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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 102: [Black Saints] Releases! (III): Phenomenonal KaiAugust Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 102

“There’s no fucking way I’m going to watch that movie. If I want to watch porn, I would do it in my home. At least in them, there’s no 2 minute slow motion shots of a guy nude body.”

“You are misunderstanding the movie. It isn’t like that. You don’t understand good cinema.”

“Since when two guys fucking up the whole world for a girl who actually cheated on both of them before, is good cinema? They all even got a threesome in the end?! Your cinema is way different than mine.”

Outside the movie theatre, a couple was bickering with each other. They were a high school couple that had decided to watch a movie together but their differences were clear.

A lot of people were staring at them due to how loud they were being.

“Paul, it’s really not like that. You don’t even know the plot of it?”

“I have heard enough from your friends and it’s easy to guess after seeing the trailer. Camila, Why can’t we just watch [Black Saints]? All of my friends are raving about the movie.”

“Because I don’t like it.”

Paul gritted his teeth hearing that and wasn’t able to stop himself from frowning. His last girlfriend had done the same when the previous movie of the wolf franchise had come out and he had regretted every second of it.

This time, he was not going to do what his girlfriend wanted. He was not someone who was looking to appease his girlfriend at every point.

‘At worst, it will be a breakup. I don’t care about sex when I have lived without it for more than half my life.’

He thought and made his decision.

“Then, watch whatever you like alone.”


“You heard it right. I’m going to watch [Black Saints]. Go watch whatever the hell you want.”

Saying that, he went up and bought a single ticket for [Black Saints].

Camila made an expression like she was going to hunt down Paul at the exact moment but in the end, she sighed and bought a ticket for [The Last Wolf].

‘I don’t fucking care about him.’

She thought and stomped her feet before going inside the theatre to watch the movie she wanted. Seeing her like that, Paul shook his head.

‘At least I can watch a movie in silence now.’

Thinking that, he entered the screening for [Black Saints]. The theatre was mostly full with people and only a few seats were empty. Despite the popularity of [The Last Wolf], it was not like [Black Saints] was crushed straightaway.

Being a good movie, it was slowly spreading through word of mouth.

‘Let’s hope the movie is good now that I have risked my relationship for it.’

He thought as the movie began. The whole theatre went silent as the first scene of the movie appeared with a classic 70s song playing in the background.

A scene of a very young guy walking on the streets, wearing a suit came. Few people glanced at him with scared expressions as he walked past them to enter a comic book store.

Then, the conversation with the comic book owner happened and his name was revealed to be Kai. Paul unconsciously thought of the trailer in his mind and recognised that Kai was the guy that was shown at the end of the trailer.

When the scene turned to Kai talking with the kid named Archie, Paul became more interested in his character due to his interesting answers. He had never expected this movie to take a philosophical turn.

But it was indeed fun.

When Archie asked whether Kai had ever killed someone, the scene cut to the shot of Kai killing someone by shooting him when he was in the middle of a sentence. As the scene turned back to him and Archie, Kai gave the answer.

The entire conversation between them made Paul intrigued by what he was seeing. He felt like the character of Kai was very interesting.

There was a certain charm, the character would often give out a scary smirk which was way more chilling than just a smile and his words would always make sense even if they were twisted.

After that, the movie would cut back to the main character who was named Charlie Morgan getting an almost suicide job to go after the black saints as the movie termed them, gangsters that ruled the city.

It was then that the movie would introduce the characters of the saints. 4 saints that ruled the city and Charlie would go after Kai first.

For the next 20 minutes, Paul wasn’t able to stop himself from thinking that in every scene Kai added a certain essence to it, like he was too unexpected and the audience would never be able to tell what his next action is going to be. One of the scenes perfectly described it.

In it, one of Kai’s subordinates would return with good news of him getting reports and proof of a politician’s shady business. Kai would laugh, looking very happy about it, saying that they could finally blackmail the top brass of the city.

He would hug his subordinate saying that but in the next second, his subordinate would fall on the floor with a knife wound on his chest and Kai would spit on his face before continuously stabbing him.

The scene would end with Kai proclaiming him a traitor, making everyone in the theatre both excited and scared.

The next scene that Paul enjoyed the most was the interrogation scene between him and Charlie Morgan, especially the part where he won’t stop speaking even if Charlie was grabbing his collar.

There was even a twisted smirk on his face while talking about it. When Charlie would throw Kai off and his back would strike the wall, a few people in the theatre weren’t able to stop themselves from muttering, ‘Oh god.’ and ‘That felt so real!’.

Even Paul was not able to stop himself from acknowledging that the scene looked very real.

‘Damn, I am loving this more and more.’

He thought but just in the next minute, Kai’s character would decide to take his life in the prison as most of the politicians and other gangsters in the city were trying their best to keep him. So, rather than spending the rest of his life in jail, he was willing to give up on his life.

“I won’t survive sitting in jail for the rest of my fucking life. At least there’s some excitement in dying, maybe a real life is awaiting me after this or maybe I would meet Lucifer. Whatever happens, it’s surely going to be more interesting than sitting in a prison cell, scribbling on the walls by myself.”

Those were one of the last words of Kai and Paul became very entranced by them. In his mind, Kai had already become one of the best parts about the movie for him.

In his heart, he was wishing that he would survive but that didn’t happen. However, Kai gave an order to his subordinate just before taking his own life.

“Start Project Anarchy.”

Hearing that, a lot of people in the theatre began to wonder what it was. Paul was the same and he was eager to finish the movie to know about it further.

But after Kai’s death, he wasn’t able to find the other saints interesting. Their characters and other traits were very different and unique and Paul felt like the drama was very intense.

Still, he wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as he had when Kai kept appearing on the screen. It even felt like the movie was dragging itself by going deeper into the past of Charlie Morgan in which he had become corrupted and one of his colleagues had lost his life when he had done nothing.

After that, he had lived his life with guilt, trying to drink it away but the result was him becoming an alcoholic.

The only reason Charlie Morgan was even trying to go after the saints was because his colleague’s death was due to them.

Like that, the plot moved towards the climax where Charlie Morgan was finally confronting the main villain of the movie, Durham Rodrick in a party that was attended by most of the politicians and rich people in the city.

But it was then that something unexpected would happen and after five minutes, as the credits rolled, Paul’s mind would just be thinking of one thing.

‘Fuck! Kai is freaking awesome!’


“You were right. The movie was bad, a total waste of time.”

When Paul came out of the theatre with others that had enjoyed the screening of [Black Saints], he had found out his girlfriend was standing outside while making a face that was akin to a pup who had made a mistake.

It seemed like [The Last Wolf] had ended just five minutes before [Black Saints]. Paul who was completely ready to break off was a bit stunned seeing her like that.

“I thought you were very excited about it. What happened? It was bad?”

“It was awful. They killed off my favourite character for no reason and in the end, he even turned out to be the main villain with no reason given. It just… was messed up.” Camila frowned before noticing his happy expression. “Was the movie you saw good?”

She was curious as even the other people who came out of [Black Saints] screening weren’t able to stop themselves from chattering about it with happy faces.

“Yeah, it was super good.” Paul said. “Why don’t we go and watch—”

As he was speaking, his eyes suddenly landed on two people who just walked ahead of him. The reason his eyes stayed on one of them was because he felt like he looked incredibly familiar to him.

It was just hard to tell as he was showing his back to him.

Paul was not able to stop himself from walking towards him and tapping his shoulder.

“Excuses me.”

“Yeah? How can I help you?”


Paul stopped speaking when the man turned around. His eyes widened in shock as he realised who he was. Seeing his strange behaviour, Camila couldn’t help but walk towards him.

“Paul, what happened?”

“Camila, this is… he is… Kai August!!”

Paul shouted and suddenly everyone looked at them. As his voice was very loud, it attracted a lot of attention from the crowd of people outside the theatre.

“Kai August?”

“The actor has come to watch the movie? Should I ask for an autograph?”

“We just saw him in the movie. He was so chilling.”

“He’s so handsome in real life.”

“Who is he with? The guy looks like his bodyguard.”

People discussed for a moment as Aiden just stared at their reactions. But in the next second, they swarmed at him.


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