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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 120: Bet Bahasa Indonesia

The sun was high up in the sky, shining brightly and it was a warm, sunny day.

Currently, they were shooting in a cafe that was located in one of the streets of Paris where musicians would often perform. As Paris was also called ‘City of Art’ alongside its other names, there was no limit to the musicians, painters and other artists that would come to the city every year.

It had taken little more than a week for the crew of [30 days of Happiness] to complete all the shooting in LA. Omar, Aiden and Leo had multiple meetings over the shoots and they were pretty happy with the outcome.

After the shoots in LA, the crew and cast quickly flew to Paris to do the parts there. But it wasn’t as smooth sailing as shooting in LA.

Just getting the permit to shoot in the streets was very hard here due to them being just an independent crew and even after that, just accommodating the whole crew at one place meant a lot of money would be spent daily.

Because of that they were hurrying to go over the shoot quickly. To lower down on budget, they even hired some freelancers in France to help around in the crew.

“These days anyone can become an actor.”

A brown haired guy with a moustache said in a French accent, scoffing as his eyes gazed at Aiden who was going through the scene with Leo.

“I don’t think you should say that. He must be good enough to be the lead. I don’t think they will take anyone from the street.”

His friend, a blonde haired guy with hazel eyes said. They were both the freelancers that the crew had hired. As their work was over for now, they were just spectating from the side.

“They are from Hollywood. The guy doesn’t even give that aura that those actors give out and it’s just a small crew. No big studio backing them. The guy probably slept with the director to get the role. Those things are too common in LA.”

“You are just saying that because you weren’t able to make it in even an independent crew after years of trying.”

The blonde haired guy mocked him. This was not the first time that his friend was being bitter about other actors when they were working on a set.

He felt like he could be the one to lead a movie and get famous but if he had the talent and luck, he wouldn’t be working as a simple crew member.

“No, it’s not just that. I saw his other scenes. They were not anything great. He doesn’t even have a handsome face. The actress is way better than him. I’m pretty sure the critics will roast him a lot when the movie releases.”

“I really think you are nitpicking. There hasn’t even been a prominent scene yet. They are just shooting the easy ones and they don’t really need a lot. And the director never really scolded him. I have seen directors shouting at young actors all the time. I think he’s pretty good and he’s respectful with the crew, so I like him.”

He shrugged his shoulders and the brown haired guy didn’t know how to get his point across to his friend. Suddenly an idea struck his mind.

“How about we make a bet?” His friend raised an eyebrow at that.

“I heard the director saying the next scene is very important. 10 euros that he will mess it up.”

“Well…” The blonde haired guy thought about it for a minute and hesitated. He knew that it was not easy for an actor to give the right scene in one shot but the bet was interesting.

In the end, he decided to take the risk.

“Okay, deal.”

“Good. You have guts.”

As they were talking, someone who was standing right beside them the whole time and listening to their conversation couldn’t help but smirk.

He was Wade.

“Hey.” He called out to the two freelancers.

“Are you talking to us?” The brown haired asked.

“Yeah, I want in on the bet.”

His words surprised both of them.

Both of them were actually talking in French and didn’t think that anyone from the crew that had come from America would even understand them.

“You understand French?” One of them asked, very curious.

“A bit. I had a French girlfriend once. Whenever we fought, she would cuss me in French, so I learned to at least understand what she was saying.” Wade explained in French.

His words made them chuckle and thinking for a bit, they nodded to let him in the bet.

“Okay, which side are you on?”

“Aiden. I’m sure he will nail down the scene.”


“This scene is going to be very hard.”

Aiden said, looking down at the script. A hand patted his shoulder as he sighed, wondering how he was going to nail the scene down.

“Don’t worry a lot. We have practiced the scene a lot and you have improved everytime. I think you will do well.”

He raised his head to stare at Colby Hudson, who was playing a gangster named Lorenzo Scalleta, an Italian gangster who was living in Paris.

In the story, one of the letters mentioned him and both Claire and Arthur would try to find him to get a clue about Charlie Dunkins and his whereabouts.

Only to find out that Lorenzo and Charlie have an enmity between them.

Lorenzo would try to get money out of Arthur and Claire but Arthur would manage to hit him with a guitar and run away. But in the end, Lorenzo’s gang will capture them in a cafe and he would say that he would let them go after punching Arthur.

Overall, it was a comedic scene.

“I never did a comedic scene before and although I have practiced, it’s still something that I don’t have a lot of confidence in.” Aiden explained and Colby shook his head.

“Comedy is all about sticking to the tone of the movie and trying to be in character. A lot is also on reaction on your co actors line and how you use your body.”


“Yeah, good comedy actors know how to use body language to make the scene better. Just stick to the script and let loose, you can’t perform well if you are nervous.”

Aiden nodded his head hearing that and looked at the script again. A lot of thoughts were in his mind as he read through it again, diving more into the scene and examining it in his mind.

While reading it, he found it a bit ridiculous.

After all, it only happens in movies or novels that two people would come across a gangster and have a comedic moment between them. It was fun and a bit crazy.

But [30 days of Happiness] was just about that.

It was a bit crazy, funny, sad and gave a great experience to the viewers. It never needed to be realistic until it managed to provide a smile to the audience.

‘The script really moves from one genre to another.’

Aiden thought. Until this scene, most of the characters were pretty realistic and even the funny scenes were not exaggerated but Lorenzo and his whole gang were just written in a comedic way, having no other side about them.

They had no purpose in the story other than to thicken the plot around Charlie Dunkins and provide a very funny comedic sequence.

Maybe, that was what made them funny.

‘Just let loose, huh.’

He thought, closing his eyes.


[30 days of HappinessMay 28-2016Act 3Scene 2Take 1]

“Arthur, what are we going to do now?”

“If I had an idea, I would have already done that.”

Aiden gulped down his saliva as he looked at the big, burly, tattooed gangsters standing. In front of him. They have circled around Lorenzo Scalleta, the leader who was a scrawny looking fellow but had a scary reputation.

He was wearing a bandage on his head, a proof of what has went wrong for him in the last encounter between them.

The customers who were already present in the cafe were just staring at the whole scene and no one had any intentions to do anything.

“Can’t you, uh, like let us go? We are just high schoolers. You probably have way better things to do than surround us in a cafe.”

Arthur asked in the most polite voice he could gather. He didn’t know how they would get out of this situation. When he had agreed to come on a trip to Europe, pisssing off a whole gang was definitely not in his plans.

“There’s a rule in our business.” Lorenzo said in a thick Italian accent, looking as serious and domineering as he could. “Always give twice what you receive. You are kids, so I will let you go if you leave all your money here and let me punch you.”

“How many… punches?” Claire asked slowly, her words not coming out properly due to how tensed she felt.

“I will decide that.”

As Lorenzo said that, both Arthur and Claire looked at each other. He glanced at the door of the cafe and a bald guy was standing there with a smirk on his face.

There was no way out of this situation.

“What are we going to do? I think you should just get punched.” Claire whispered to him and he glared at her.

“Does he look like a pacifist to you? He won’t stop until he ruins my whole face and where are equal rights now? Why are you assuming I will be the one taking the punch? We are facing this because of you. Try to take responsibility.”

“I thought boys love to be the hero.”

“I’m not that stupid.”

Both of them engaged in a back and forth conversation and urged the other to take the punch. It was then that Lorenzo stomped his feet to get their attention back.

“I don’t have a whole day.”

Arthur clenched his fist wondering how he was going to get out of this mess. If he really let Lorenzo take all their money, he didn’t know what they would do.

He looked around in the cafe and suddenly, an idea came to his mind. Though it was risky, it was the only chance they had.

“Run towards the door at my signal.”

He whispered to Claire who nodded even if she was confused.


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