them, but it seemed like peace was not for them. Thinking about something, he smiled and opened his mouth.

“I think it’s time to contact some of the reporters I know and also Justin Frank’s agency.”

//DreamNote// (16 July 2022)

Because of sudden change in weather here, my health has gone bad. The chapter release will be 1-2ch/d for this week. We will get back to consistent 2ch/d as soon as I recover.

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