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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 097: Car Bahasa Indonesia

As [Black Saints] trailer released, those who liked the trailer weren’t able to stop talking about it. There were obviously people who ignored it, thinking it was not as good but the majority liked it.

Especially the fans of actors involved in the project.

Ray Hardy’s fans were mostly teenage and young girls and they were literally going crazy over his rugged cop avatar. He had started his career from rom coms, so most of his core fans were girls.

Another fan group who was going crazy over the movie was Aiden’s. To be honest, rather than the movie, they were actively discussing if Aiden was the guy who was revealed in the last scene.

There was literally no end to the discussion as everyone presented different views and opinions.

[Aiden’s wife: I’m telling you all that is Aiden. I know how he looks from every corner. There’s no way I won’t recognise him. Even if I just see his eyes, I can tell it’s Aiden. There’s no way I won’t recognise how he looks from behind. I have a whole collection of it.]

[Fur Real: @Aiden’s wife You do know that you are not his real wife right? What the hell do you mean you have a collection?]

[Hailee Minefield: I don’t think that’s Aiden. The whistle was in a baritone voice and Aiden has more of a high pitch. It just didn’t seem like him.]

[Elfish Presley: I don’t care if it’s Aiden or not. The trailer already made me excited enough. It would be good if that character is Aiden but I don’t mind even if it’s some other actor.]

[Yes you suck: Why is there no confirmation from Granite films or the distributors? There’s already a lot of people who want more images of the character at the end of the trailer.]

[Hollywood Insider: They are never going to give what people want. It’s a common tactic. The studio wants people to go to the theatre to know more about the character. Even in interviews, Ray Hardy or other actors aren’t talking about the last shot. Going by how much importance they are giving the character, he must be very important. #I know everything.]

[Moaning Frodo: I’m betting that he is Aiden. It just feels like him and we all know he’s in the movie but didn’t even get a single shot? It’s strange as he shot for a lot of days in Chicago. Not like he was working as a spot boy on the set for all those days.]

[Eagle on the ground: @Moaning Frodo That’s a very interesting argument. I’m feeling more and more like his role won’t be simple.]

[Druids are sexy: You all are arguing here for his role and here, I’m waiting for the movie to come on a streaming service. It’s better than going to the cinema in my eyes.]

As they were discussing Aiden and his role in [Black Saints], the leader of the fan group, Skyneves suddenly came up with very exciting news.

[Skyneves: Did any of you check the Sparrow account of ‘The Rory Chamber’s show’? They just confirmed that Aiden is going to appear on their show next week!]

Hearing that, the fan group erupted with a lot of comments. The Rory Chamber’s show was a very popular talk show and a lot of celebrities would appear on it.

No one had expected Aiden to appear on it so soon.

[Yellow Marshmallow: Is he really going to appear on it? That’s a huge thing.]

[My little sister: I just checked. It seems like he’s not going there to be interviewed but has a five minute segment in the show. Probably to promote [Black Saints].]

[Aiden’s second wife: @My little sister It’s still a very big thing. Even a 5 minute segment will help him at this point.]

[Aiden’s wife: Yeah true and fuck off, don’t take my name. What second wife? He’s not getting a digital harem.]


“It looks like you love your new car a lot.”

Wade said, looking at Aiden who was smiling while driving his new car. He nodded his head.

“Yeah, when I came to America, everyone I met had some kind of car. Even my roomate had one and it was only me who didn’t, so I’m pretty glad to buy one now.”

“It’s your first car?”

“Yeah, I used to have a bike in India as it was faster to move around with that and cars were too expensive for me.”

Aiden said. The car he had bought was BMW iX xDrive50. It had cost him 89k dollars to buy it, but Aiden was not at all worried about the price.

America was a country on wheels, so having a car was a necessity for him. Other than that, He had moved into an apartment in Greenwich Village. It was one of the richest areas in New York where a lot of celebs live.

The apartment was pretty expensive to live in as it cost him around 3k dollars monthly, but it was one of my cheapest ones in the area.

But as it was security he was looking for, this was the best place to live in.

“Anyway, let’s get on with your segment in The Rory Chamber’s show. Are you nervous?”

Wade asked, changing the topic. This was an opportunity he had gotten for Aiden. Granite films didn’t want him to promote the movie or give interviews but he was somehow able to get him a five minute segment in the show.

It won’t be an interview, so there was no problem. Aiden just needed to perform his segment and promote [Black Saints] at the end of it.

When Granite films contacted the producers of the talk show, they agreed immediately due to Aiden’s image. After all, a five minute segment in a one hour show wasn’t too much of a big deal.

“I think it was a very obvious thing to be nervous. Are you sure I can’t just sing one of my songs?”

Aiden asked, giving an awkward smile.

“This segment is generally celebrities doing something that people have never seen them do before. One of the celebs even crossdressed and danced to a pop song. Comedy is still not that bad.”

The segment Aiden was going to appear in was named ‘Did you know it cause we never did?’. It was named like that because in this celebrities will do things that the audience never expected them to.

Some would also show their hidden talents.

The producers wanted Aiden to do stand up comedy as it was simple and they could plan it in a short time. Moreover, comedy was always popular if done right.

“The thing is I don’t know comedy. I never did it. If it’s singing, I’m confident in it. Even acting but doing stand up comedy is not really something I ever thought I would do.”

“I know you are not really the funny type. I have been with you enough to know that.” Wade chuckled as Aiden wondered if it was a subtle insult or not. “Think of it as playing a role in a comedy movie. Anyway, we are going to go over the jokes with the writers of the show. They themselves don’t want it to be bad.”

Wade explained and Aiden just meekly nodded his head. He still had reservations about the segment but he knew that he needed to push on and try to give his best.

His worries weren’t all about the jokes. It was also the timing that needed to be good and you needed to give out the right expressions during your act. Some comedians would try to keep a serious, deadpan expression while in the middle of an act while others would try to be cheerful.

He needed to decide what exactly would suit him.

“Let’s hope I don’t become a meme when the episode is broadcasted.” Aiden muttered as he took a right turn.

“Even being a meme won’t be bad. People would overuse your photo as a template until they get bored of you. At least like this, people would surely recognise you.”

“Yeah, that’s the dream. Becoming the greatest meme.”

Aiden chuckled as he focused on driving to the set of The Rory Chamber’s show.


In a room which was only brightened up by the light coming out of a laptop, a man was typing furiously. His hair was long and unkempt while his face was filled with a rough beard.

Seeing him, anyone would say that he had not been to a salon in a long time.

‘I need to do this right… Just the climax needs to be perfect.’

The man thought as his fingers danced on the keyboard. He had been writing the script for a long time and it was finally at the end.

He had been stuck at the climax for over a month and just last night, he was able to get a satisfying one. A climax that suited both the characters and the story that he was trying to tell.

About love, relationships and how things can come to an end one day when no one expects them to.

“It’s completed! Finally!”

The man screamed as he typed ‘The end’ on the laptop’s screen. His story was finally finished.

“Now, I could finally take the leap to become a director myself!”

The man muttered as a lot of emotions appeared on his face. He was thinking of the struggles he had gone through all the years to be finally called a true director.

He was sure that with this story, his dream was finally going to be fulfilled.

The man’s name was Leo Shaw, the assistant director who had worked in [Shadows of War] and had gotten close to Aiden.


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